Dropping Like Flies at Rates Never Seen Before

‘The New Normal’: Young Athletes Are Collapsing and Dying at Rates Never Seen Before!

What you’re watching here is just from the past eight months… What the heck is going on?


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  • Harder Truths:

    “What you’re watching here is just from the past eight months… What the heck is going on?”

    It is well known that space aliens are using some kind of ray weapon to kill these athletes. That would be the only possible explanation.

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  • Chemist:

    God need all to report earlier then I expected.

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  • Chemist:

    “Report to GOD”2023 is the best quote for the year.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Well, maybe that’s why Tharman is concern with “climate change”!?

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  • What the heck is going on? Well, Ong the Con and Ken the dunno what Mak would say it is climate change and those who drop dead are weaklings.

    You will NEVER find such incidents in Sinkieland because Sinkies are strong, they would add. Old Sinkies collect cardboards and clean dishes to exercise when they are supposed to be retiring, so they are extremely healthy.

    As for the daily wakes all over the islands, these are actually for the family pet, like goldfish, hamsters, cats and dogs. Sinkies are rich and can afford to be extravagant.

    What do you think?

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Throughout mid-2020 to 2022 there were already MANY Red Flags with this “Xperimental mRNA Jabs” being pushed by the authorities including our “PAP Strong Jab Mandate”.

    Hey btw, anyone know if that “PAP Strong Mandate” guy got take how many “Xperimental mRNA Jab” hah? Or he “paiseh” don’t dare to say oso? LOL.

    At first, they say its “Safe & Effective”.
    Then, when its clearly shown to be NOT effective (does not immunize, does not prevent infection & does not prevent spread). LOL.

    Then, next they claim need MORE shots (3 / 4 / bi-valent / tri-valent etc.),then claim need MORE shots because NEW variants (Delta / Omicron / XBB 1.1 variant / “Omi-simi-Lanjiao” variants more & more? LOL)

    Then later on, medical studies show all these jabs have WANING effects after only a few months – meaning you need FOREVER boosters? Yes?/No? LOL.

    Then, next damning study came out to say Natural Immunity (i.e. without Jabs) is far better and stronger-lasting that those fools taking Nth Boosters, which actually WEAKENS their immune system with each jab. Yes?/No? LOL.

    Then, as 2023 rolls in, we now CONFIRM with all the huge DATA from many countries that those “Xperimental mRNA Jabs” are NOT safe and in fact highly DANGEROUS; the whole scam falls apart now but of course everyone in the establishment PRETENDS and “act blur” like nothing happened yah? LOL.

    At first, it was just myocarditis that they concede is linked to jabs.

    Then, with MORE bad news comes out, that it may also cause blood clots (i.e. strokes), SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), heart attacks.

    Then, as more bad news from medical studies & Big Pharma own documents confirm, it also might lead to various auto-immune diseases, GBS syndrome, VAIDS (Vaccine Induced AIDS), infertility etc. etc.

    Now, the mainstream medical community still “act blur” and pretend and DENY most of these findings EXCEPT the myocarditis…. which the CCB D0Cs grudgingly accept given that the data is undeniable.

    Over next few years, so-called “Turbo CANCER” will be more prevalent in those SSS Sinkies that took the “Xperimental mRNA Jabs”.

    Our SSS Sinkie D0Cs will sure drag their feets and then maybe wait until 2030 then they finally admit that “Xperimental mRNA Jabs” causes “Turbo Cancer”. Yes?/No? LOL.

    The longer the CCB Sinkie D0Ctors deny & drag it out, then YOU DIE your bizness liao. You DIE, they happier… one less potential complaint to affect their $$$ careers lor. Yes?/No? LOL.

    Anyway, I think bad news going to get WORSE with time, but SSS Sinkies will still Luv PAPies even AFTER all the LIES. No? LOL.

    Besides the health problems, there could be other repercussions on your bodily integrity & human rights too, as this video below explains:

    Those who took “Xperimental mRNA Jabs” could already be OWNED by some evil Corporation or the Devil? Yes?/No? Good Luck

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  • @SSS

    Millister Edwin Tong has SUDDENLY announced that he has a very bad blocked blood vessel leading to his heart. He is probably on MC now and will be going for a $8 stenting ops very very soon.

    And I thought the weather here in China, rain – heat – flood – heat, was bad, now then I realised Sinkieland weather must be badder. lol

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  • pasar malam ah soh:

    Oh,like people say,”the Devil is in the DETAILS(mRNA)”?

    The Devil is the greateat Liar and he has countless minions.

    So,no need to wait for WORK TILL DROP DEAD.
    Now,for the mNRA-vaccinated,be prepared to drop dead.

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  • Kaiju:

    While being sarcastic is fine with me.
    The topic on NHI is no longer a subject of ridicule.
    After we all being lied to and massive disinformation campaigns, plenty strange phenomenon have become Quantum physics

    Its time you play catchup on this topic.

    Harder Truths:
    “What you’re watching here is just from the past eight months… What the heck is going on?”

    It is well known that space aliens are using some kind of ray weapon to kill these athletes. That would be the only possible explanation.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    SINGAPORE – The Environment Building on 40 Scotts Road, which houses the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), PUB and the National Environment Agency, is under lockdown on Wednesday due to a “security situation”.

    In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu said: “While attending Asean meetings in Vientiane, Laos, I received news from back home that a security situation is ongoing at the Environment Building.

    “Police had worked with security officers on premises for preliminary checks and no threat items were found. I’m monitoring the developments closely from here and am in constant contact with my colleagues….

    A Lianhe Zaobao report on this incident was accompanied by a sign at the building that said: “We have an emergency situation. The building is under lockdown”.

    A video on the Hardwarezone forum showed groups of people leaving the building, with at least two police vehicles seen at the driveway.

    The Straits Times has contacted the police, Singapore Civil Defence Force and MSE for more information.

    This is a developing story.”Unquote.

    Response : Did Covid strike that building ? Any deaths or injury ?

    Tech: Chey, hijack a thread to post anak anak incident. I remember there was an embassy/consular at Horizon View, such incidents happy happy happen a number of times in a year, always relating to a bomb hoax. Standard SOP lar.

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  • true blue singaporean:

    when you look back, the whole covid episode seems like a big scam. they suddenly lock up everything, close all travel due to few deaths (less than dengue deaths), and all of a sudden, just open up everything. today, nobody cares for vaccination. but you will be surprised, if you look at statistics from worldometer, most countries now are having more deaths from covid than when they locked up everything. nobody even cares about these deaths!

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  • I believe it would be fair to say that it was China that showed the world how the pandemic should be contained, the WHO photocopied the idea and then spread it to the world.

    Sinkieland, an island of NO resources could not afford a lockdown, so they hagay hagay and drag their feet on what to do, resulting in more FT C19 being imported into the island, causing unnecessary injuries and death.

    But then, China eventually had to lie down (躺平) because the extended and irregular lockdowns are causing huge sufferings, so much so that about 500 millions are now in debt and unable to pay, loans defaulting, loss of jobs, among other things. If China had continued the lockdowns, a civil riot might be the outcome, so unlike the party that is NEVER wrong, the top honchos in China decided to gradually open up, realising their mistake.

    However, unlike the party that is NEVER wrong, China churned out policies after policies to ensure that its gravely affected populace can get back on their feet. Policies like “strongly advising” the banks to NOT SUE any debtors if the debt is not above 50k RMB and to allow debt-restructuring and extension, restricting how and where the online loan sharks can and cannot sue and instructing the courts to not allow insane penalty for those defaulting on payments, lowering the interest rates allowed for credit cards to less than 24% per annum, to not allow cross-province lawsuits, mandating that creditor agenciess should allow fresh debt negotiations and extend/defer the instalments/payments for up to 5 years, etc etc etc.

    As an aside note, both Tencent and Alipay (Ant Group) reportedly tried to be funny and refused to heed the advise of the central authorities and had disallowed debt re-negotiation, so they were fined RMB 3 BILLION and 7 BILLION respectively, after their debtors (millionS) went online to cry father cry mother.

    So while China is busy taking care of its populace, Sinkies are left to reel in the sufferings caused by the stupid VDMs that the party created with practically no assistance whatsoever, a typical case of “you die your business”.

    For the record, unlike the policy of “you die your business” in an island near the equator, the Chinese authorities will foot the ENTIRE bill for ANYONE (FTs included) who is injured within a period of 1 year (if I remember correctly) from the date of them VOLUNTARILLY taking the traditional C19 vaccines, including those who die from it AND there are reports of such incidents. If the injuries is NOT related to the vaccine, there is still the medical insurance (医保) which will cover up to 70% of the treatment and hospitalization charges.

    Even for the extreme poor, hospitals are NOT allowed to refuse treatment because of non-payment in cases where death and permanent disability may result (if no treatment is rendered). Such extreme cases MUST BE referred to the official community service agencies for follow-up, with most of their treatments eventually being funded by the authorities, waived by the hospital or paid for by any of the thousands of self-help and private community groups country-wide.

    Talking about a government by the people and for the people.

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