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Foreign Policy Quagmire

Foreign Policy Quagmire

In recent days, the cracks that come with the death of a strongman politician liked LKY are showing. First, between the siblings and PM Lee Hsien Loong. And now, between Kishore Mahbhubani and Bilahari Kausikan. Kishore backed by Dr Yap Kwong Weng & Marcus Loh, and Kausikan by K Shanmugam. Kishore wrote an article in ST;... 

The PAP case against the Siblings

The PAP case against the Siblings

In the saga between the siblings and PM Lee, the PAP advocates are again out in force and spewing more vitriol than sense. They claim that the siblings wanted the house demolished cause it will make money. What are the facts? a)       Money It is clear that Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) wanted the house demolished immediately... 

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