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SLA shooting itself in the foot

SLA shooting itself in the foot

RE: RIDOUTGATE VS KATONG TERRACE HOUSES HUMILITY, honesty, hardworker bees, the best of the best, in Whites we trust, RIDOUTGATE will be hyped, the major lift the minor fall and nothing but wind gust. That’s the last stanza of Ballad Of Ridoutgate, my poem in my blog on Ridoutgate saga, 26 May 2023. With great humility,... 

Roti Prata

Roti Prata

When the GST was at 7%, plain prata with curry, a poor man’s favourite at hawker centres, cost $1.20 per piece. After the GST was raised by 1% to total 8% the price per piece was raised to $1.50. Early next year GST will go up by another 1%. How much will a piece of prata cost? Don’t ever underestimate the power... 

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