How to Part With a Girl if You Feel Sorry for Her

One day, when I was a little boy, I met a dog. It was dirty, emaciated, with a pitiful look. It came up to me, stood on its hind legs and looked into my soul. Its whole look expressed the hope that I have some food for her. My heart sank with pity and a desire to help the poor animal. But I was very small – my parents did not give me pocket money and I had nothing to give to a four-legged vagabond. I knew that I could not help, but my heartache did not get any less. I remember the eyes of this dog for life.

Now imagine what happens in a similar situation, but when instead of a dog you have to deal with a girl? She loves you, cares about you, sacrifices her time and health, but you can not accept all this because you do not love her because you met one of those beautiful Russian women personals. You can not live this way – you both know it, but it does not get any easier. So how should you act in this situation?

Suppress pity in advance

Of course, it is better not to start such a relationship at all. Perhaps, from pity, there is a benefit only in fairy tales and old parables, in which for a drop of this feeling magical beasts, sorcerers and another kind of strange creatures come to you. Of course, it will be very painful and bad, but, believe me, then everything will become even worse. There is one more nuance – perhaps the source of your all-pitying compassion is pride. A woman is ready for everything, she cries and begs to stay – in this situation it is easy to lose honor and dignity. Especially if this is the first relationship in which you are the object of desire.

The unloved girl will just annoy you, you will have scandals, treason, and parting from your side. It would seem that it is a good deal, but the lady will try to please and indulge in every way and do other stupid things for the sake of your egoistic personality. In the end, you will get two neuroses and frustration in your personal life.

Maybe it’s love?

As it often happens the blind veil of lust, pride and the crown phrase: “Yes, this is not serious for us” – prevent to include the mind on the first paragraph. What to do in this case? Try to figure out what connects you. If there is a pronounced pity with all the collateral, then leave, and if something more, then maybe you are created for each other. If you constantly want to hang out somewhere far away from the family hearth, you do not like to spend the weekend in an embrace with your girlfriend and you are admired by such people as, for example, the poet Byron, that means that this is your character. You will experience the torment of “lack of freedom” with any girl who loves you. Deal with it.

Run, boy

But if you are sure that you do not have a love for her and imagination stubbornly refuses to draw the images of your happy family, resting in a country house (surrounded by your charming children, of course), run away from her. Try to blend the object of your pity. Have pity on yourself. You have every reason for this.

It is clear that you are used to her, and some part of you cannot reconcile with this situation. But you will still find the love of your life or you will get older, become staler and more patient, and, following your ambitious ego and experience, begin to meet with a lady with whom it is simply comfortable to live. But that’s not the point, the fact is that you need to get into your head and scrape off that nonsense that makes you think that you owe her something. You do not owe her anything, not a gram. You must not suffer, and you should not waste time. And she, by the way, too.

It is not so bad, in the end

You do not need to think of her as of some kind of helpless idiot who will die of hunger and despair, as soon as you close the door and leave. Everything is fine with her. Most likely, your break up will pass without cheap dramas, hysterics, and vindictiveness. It’s just that the ego prevents you from seeing everything that happens in reality. You can be without each other. Yes, everyone can do without each other. And your words about how much she loves you are from the same narcissistic opera, as your noble pity.






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  • Bapak:

    I would prefer to read an article on – To part with PAP I am not sorry a bit, for them.

    Can we stay focus here?

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  • HarderTruths:

    I would prefer to read an article on – To part with PAP I am not sorry a bit, for them.

    Can we stay focus here?

    Yes Agreed. This site is not the SDU – which also failed.

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  • David Neo - King Kong Elephant:

    Is your girlfriend a psycho?

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