They Never Saw A Price Hike They Did Not Like

Lim Tean

I just read an article in CNA which gives the clearest indication yet Singaporeans will be hit with another electricity price hike starting next quarter.

There never is a price hike this PAP government does not like. All sorts of nonsensical reasons are given to justify the price hike, the chief of which is the increase in oil price. But how many reductions in electricity tariffs were there in the past when the oil price plunged ? Under the PAP, State Capitalism will always be allowed to profit at the expense of the Citizens!

It is also outrageous that solar energy has not been promoted aggressively in the past. The article says that the cost of manufacturing solar panels will decrease in future to make solar energy more viable. I find that to be a ludicrous proposition. The World’s solar panel manufacturers have been engaging in cut throat competition in the last decade which have resulted in the closure of many of them, especially American manufacturers who could not compete with cheaper Chinese rivals. One of my Chinese acquaintances used to be the World’s 2nd largest solar panel manufacturer and even his business suffered tremendously from the cut throat competition.

To say that prices have been cut to the bone would be an understatement. They have been cut into the bone! Many of these Chinese manufacturers are only surviving because of State subsidies. So when does our government think the time would be ripe for Singaporeans to utilise solar energy on a large scale?

Singaporeans should realise by now that when the PAP government hands out “ goodies “ , it will take back from Singaporeans in terms of price hikes and taxes many times what it hands out. There is a proverbial saying in Singapore which all Singaporeans should heed – they will give you a chicken wing but take the whole chicken from you ! An equivalent saying is – Beware of Greeks bearing gifts ! So remember, when they hand out “ goodies “, it is a prelude to you losing a lot more eventually! It fits in with their mantra that there is no free lunch !


* Facebook post by Lim Tean.



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12 Responses to “They Never Saw A Price Hike They Did Not Like”

  • N.Jungne:

    Wait till the Jinxy becomes the Madam President HolLeeks, then you know

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  • opposition dude:

    The same tactic is employed when an election arrives. Who doesn’t remember PAP suddenly saying that every Singaporean will receive a few hundred dollars into his account? Don’t even need to apply for it some more man, the $$$ automatically is credited in leh!

    Compare it to when you really need help, fill this in fill that in and wait for months on end before receiving assistance.

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  • Bapak:

    The citizens (70%) are stupid, can’t blame them. If you give them 100%, don’t think there is chicken wing even the chicken coop also gone.

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  • Stay Clear:

    I always admire LT. PM quality.

    I think he is talking about active solar energy – PV Panel/Cell.
    Please Steer clear from it. There are many test pilot projects already carried out. From Conversion losses to Storage problems and then cost of System maintenance, it just don’t make economical sense now and in the far future. Forget it. That’s why the price of the solar panel is a dump and plants are closing down. Of course, depending on where camp you are, sales men will pitch the benefits like David Copperfield to you.

    Other than that, Passive Solar Energy like Roof Top Water Heater is promising. You can also accept small PV calculator.

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  • RDB:

    there is no free lunch only for non pee and poo cronies who humongous self over compensated for their luxurious lives above most Singaporeans. Woe to pees and poos galore.

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  • Nation Of Dumb Parrots:

    Sinkies are stupid , devoid of common Sense and sound knowledge.
    They just soak up to all the propaganda of PAP shitty media and regurgitate them like educated dafts.

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  • Sorry state of affairs:

    The citizens (70%) are stupid, can’t blame them. If you give them 100%, don’t think there is chicken wing even the chicken coop also gone.

    Ya…the same way they r making use of HY, the selected Presidente.
    Everyone has a price, its true.

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  • Sorry state of affairs:

    Apologies.. posted my comment incorrectly.

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  • Saying by 70%.:

    Why complain? The 70% of Pro-PAP are very happy people who have no grumble at all so far. Sure more and more new Singaporeans love PAP regime as this PAP Goverment is honest and has a heart for the people’s welfare. Come next GE, the percentage of the PAP votes are getting bigger and better. The rest has no fight at all.

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  • no shame clown:

    Agreed with the writer!! The clowns’ actions with regards to you-name-it are always behind the curve, be it innovation, productivity smart technology etc!
    How many donkey years have these clowns fiddling with productivity and the smart nation thingies!?
    How many donkey years have train faults been constantly happening!!??
    Want to be a Smart Nation?….a simple gadget like the funny looking thing mounted on all the vehicle’s dashboards have been there since donkey years!!
    Ya! this beeping cash cow must not be tempered!!…nothing wrong in collecting more $$$…except that this gadget is outdated long long ago!!
    Another very obvious gadget failure are the carpark gantry barriers!!
    Car owners and drivers have been bearing the agony and frustrations on the many occasions when the car park they are entering ‘refused’ to open or when they want to get out, unable to do so!!….First world, first tier and a very smart nation indeed!!

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  • All white idiot join KAYU:

    Another price hike on insurance premium is coming.

    After all they will suck you till you fall and come 2020 everyone will forgotten about these and they will still vote for the idiots……

    These 70% still sleeping with the devils.

    May the Satan bring all these idiots to join the KAYU.

    We are really sick of these price hikes.

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  • True facts:

    True they will give a a chicken but take away your whole farm.

    Like water tax now you can see GST on water tax???? Tax on tax????

    Why????? They cannot answer Now.

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