Top 10 most erotic festivals in the world

From Ukraine’s 泼水节 to China’s 摸奶节.

What more needs said?
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2 Responses to “Top 10 most erotic festivals in the world”

  • Relax:


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  • Observer:

    I wish to go to Brazil’s carnival festival. Looks so exciting from the Bond movies.

    It is a good thing that Guangdong and Shandong residents did not celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival when I visited during that month. Contrast with nearby Hong Kong. People say Hungry Ghost Festival originated from an Indian sutra story.

    It is a pity that US’ Indo-Pacific coalition includes Idol-worshippers. And they are aligned against …….

    Among US’ Pacific allies, South Korea did well to remove idolatry, reducing Buddhism to 16% of population (@2021).

    This means South Korea has even less idolatry than Qatar. @2022, Qatar’s residents were 15.4% Hindus and 3% Buddhists.

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