The POFMA irony

Several FB friends came down to my little Tea [email protected] Serai Ramadan Bazaar over the past 35 Days to tell me a strange story.

Some of them are Unvax and some taken 1 or 2 jabs. These people were really unsure of whether to succumb to MOH OYK’s VDS and evil No Jab No Job measures. But when OYK POFMA me several times at the end of 2021, they got to know me through the News and started to read through all my past FB posts, watched all my past Live Chats.

Ironically, instead of thinking I am a false information provider as MOH OYK tried to label me via POFMA, they were actually convinced what I have said and written were ALL LOGICAL and Rational! They started to follow my FB closely thereafter!

The Unvax ones strengthened their resolve Not to take the Jab while those who were Vax initially decided Not to take anymore jab thereafter!

The moral of the story is this, politically motivated POFMA will only work to influence Unthinking ignorant minds but it will backfire when the people are critical thinkers.

You can fool some people sometimes but not everyone everytime! It works both ways.


Goh Meng Seng




2 Responses to “The POFMA irony”

  • The truth is out, POFMA or not, no longer an issue to Goh I supposed.

    With 95% vaxed, I am reminded of Murphy’s Law.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Woohooo! Yet another GMS article the “Xperimental mRNA Jabs”…so that “ZhenZiDumb” will get slapped by me, until he “buay song song” and write more poems again izzit? Yes?/No? LOL.

    Anyone notice now that “ZhenZiDumb” don’t dare to comment first liao on GMS? Must wait for me to tease him out now? LOL.

    Ooi… “ZhenZiDumb” so fast SCARED of me liao izzit? LOL.

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