China versus Singapore – kelong so much still cannot win?

During the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games, China’s top table tennis player, Zhang’s original bat was confiscated by the umpire, forcing her to use a backup bat that she had never used before.

Throughout the entire game, Zhang was literally forced to use only one side of the backup bat and adopt a defensive position. For a professional, a hard bat is akin to using the slipper to play table tennis.

The game was between China (ranked 1st) and Singapore’s imported talent, Feng Tian Wei (ranked 4th in the world).
P/S: Feng was not aware that Zhang’s original bat was confiscated.


10 Responses to “China versus Singapore – kelong so much still cannot win?”

  • PAP mandate strong:


    Anyway its true Sg lost to China.

    Likewise China soccer team ( 1.4 billion population ) also lost. Not only the China male team but female team as well. China Female team are the better, stronger and more dominating performers lost to Japan. Similarly the China male basketball team ( historically also more dominating ) lost to Philippine recently.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Sorry typo soccer lost to England 6 vs 1. Not Japan.

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  • rice:

    If you are a good swordsman,even a wooden stick is more powerful than your opponent’s sharp sabre.
    China or Singapore side,both are China’s daughters.
    Feng is just an adopted child of Sg like all the new citizens.
    Like even our great-great grandparents,they have a deep yearning for “MOTHERLAND”,chinese or indians,can any great minister deny?

    And,even good sgs who emigrated do feel the same including those who were forced out by circumstances and not by choice?

    So,let us not pretend there is NO DOFFERENCE where loyalty counts.

    Only subsequent generations who are born and bred would likely share the same loyalty as us(the marginalised born and bred).

    So,stop all the bullcraps denying this simple truth of differences in loyalty of TRUBLU SGS vs NEW CITIZENS.


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  • @PAP mandate strong

    Again, you pick ONE event that China is weakest and cannot be bothered about. Granted, you stated facts, so there is no denying it.

    However, even at their worst, I wonder if their weakest team, if pit against Sinkieland’s national team, how would they fare, any recorded match we can refer to?

    BTW, this article is about the best versus the best with one hand tied behind her back, so your picking on the weakest is side-tracking, would you agree?

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  • rice:

    @TRE Tech
    Correctly put.
    You can’t win all.
    This shows china people are just as human as others,so why demonise?

    Some jokers will always find fault.
    That’s a bad habit.

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  • @rice

    China has tons of dream-teams, Sinkieland has how many?

    Also, at every international event, China needs to use a van to transport its Gold Medals, what does Sinkieland use? lol

    In comparison, Sinkieland’s ONLY Olympic grade swimmer Schooling won only ONE Gold in 100m Butterfly using about 50s I think, but China’s “butterfly queen” won more than 10 individual and team events Gold in a single championship. She even had a few events on the same day and her best for the 100m Butterfly was about 5s slower than Schooling’s.

    She is featured here: at 9 minute into the video. In that same event held at ChengDu, Sinkieland finished last.

    I really dunno where to start if I want to compare Schooling with her. lol

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    This is a China vs China game. It is a waste of taxpayers’ monies to fund these foreign imports who will never win against their motherland. They can be Malaysians,Indians,Chinese etc. If they are not born in SINGAPORE, their loyalties will remain with their birth countries. There are photos of PRCs holding Singapore passports but saying they still consider China to be their motherland. The PAP is not into nation building or national identity which has eroded after LKY died.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    China basketball team not that weak. At least within Asia.

    Female soccer team use to be pretty good. Cant say the same for the male team.

    These are not China weakest. Anyway sure win Sg team. Its 90% probability factual. We can only try our best. Like i said You win some you lose some.

    Likewise winter olympics China also ” hired ” Eileen Gu as representative.

    Or female sprinting event , used male to “replace” female participants.
    For cantonese viewers only

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  • Harder Truths:

    $inkieland already taken over by FT so what do $tupid $inkies expect? $inkies are happy to serve FT as delivery and servants. $inlies should be happy that FT allow them to do such jobs to serve them.

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  • I remember reading some time back on MSM that one of the imported table tennis players was injured after vaccination and she has announced that she can no longer train and has intention to quit.

    Wonder if it was Feng?

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