Is our opposition ready for 2020? I doubt so!

It ain’t easy to put up a fight to the incumbents when they only rear their heads during the General Election and fade away once the election is over.

We need a credible one united party under a single flag where ordinary Singaporeans can have faith to work with. Oppositions supporters too need to be seen as willing to put aside our personal differences, all these so unnecessary internal bickering that made us be seen as a bunch of jokers.

As much as we need honest and responsible opposition candidates we need equally good supporters who have integrity and are in it cause they are concerned for Singapore’s future. Too many of opposition supporters have turned themselves against each other, taking sides, mud slinging, cheating that it just gives the fence sitters a clear direction of whose side they want to be in 2020.

All oppositions, politicians and supporters have one goal in common…

To bring back the glory of Singapore and Singaporeans. To give Singaporeans the dignity of being one where we used to be. We are disillusioned with the current governments, NATO, and we so badly want a change for that.

I too proposed we bring back the glory of the Hong Lim days where we discovered many potential candidates, we give them an opportunity to project themselves and to find the strength within. Many of the speakers at the Hong Lim Park became 2015 candidates. It’s time to groom the new generations. To have them tested and Hong Lim Park may provide the right platform to do just that.

The only difference this time is we need candidates of high caliber, Not from questionable backgrounds, whose dedications to society is proven, who is eloquent and have strong supports, who has served tirelessly even after elections, who do not have any personal agendas or those who join cause of peer pressures, cause of being caught up with fervor of the moments. We need new blood whom we are proud to associate ourselves with as a QUALITY OPPOSITION CANDIDATES.

For the six candidates who run against our Prime Minister at Ang Mo Kio GRC, only one is deserving to make a comeback. Having personal encounters with them as my role as their PR, only this one candidate is dedicated, serious and true to his commitments to serve.

Wanna make a guess who he is?


* Facebook post by Zarina Jaffar.



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24 Responses to “Is our opposition ready for 2020? I doubt so!”

  • never trust pap:

    no credible OPPOSITION is fake news created by clown pap machinery.

    in the land of the blind, the one eye is the king.

    so in the land of rotting stinking sinking clown pap, any OPPOSITION is good OPPOSITION.

    do we believe in the clown pap fakes news, only pap has the credible Singaporeans to be members of parleement?

    in the same vein, do we believe in the clown pap fakes news, need malay INDIAN president with S$500m corporate experience?

    heck. where did clown pap get its S$m clan members? aren’t they from the same pool as the OPPOSITION. the only difference is, in a rotting stinking sinking clown pap regime, the better folks have chosen to be OPPOSITION.

    mind you. by BETTER we mean honourable, whether honourable son or honourable daughter, the citizen has chosen to do the right thing. of course, only the d**honourable son chooses to join clown pap.

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  • Tremendous:

    Looks like we have an article that sets higher standards for opposition compared to a certain party. Look at defeated candidates of that party. Did they come back and contribute to the people before the next elections or did they do their own stuff ? Think OYK. Then in that certain party, the candidates’ calibers are so low that they cannot dissect a trade speech properly and deflect blames on transportation and highway collapse problems. Think CCS and KBW. As for questionable background, what exact contributions did the members of that party make to singaporeans ? How great are their background when they kept entering politics by that backdoor called GRC ? Many people using their tax system and paid a fraction of their salaries can do better. As for working tirelessly, you only need to look at how a minister tries to sell himself by selling the press he worked during chinese new year for the budget. Think HSK. What wayang is this when so many citizens have been working over many chinese new years and keeping quiet ? As for eloquence, it depends if you count BS in parliament sessions.

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  • HarderTruths:

    There are people who are willing to do what is required and stand for election. We have seen this time and time again.

    The problem is the established opposition groups start fighting with each other even before the elections and start their own brand of democracy.

    In major democracies there are two or three parties only. Most governments rule in a coalition. The place where there is too many parties and nothing gets done is India. Does $G opposition want to follow India politics too?

    The author is right. Too many individuals no unity. $G voters hate this kind of infighting. No matter how smart the opposition is they will never be elected if they cannot work as a single team.

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  • Save SG, patriotic citizens:

    Calling Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Tan Kin Lian, Mr Tan Jee Say, Mr Tay Kheng Soon, Mr Leong Sze Hian and others, singapore is counting on you. It’s now (in the coming GE) or never (for it’ll be too late). Don’t just post your comments on FaceBook. Time to stand up for Singapore when things are going very wrong. If the pap MPs can work part-time, so can the retirees.

    Stand up for Singapore, do the best you can (to fix our regressing country)
    Reach out for your fellow man
    You’ve got to make a stand
    Recognise you can play your part
    Let it come right from your heart
    Be prepared to give a little more
    Stand up, stand up for Singapore

    Stand up for Singapore, stop pap in style
    If you stand up for Singapore
    You’ll find it all worthwhile
    Believe in oppositions, you’ve got something to share
    So show us all you really care
    Be prepared to give a little more
    Stand up, stand up for Singapore

    Singapore our home and nation
    Together with determination
    Join oppo like you’ve never done before
    Stand up, stand up for Singapore

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  • PAP propaganda:

    A very important issue is to give the opposition party a chance to grow n matured. This means vote whatever there r non pap candidate in the GE. If they got the majority they will form the govt. Dont forget the govt even pap today still use expertise whether free or paid to advise the govt what can be best done n the option. That is why no govt in the world paid themselves billions because they can seek expert advice or form Committee to seek out the best option. GCT has left out this great difference btw CEO of company n minister. If the minister salary plus all the expert consultation n committee he uses, Singapore minister will be paid not just 10 times his counterpart in other country incl USA but also at least 4+ times more than the top paying CEO. Whether GCT deliberately or unintentionally left out this difference when he compare CEO to minister, only he knew. So there is no fear of pposition cannot form a good Govt. In fact their inexperience will make them a more conscious n with the local eexpets or foereign experts, they may do a better job than the overfed, arrogant n unworthy even dangerous over cocksure of themselves papic nepotists n their plps. Important thing is to have a cleaning out of the 5 decades of no dark operations. Even the little transparency as GIC is controlled the Gorilla couple is alarming.
    So do not fall to the craps what pap fed u about experience n knowledge. PAP started off with zero experience. but the biggest errors r made with the generations that followed n not by the first generation of inexperienced men. If the opposition can formed a govt by coaltion or single with a safe majority will eal both for cleansing of all plp n evils n to givevthem a chance to gain experience to become a stable alternative power based. SIN will be better managed n politically more stable. Democracy instead of highly warped nepotically adulterated acy with caste system in place admidst of opacity they choose n power abuse like that in NS n in appointment to independent public institutions like the defence, finance n judiciary.

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  • water not hot enough lah:

    There are deserving candidates within the opposition camp that Sinkies inexplicably wouldn’t give a chance to speak up for them in Parliament.

    Neither are those brainwashed N. Koreanized minds able to see that the more threat these oppositions posed to the PAP, the more they will be vilified by the PAP controlled msm. These frogs feel more comfortable remaining in the pot. The heat in the water is not hot enough for them to jump out yet.

    no small steps, no giant leap: What use? What for?

    If you are going to continue to vote for more of the same, why keep complaining? Expect to get more of the same.

    LKY and the PAP never felt the need to pay much attention to Chiam and Low TK for they never felt threatened by either of them. Not with JBJ though. JBJ made them sit up and pay attention. Like typical tyrants, the PAP crippled and massacred him, like they did to Barisan and many others.

    There were others who have also demonstrated certain resembling fortitude, who were able to make the PAP to feel the heat. Although they too were vilified and crippled by the PAP, some are stll around. Such as Dr. Chee and Roy. Despite being crippled, they persevered hoping to be able to carry on their fight to Parliament. And might have been able to effect some change to Sinkies’ lives. Yet, despite paying a high personal price in their personal crusade, Sinkies didn’t give them a chance to do more.

    For lamentably or stupidly, Sinkies did not want to believe in them and chose the refuge of the status quo. And continue to vote for more of the same. Yet somehow, hoping that the heat in the pot will not boil over for the next five years.

    Then there are also notable firebrands such as Lim Tean, KJ and GMS who may also offer some glimpse of hope to the tyrannized Sinkies, if Sinkies would give them a chance too. Of notable mention also are Phillip Ang and Leong Sze Hian, if they too would step into the fray.

    Nevertheless, considering the pathetic reality of the overly slanted overwhelming dominance of the PAP in our political landscape undemocratically imposed upon the Singapore electorate by the PAP, the crux of the issue for Sinkies to determine is not to expect miracles to happen overnight by asking ‘what can oppositions do for me?’. If Sinkies do not start to take small steps to get more oppositions into Parliament, don’t expect that giant leap to happen.

    Sinkies need to make the PAP feel the heat, if you want to get the PAP to really listen.

    And be made to be afraid to abuse or to serve their self interests.

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  • opposition dude:

    WP alone is not strong enough to fight PAP all by themselves in any GE, same goes for SDP. For now we can only bank on voting in more opposition and that’s about it.

    It has been mentioned previously that all the opposition parties should merge and take on PAP. Unfortunately we have not seen it happen, the closest we have got is when they agree amongst themselves to avoid 3 cornered fights. But other than that we have not had the main opposition parties contest under one banner against PAP.

    It’s natural for fencesitters to say that there isn’t much opposition presence after an election so voters in any ward would not even know who is the oppsition member(s) looking to contest in their ward in the next GE.

    Singaporeans know who WP, SDP and NSP are and if WP was contesting in the west at the very least they would know their brandname and not go something like “RP ah, simi party ah?”

    I have to assume that all opposition parties are walking the ground regularly and not when an election has been announced because voters would not have seen them ever in the last few years and all of a sudden they pop out and expect voters to just vote for them just like that.

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  • I am afraid to leave the pot:

    water not hot enough lah:

    Neither are those brainwashed N. Koreanized minds able to see that the more threat these oppositions posed to the PAP, the more they will be vilified by the PAP controlled msm.

    The post quoted below is an example of the kind of often low-grade smears you find employed so often by the PAP organ in the msm as well as blogs such as CI’s to vilify those oppositions that posed a credible threat to the PAP.

    Like the N.Korean peasants, the Sinkie frogs with minds numbed by over five decades of incessant Kim dynasty propaganda, grew to become so accustomed to the rising temperature in the pot that they are now afraid to leave the pot.
    Because Lim Tean realise no sane Singaporeans will donate money to him to sue us PAP over the CPF issue.

    The same go to Philip Ang.

    Readers here should not take Lim Tean and Philip Ang seriously. Just treat these duo as mad barking puppy is suffice.


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  • See how they will run away:

    I am afraid to leave the pot: The post quoted below is an example of the kind of often low-grade smears you find employed so often by the PAP organ in the msm as well as blogs such as CI’s to vilify those oppositions that posed a credible threat to the PAP.

    Low grade smears are a hallmark of the PAP. That seemed the only arguments the PAP are able to come up with. Has any TRE visitor come across any well reasoned rebuttals made by the PAP here?

    Will the PAP IB’s and PAP sycophants quote us some well-reasoned or sensible arguments made by the PAP camp here? See how they will run away and hide?

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    The big lesson that all opposition parties can learn from Malaysia is that the entrenched Big Bad White Wolf Pack can only be dislodged if they put aside their own individual pride and prejudice, and work cooperatively as a team.

    Look at Pakatan Harapan. Even old bitter enemies like Mahathir, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang could put aside their differences and see the need for a common objective. Without such a magnificent piece of teamwork, Najib would go on from billion-to-billion in his insatiable appetite for money, and Malaysia would have gone down to the gutters.

    Will our opposition leaders be ready?

    To begin with, there are many talented individuals on the anti-PAP side. WP has quite a sizeable team, and they have proved their mettle. SDP has CSJ, Dr Paul Tambyah. There are others like Kenneth J, too.

    With the exception of Lim Tean, there is none who can even speak well publicly. To me, the first skill that all these must learn and master is the art of public speaking. Lim Tean is a most outstanding speaker: his words are carefully thought out, and delivered in a very effective measured manner.

    Sadly, I cannot say of good folks like Ang Yong Guan, Tan Kin Lian, Kenneth J, Tan See Jay, etc

    These latter group needs very urgently to be schooled in public speaking, so that their messages would not be lost in their verbal presentation and body language. What a pity. I hope these gentlemen would read my message here, and take it as my very honest plea.

    “You have the talent, the skills, the knowledge, the experience, the foresight, the heart for the people, but your public speech-making demeanour destroys everything” Thank you

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  • Change Needed:

    2020 is not about oppositions. sinkies are tired of the evil PAP.
    If dogs were to contest, dogs would be preferred just to kick these greedy PAP out.

    PAP apologists should give up attempting to discredit oppositions but put out their own PAP fire instead. No amount of bullshiting will deter awaken sinkies from voting oppositions.

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  • LIONS:

    Going forward,me humbly thinks AN OPPO COALITION is the ONLY WAY to garner more votes.
    I am sorry to say at moment OPPO UNITY is no where near any acceptable level.
    I dare hazard if oppo remains fragmented,they may perform worse than GE 2015.

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  • rukidding:

    Alamak ?….look at the Son of Punggol ?

    Lost the “fight” as a Single Candidate ……and then “come in from backdoor ,under the tailcoat of veteran colleagues”….GOT STANDAR Meh ???

    Now can even be given quite a “Major role” ????

    I wonder why ???

    I suspect must be another “Ka ki Lang” case !

    This fellow can meh ????

    What “Backside nonsense” are you toking ?

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  • Bonkers:

    If only any opposition party is given an opportunity to prove their credibility and capability, you will see that they are more committed and convicted to serve the country than those white bums. Most opposition candidates are more qualified and intelligent today while military boys do not have much brains to say NO when it is wrong. Look to our neighbour revealing the whole story where mountain of investigations are going through thoroughly now, that is where all skeletons are falling out from the golden chest.

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  • But:

    @ These latter group needs very urgently to be schooled in public speaking, so that their messages would not be lost in their verbal presentation and body language. What a pity. I hope these gentlemen would read my message here, and take it as my very honest plea.

    “You have the talent, the skills, the knowledge, the experience, the foresight, the heart for the people, but your public speech-making demeanour destroys everything” Thank you

    But … CSJ , Tambyah ( capable speaker ) still failed to win any seats.

    Last GE so many arises but all 飲恨… 杀羽而归.

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  • Start Immediately!:

    Opposition parties must get their act together NOW!

    Don’t wait for the date of GE to be announced and then start working.

    If Opposition is serious about mounting a creditable challenge, they must start early and walk the talk!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Alarmak people of Aljunied are already there waiting, where’s AMK, Tanjomg Pagat and the rest?

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  • Gavin:

    Zarina’s FB post simply repeats what the PAP has
    been saying all along about the opposition parties.
    I’m pretty sure it is part of PAP:’s efforts to run
    down their opponents before the GE.

    One useful method to convince people of Anything is to
    repeat your message, over and over again. Soon pple
    start believing that what is said is true.

    Those of us who Want more opposition in Parliament
    can do the same. Instead of constantly pointing out
    the flaws in oppie parties, its time to start Praising
    these parties and members. Look for the good things,
    publicise them. Repeat it over and over again like
    this Zarina has done re oppie parties being useless

    I’ve been hearing WP’s Leon Pereira is very helpful.
    Chee Soon Juan comes across as humble, easy to talk to
    and open to suggestions. On top of that, his party has
    a whole pile of papers on policies that can improve life
    for S’poreans. From his columns, Ken J appears to be a
    sharp man with ideas. So does Lim Tean.

    If you really want to run down people and parties, the
    PAP offers Lots of ammunition. Too many of their actions
    and directions suck. Their explanations/reasons are rubbish.

    So, instead of perpetually picking fault with the oppie
    guys, let’s back them, keep hilighting their good points
    …over and over and over again. This method has worked
    for the PAP. No reason why it cant work to build up the
    case for the opposition.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Looking at the wrong party. The question should be: are voters ready to vote for regime change? Focusing on the Opposition is just another lame pathetic excuse to continue voting for PAP.

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  • DOOM:





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  • Equality Was Stealthily Remove:

    Writer, you dont quite make sense. You talk about integrity in
    your content.

    Is there integrity when you yourself pay yourself and your family
    members and your balls carriers millions each a year, and exact
    amount kept hidden from citizens even though taxpayers are paying
    these huge amount of tens of millions a year.

    Is there integrity when wife appointed to lucractive CEO of Temasek,
    with no academic or work experience to run an equities fund.

    Is there integrity when floodgates open to invite all foreigners to
    work in Singapore without no barriers in place, in order to replace
    citizens’ jobs?

    Is there integrity when S$400 millin spent each year for foreign
    studetns to study in Singapore, all free including airfares and
    monthly spending monies.

    I ask you.

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  • Sg No Talent:

    Singapore has ZERO LKY left now.
    It has ZERO Lim Guan Eng , the Penang MP who is now the Finance Minister of Malaysia.

    Singapore only have YESMEN.

    These are the scholars. Bookworms. Good for being kahkia and not ambitious enough to overthrow the longan.

    Singapore opposition is known worldwide to be lousy.

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  • SG lacks a LimGuanEng:

    It’s not so much if sg opposition ready for 2020 but
    Are Singaporeans brave enough.

    See, opposition politicians are just Singaporeans.
    Singaporeans are all controlled by fear.

    They have proven they are prisoners of FEAR.

    Therefore, Singaporeans are not good enough to produce a Opposition genius as great as Malaysian Lim Guan Eng.

    They are simply too timid.

    I end my masturbation, orally.

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  • World Fact:

    Singkies are Timid. This is an undeniable world fact.

    Why so timid ?
    Yes because of the system that they feel threatened by.

    But why can they not fight it so that they need not live in fear?

    Because under a system without freedom of expression, the peasants lack CREATIVITY which is a key ingredient in solving difficult problems.

    All tough problems are solved by creative solutions.

    Without creativity , you cannot solve a tough problem.

    China is a copycat. Despite it having so much more human brains than USA , China cannot invent more superior technologies than USA.
    CHINA lacks Freedom of expression.

    Now China seems like catching up. That’s because it’s rich. But it still is not the leader in technology. Why? China people are ruled by dictatorship.

    Singaporeans say BOH BIAN to every problem they face eg. COE, overpriced flat, overpriced car, bike. Only 10 years use before having to scrap or renew coe. They pay the world higher tax to own something for only 10 years. Even their flat they do not own. They do not own anything. Other countries not like this.

    Singaporeans say boh bian because they HAVE NO CREATIVITY TO SOLVE TYE PROBLEMS THEY FACE.

    Everything they say BOH BIAN . SIMI LANJEOW IS ALSO BOH BIAN.

    Singaporeans prove they do not have the Ability to solve problems.

    Everything they SURRENDER.

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