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Do you know that DBS has a huge IT Hub in India?

Do you know that DBS has a huge IT Hub in India?

DBS’ IT hub in Hyderabad, India looks really nice. We wonder how many S’poreans volunteered to be transferred there since DBS claimed 5 years ago that the hub is not “outsourcing”. If you had built the hub in Singapore, the jobs would have been performed by locals with foreigners recruited on EP. But since you located... 

Political Opposition in Singapore

Political Opposition in Singapore

Former NMP Calvin Cheng A bit late to comment on Tan Cheng Bock’s entry into opposition politics but here is my take: 1) Have seen international media calling TCB a political heavyweight. Also saw Cherian George’s post opining that TCB might inspire other PAP chaps to breakaway. I think this overstates TCB’s importance. Yes,... 

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