SDP Questioned the HSR-1MDB in 2016; PAP must be Held Accountable too

In July 2016, the SDP questioned the agreement between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur over the high speed rail (HSR) and said that the project was “troubling”. (See here.)

Back then, we asked: “Why the rush to put pen to paper given the controversy embroiling 1MDB and the political uncertainty building up in Malaysia? Has the Singapore government exercised due diligence in proceeding with the HSR project?”

Fast forward to 2018. The new Malaysian government led by Dr Mahathir has cancelled the project, questioning the benefits of the railway.

His finance minister, Mr Lim Guan Eng, cited that under the present agreement the HSR would likely cost more than RM100 billion, adding that the price could effectively be halved.

Local academic and former Associate Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Dr Donald Low, also questioned the economic feasibility of the project. He wrote that the rail system “can’t possibly pay for itself” which means that Singaporean taxpayers would have to be saddled with more costs that we can afford.

Since the toppling of the Barisan Nasional government, former prime minister Najib Razak and his wife, Ms Rosmah Mansor, have come under investigation for their roles in the 1MDB corruption saga. Some have suggested that the inflated HSR costs could have included kickbacks.

Amid such a troubling backdrop, the PAP government must answer the question of what due diligence it conducted over this project. The fiasco has affected the businesses, investors, and residents at the Jurong Lake District.

When the HSR agreement was signed, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan had posted on his FB that it was time to “pause and celebrate”. He waxed poetic that “Travelling will become such a breeze, and our countries will be drawn even closer together” but failed to mention the financial cost that Singaporeans would have to bear.

Even now with all the evidence to the contrary, Mr Khaw insists that the HSR link would benefit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur economically and culturally.

While Malaysians have a new government to expose the burden such unthinking and ill-considered infrastructural ventures would be placed on the people, the PAP continues to build questionable mega projects without scrutiny.

Apart from the HSR, the PAP has pushed ahead with the construction of the Tuas megaport and the Jewel at the Changi Airport costing billions of dollars. The viability of these projects have not been properly examined and debated. The PAP has been doing as it pleases with little accountability.

In the end, it is Singaporeans who will be made to pay for them through rising taxes and fees.

In the meantime, the PAP does everything to recover the costs it incurs in social spending such as healthcare expenditure and financial assistance for our elderly and poor.

It is time for accountability from the PAP.

Singapore Democrats

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14 Responses to “SDP Questioned the HSR-1MDB in 2016; PAP must be Held Accountable too”

  • 2% more GST:

    pay 2% more for HSR?

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  • Sgs sure are fedup with PAP:

    Malaysians have a godsend in the form of clear thinking TUN M.
    We r still grabbling with our mil$ pink pirate PM and his ministars for decades, plus the useless mil$ unelected President.
    Woe be to us if we dont wake up n do right at Next GE
    Hoping God will send us a ‘messiah’ too.

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  • Eren de bao ying 恶人的报应:

    The new Msia govt has proven SDP right.

    PAP often frightened voters with the thought that an opposition govt will squander away the reserves but look who is the one spending money thoughtlessly now? At the rate millions and billions are spent freely and happily by the pap, sg’s doomsday is definitely not far away.

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    Sorry SDP.

    Remember the dead old man’s words ” We are in Charge. which means no accountability period.

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  • opposition dude:

    If Mahathir reveals that there is anything hidden in the HSR cost that cannot be explained properly then it will be very interesting indeed. If kickbacks are being paid then it would be of interest to know who they are for.

    After all, the PAP loved telling us that Singapore is corruption free only to be royally embarrassed when Keppel was found to be paying bribes. For a decade too! And the best part is that Indranee said that top management didn’t know about it! I don’t know whether to laugh at Indranee’s naivety or her stupidity, maybe I should do both.

    Come on Mahathir, give us more details on SIngapore’s involvement in 1MDB! We need your help, abang!

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  • Chris Bong:

    All these multi billion dollar projects are basically for their ego. Sadly though, Singaporeans also swoon over it without knowing that the costs will come from their pockets. Take the Tuas megaport that was calculated in billions. Eventually the land where Keppel Harbour is will be sold to developers at prime prices and these will go directly to the coffers while the citizens get burden with more taxes. The money will be there for Temasek and GIC to gamble. Singaporeans are truly suckers.

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  • LIONS:

    Dr Chee shud be appointed Chair of a COI.
    we need to know where our taxpayer money goes to.

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  • Angry:

    Agree SDP.

    Today, the same Xavier Andre Justo drops a new bombshell – that the interview he gave to The Straits Times three years ago was manipulated and scripted. A free man now, he exposed to “The Edge Malaysia” that he had actually been blackmailed by two individuals to say according to a script in order to help secure an early release from prison.

    Who were those so-called “hidden hands” that were so powerful that they could arrange for Nirmal Ghosh and The Straits Times to extract Justo “confession” to spin a fake narrative

    – obviously to paint Najib Razak as an innocent man? The Straits Times editor-in-chief of Singapore Press Holdings – Warren Fernandez – has denied there was any hidden hand.

    Was that hidden hand our government,making sure Najib remains PM because it’s easier to deal with an idiot like him than to deal with a smart PM from Pakatan Harapan?

    Singaporeans deserve to know the truth.

    Make them accountable by voting for more Oppo members.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Accountability? From WHO??

    Hahahahahahhahaha. Funny. As if.

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  • pap clown and his S$m gang:

    Dr Chee shud be appointed Chair of a COI.
    we need to know where our taxpayer money goes to.

    bro, no. it is a waste of time. better spend the time pulling local OPPOSITION parties together. report to voters which one is NOT playing ball.

    time is better spent if it leads to New Government after GE2019.

    fight GE2019 to form New Government.

    if GE2019 is fought like previous end result shall be like previous.

    NO. fight to form New Government.

    don’t listen to anyone who says this cannot that cannot. Dr Mahatir did not have it easy. he campaigned very hard. he told the crowds very clearly he was fighting to topple najib BN.

    so Dr Chee must speak from today, NOW, he is pulling local OPPOSITION parties together to topple evil stinking rotting incestuous nepotistic cronyistic legally corrupt clown pap.

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  • Dr M will reveal all soon...:

    He is the only one who dares speak up!

    Singaporeans will then know the truth and nothing but the truth!

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  • OPPO must fight to govern:

    Like a mma match, oppositions must go for the win to govern the country. It is a waste of time playing the second fiddle. Look at the current polical situation in America. Democratic party despite winning the popular vote, still lost to Republican. Trump may have promised many things before election. After winning many are broken. Our opposition must learn don’t play safe like pap did.

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  • Now Postponed and Not Cancel!:

    You know why?

    Dr M is a shrewd politician; only second to the late L*Y!

    Dr M will reveal all soon...:
    He is the only one who dares speak up!

    Singaporeans will then know the truth and nothing but the truth!

    GD Star Rating
  • CCS no problem no money tax mo:

    NFI 4th cesspool of SHs n plps mod operation. Keep opaque. any non SIN wants money, give. i pat your back, u pat mine. To hell with SINkist, Malaysians. no money. up their taxes. afterall these do not affect the SHs. Their millions n bonus up as state fund up how opaque cannot be seen.

    Mahathir wants. NFI 4th cesspool SH give. As CCS desperately wanting to be the boss has said he has no problem to import SHs like himself. No problem to increase taxes as he still think SIN daft eating in dirty food court food no woth. So damn stupid. No problem to insult or push them arounf as he has no problem to displace LHL from his PM post. He has problem with LHY but he the next PM has no problem PLPs will kiss his his lp if they want to stay in the job for he has no priblem to import foreign plps!

    Daft Sinkies. Only daft to give that shithead their vote so as he has no problem to kick their butts and to publicly insult them Depicable Biws n their compliant plps. what abuse of power and conflict of interests. They have the mandate.

    GD Star Rating

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