A country’s fortunes is not tied to any political party

“Dr Mahathir’s stunning win in Malaysia, and subsequent success at governing the country, has hopefully shown Singaporeans that a country’s fortunes is not tied to any political party, especially one that seems bereft of ideas other than taxing the population,” suggested an anonymous reader who wrote to TR Emeritus.

The reader observed that opposition parties in Singapore are mostly pointless and opportunistic, “rearing their heads during election time and fading off to God knows where once elections are over”, therefore unable to mount a strong challenge to the incumbent.

They mostly play on anti-PAP votes rather than having solid plans and running on issues. The only party that’s doing moderately well on the issues is SDP, having published many proposals in areas such as housing and healthcare. However, they are only one out of the myriad fragmented alternative parties, and is unable to mount a strong challenge.

The reader opined that in order for the opposition to be successful and credible, all alternative parties will have to unite together under a single flag (like in Malaysia’s recent GE14), and to contest the next General Elections under an issues-based platform.

“This would present a credible alternative government that Singaporeans can have faith in, and silence doubts over how opposition are only anti-PAP and have no policies of their own. “, added the reader.

The reader then submitted a long list of issues and solutions that the proposed unified alternative party alliance can address and consider.


1) To mandate all MPs to publicly disclose their assets and avenues of income to ensure transparency and no conflict of interest.

2) To remove and replace all positions with potential conflicts of interest or nepotism claims (wives/relatives/families of ministers holding high level positions at GLCs or stat boards).

3) To ensure fairness in rewards and punishments for all government or government appointed positions (no more excuses like “no blame culture”, “lets move on”, “delayed promotions”. It’s time for leaders to have the courage to take responsibility for lapses and wrongdoings).

4) To review and take immediate actions on lapses in auditing such as PA overspending, 800k rubbish bin (no more letting lapses in financial discipline “die a natural death” with time).

5) To investigate and publish openly the national reserves, Temasek and GIC’s performance (gains and losses).

6) To reduce all ministers’ and MP’s allowances by at least 40% – 50%. (and if this causes the so called talents to quit politics, all the better. Take note that they are not allowed to be appointed to high level positions at GLCs. This would allow people with the passion to serve to step forward). All male MPs will be required to have served NS before they are allowed to take office.

7) To remove all partisanship from stat boards and government bodies such as NTUC and PA.

8) To mandate that the government operate on a non-profit, cost recovery basis, rather than making money off the citizens.


1) Mandate a minimum wage that is linked to the cost of living index (critics will claim that this would cause unemployment to spike up, this will be answered in the next few points).

2) Companies undergoing restructuring or retrenchment exercises will be required to fire their EP and S-Pass holders first, unless suitable justification can be made (eg Department Head that has served with distinction for years.)

3) Companies with discriminatory hiring practices to be fined heavily, with the monies collected to be spent on basic unemployment benefits for Singaporeans (not PR).

4) To review trade agreements (FTAs and CECA), and to renegotiate terms which are unfair to Singaporean workers (eg: allowing foreigners to come to Singapore to work in certain industries without restrictions).

5) To ban foreigners from applying for work with a Social Visit Pass (as tourists) in Singapore.

6) To study and put into place a feasible Singaporean first work frame (Singaporeans first, not Singaporeans only).


1) To stop the current “legs open” immigration policy immediately. A points based system (such as Australia and Canada’s) will be put into place to allow only deserved people are granted citizenship.

2) New citizens should not be allowed to vote for 5 years after citizenship is granted. This is to enable them to understand more clearly the issues and consequences of their vote.

3) Citizenship will only be granted to applicants who have served National Service. Female applicants are to serve in non-combat  roles.

4) PRs who do not seek to apply for citizenship after a certain period of time (20 years) and new citizens who renounce their citizenship will have their CPF savings forfeited.

5) Infrastructure are to be planned and completed before any decisions in demographic change are to be implemented.

6) To reduce inequality through progressive taxation and redistribution of wealth (reinstate estate tax, capital gains tax, exemption of GST on basic necessities).

7) To put in more resources on infrastructures (hospitals, schools etc) rather than vanity projects (Project Jewel, more shopping malls).

8) To increase social support nets in areas such as healthcare, poverty and disabilities.

The reader ended by saying:

This list discusses broad based topics and is by no means exhaustive, given the myriad problems faced by Singaporeans, whether due to global pressure, or simply bad policies and decisions made by PAP, and one individual writing this out on a home laptop in an hour is never going to be able to answer and propose all the nitty gritty details that needs to be discussed.

It is my hope that this could serve as a springboard of discussion for the alternative parties, as well as the Singaporean population at large.

Preparations and messaging reach is going to be very important in the next GE, and it is imperative for the alternative parties to get their act together to work for the good of the country.

Do you agree with the reader’s suggestions and observations?

Please share your views.




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22 Responses to “A country’s fortunes is not tied to any political party”

  • Dafts Will Be Dafts:

    Drafts are not smart enough to differentiate between the country and PAP government.
    Many dumbos confused criticisms of the evil PAP policies as unpatriotic.
    In fact, the contrary is true as the 40% does not want the country to perish in the hands of greedy self serving PAP politicians and sycophants.

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  • LIONS:

    A country’s fortunes is not tied to any political party
    sorry,i disagree with you on this one.

    if good sgs were to run this country in the interests of the PEOPLE,we would have been in BETTER SHAPE than now!

    GDP PER CAPITA would have been higher n MORE VALID in the sense that it will be sgs who are gainfully employed!
    as it is,GDP PER CAPITA includeds the 2 million fake FTs doing the jobs sgs supposed to be doing?

    so,yes,a country’s(NATION) fortunes is tied to a GOOD POLITICAL PARTY OR COALTION!


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  • Civil Svc Plays a Major Role!:

    The rest will fall in place of Civil Service continues to play her role effectively and lawfully.

    Who is the Gahment is not that important after 50 years!

    Those 80+ Whites are but merely numbers!

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  • HarderTruths:

    History has clearly shown that regimes do not last long once the money runs out. This can happen in many ways. For example – $G is not going anywhere economically. $G is out of OBOR. The oil business is gone.

    What is left? Just sucking the people dry of their savings and printing money to create the illusion of high GDP.

    Once the $G dollar fails $G voters will very quickly find voting pappies is of no use. They have long since packed up and left.

    Will there be another $G government? Unlikely if here are no people to form a nation. Most FT will be gone. Even $G locals will have left to other countries rather than stay here and pay the government’s debts.

    $G may be absorbed back into MY or decay as the new fishing village. This is a very real possibility for a nation of 70% fools with no other skills than voting pappies in the ballot boxes.

    Unfortunately most $G locals think they live in a heaven where nothing bad can happen. They will find out too late what it means to be a failed economy when they work as a labourer in Thailand or a servant maid in Malaysia.

    Anything is possible. Be prepared.

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  • oxygen:

    THE NATION WITH THE HIGHEST RETIREMENT SUPERANNUATION SAVINGS RATE still needs to “supplement its CPF”, we must not be very far from a collapse – thanks to the incumbent party incompetent economic and treasury management.

    This place need a BIG SHAKEOUT of deadwoods and square pegs in round hole brought into key roles by nepotism and cronyism.

    I am convinced of that.

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  • oxygen:

    BREAKING NEWS – KATE SPADE, fanous fashion designer, committed suicide in her New York apartment according to Marketwatch.com.


    Not likely to be fake news. She will be forgotten in not too distant future even among her fanatic fans/followers.

    Is this ominious sign of Kate Spade LEE-JIAPORE heading for permanent political exit to be forgotten “branding” too in GE 2020.

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  • kong simeet sai:

    The problem lies with the Emperor. His siblings have warned the people and if the subjects are still so daft, then let them languish.

    Only one word … KLLBCCB

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  • Anonymous incognito:

    No I disagree with a few suggestions

    1) national service needs to be thoroughly reviewed with the aim of abolishing it. Singapore isn’t under immediate existential threat. Further removing young men from the labour force deliberately creates artificial labour hostages and cheats young men from starting early
    2) don’t force anyone to change their citizenship and it’s unconscionable to rob someone of their retirement savings. What can be done is to offer a choice, if a person refuses to change citizenship then the person can transfer the CPF to a private account -1%.
    3) temask musted be liquidated after a forensic accounting review
    4) PA must be abolished and proper neighbourhood centred grassroot organization be created. PA must also face a forensic accounting review.

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  • Wat talking they?:

    Moreover the country’s reserves dont belong to them..it belongs to all of us citizens..but theyre using it to make foreigners lives more comfortable than the natives’.
    The paps act as tho its bcuz of their hardwork only, did our sg flourish. The arrogance of it all.

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  • oxygen:

    ONE TRE BLOGGER GOT IT PERFECTLY RIGHT, she said political parties are like soiled wet hygiene tampons – throw them out whilst they are still warm and wet but no useful anymore.

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  • Not cut for the job:

    Happy is the nation that are led by clear-minded and responsible representatives elected by the people. Such a representative is normally a practitioner or believer of a religion, humble and sincere, generous nature, and not greedy and self-centered, and NOT AFRAID OF POVERTY.
    Not afraid of being poor does not mean you deny yourself the good things in life and live a life of deprivation. Not at all. It means you enjoy the reasonable comforts of life but you do not need to have a few millions in the bank to feel secured. You feel happy and contented and amply rewarded that you as an elected representative of the people are attending to the problems and issues before you, and finding the best solutions to make the people happy.
    That could only happen if there is that deep fear of God.
    Those politicians that care more for their own well being are inadequate and lacking.
    At the back of their minds they crave for much more material wealth. That is they only feel good if they have millions in properties and stocks and bank balance. They do not realize that this has to do with their varying degrees of greed and ego in their diseased minds.
    The people’s representatives should think and feel and act and work for the people. Otherwise they are in the wrong job and the wrong path and should give it up.

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  • oxygen:

    IF THIS REALITY STILL DOES NOT HIT HOME the ridiculous stupidity of the 70% daft Sinkies, nothing will. Pakatan Harapan government’s dumping of the High Speed Railway tells us that PAPpys DO NOT AND ARE NOT in control of political stability. Dictatorship only oppressed chaos bringing a semblance of predictability (with limitations too) within but actually haunted by scoundrels in the power coalition. Political stability is externally induced or incubated because instability is environmentally instigated of causation. Daft 70% Sinkies are stupid to impossibility, they bought property and vote for PAPpys gullibly presumed that PAPpy dictatorship “guarantee” political stability guaranteeing rising property values.

    Well, they got scammed by PAPpys asset enhancement politics in LEE-jiapore – a lot of these morons are trapped in property purchase (read liability) way beyond their fiscal/financial affordability (partly funded out of CPF and PAPpys has told all that CPF have to be supplmented) and now screwed up by political tsunami of change across the Johore straits. These idiots 70% are now entrapped of no escape after swallowing for 53 years of PAPpys scare-crow strawman politics hallucination of political stability often touted in PAPpys new publishing.

    The 70% daft were fed PAPpys cawked of political stability imperative and the grasslooters especially gladly rushed, fight over, grabbed and sarked it. Well PAPpys’s tale of political stability concoction got aids -infected.

    The end is coming soon for these 70% idiots of political stability – which is as useful a construct of reality as much as the poo these grasslooters must dump in the sh*thouse every morning after they got out of bed.

    THE SMARTER ONES KNOW THAT POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STABILITY read turbulence are all EXTERNALLY DETERMINED which PAPpys natural aristo-RATS cleverly NEVER MENTION OF THIS TABOO word in the public space. They are afraid to wake up 70% dumbfarked peasants that PAPpys baby cry of political stability is nothing more than a dump of COW DUNG.

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  • John Lim:

    “rearing their heads during election time and fading off to God knows where once elections are over”
    Reminds me of TJS!

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  • pap clown and his S$m gang:

    as Dr Mahatir PH has shown the world, it can be done.

    clown pap is no less rotten than najib BN.

    but local OPPOSITION must do differently GE2019.

    1st, must think big. aim to topple clown pap to form New Government. work with that final goal in mind now, today.

    2nd, remind each other don’t aim to be just member of parleement. rather, aim to rename parleement back to parliament. so must discard past practice GE2019. because if do the same as past then GE2019 end result shall be more or less the same as past. do different. aim to rename parleement back to parliament.

    3rd, eat humble pie. not everyone can be Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister in New Government. but isn’t 100 % chance as a minister for water in New Government far better than zero chance as member of parleement? so no need to be selfish or jealous if truly better folks are up front PM or DPM. main goal, GE2019, is to topple clown pap and form New Government.

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  • Equality Was Stealthily Remove:

    Agree with writer totally, completely, fully, wholly and absolutely.

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  • thomas ngiam:

    Aiyah, can only work with an ex insiders like Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Davinder Singh.

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  • thomas ngiam:

    If only Dr Tan Cheng Bok can consider setting up a coalition opposition party.

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  • asd:

    No one is indispensible

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  • Biased singaporeans:

    Bias is what’s delaying at from making progress.

    Many Singaporeans are like a mad bull seeing red. It gets angry because of the trigger.

    Whenever Singapore is criticised, these mad dogs of the longan will bark ferociously even though the criticisms are valid.

    Malaysia has every resources required to beat SG. Malaysia can even take back sg because she did not fight for the independence. It was given to Sg.

    Singaporeans never wanted to be out of Malaysia.

    Lim Guan Eng and top calibre real political talents like him can compete with sg.
    SG cannot grow anymore. Malaysia boleh.

    Singaporeans top in maths and science?
    Before I proceed, I am a true blue Singaporean.

    Let’s dissect this top scholar misperception.
    1. Who is the highest scorer among sg top scholar in maths or science ?
    What has he invented that is Best in the world, a world leading standard ?

    2. Which Dean of sg has invented anything best in the world?

    Now, think logically, do you see the misperception and misrepresentation between scholarship vs real world performance?

    A system based on scholarship produce not world best leaders. It produce people who are not the best leaders in the world.

    Who wanna masturnate me?

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  • First thing first:

    The very first thing is to remove GRC and have only SMC. Else, not Dr TCB, or Dr M, can change the political landscape and current flawed policies. Sinkies can forget about any other changes as long as the GRC stays. Like other countries without GRC, Sg should have at least 10 elected opposition MPs in parliament now, although still far from 1/3? Maybe next election will be better without crap GRC? S&CC charges keep going up even with GRC to share resources… crap, isn’t it? Hahaha

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  • Irene Vanesa Wan SiFutt LaChar:

    Agree. Must be protectionistic to some extent.

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  • Squeaky clean is it possible?:

    in a democratic nation which respect meritocracy, nepotic appointment of personal servant be it char woman, home maid, cook, driver, personal accountant, personal lawyer, wife, mistresses, lovers, children, daughters in law, son in laws their mistresses, lovers n whatnots to any position in the bureaucracy overiding relationship by blgood or greedy ood or skin or service contacts or conflict of interests regardless of behaviours would amount to what past nepotic benefators has said but scare to shit to be challenged according to Laws of the Land for win or lose would only prove him right. : his case is proved correct by solid evidence; win means he rightly described his assertion n his solid evidence is disregarded. So a lose lose case can only be avoided by making a mockery of the system he swore to protect n defend. This suggests a mockery of the basic support of his meaningvof existent and can be d upon. What then is left? A walking dead n how could a nation of human be it borned in the island or d n publicly disgraced as hungry, greedy n bestial n not as talents or help to make the island works but to be his slaves bought n can be FO or shit uponAt his whimpses pathetic foreign humams the 21st century willing or just plain daft as le Orrible said of SINkies when he was not dead. Only scumbags or walking deads could tolerate such bestial depravity. Majulla SIN the pinnacle of all SINS Greed Greed, Greed n more Greed. Halleluya, amen, Allah, ou ni tor . But such depravity onky deserves Charlie Brown Good Grief with Lucy kled away like Harrison Gorilla male bluured female with little glorrillas from who knows. Perhaps the SW bereft of nuts like the emperor eunuch dreaming to displace the emperor. Nutless want to get hisvnuts back while nuts bearers has nuts on accelerated degenation process.

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