Why is the cost of producing water never ever disclosed?

I refer to the article “PUB focuses on squeezing more value out of each drop of clean water produced” (Straits Times, Jul 4).

It states that “A significant chunk of the $435 million that has gone into water research and development (R&D) here has gone into making water treatment processes less of a drain on electricity.

But both these water treatment methods require plenty of energy. Between five and 17 times more electricity than that used to treat rainwater is needed to produce water through desalination or treatment of used water. The latter also produces sludge, which is ultimately landfilled.”

As to “PUB said that meeting future water demand with today’s technology will see PUB’s electricity requirement go up four times to 4,000 GWh a year, with the amount of sludge generated doubling to 600,000 tonnes a year by 2060.

“It’s thus more sensible to invest in making these taps more efficient and cheaper for both domestic and commercial water users here” – why is it that arguably, a very significant piece of information may be missing – what is the cost of producing water and what are the financials?

When the 30 per cent increase in the price of water was announced in Parliament last year – there was also no financial information, like cost, revenue, profits, etc.


Leong Sze Hian



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11 Responses to “Why is the cost of producing water never ever disclosed?”

  • Najib's Best Selfie Mate:

    Tell you costs, then how to milk money from you?

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  • Dishonorable:

    That is a smoke bomb to diverse focus attention and is seen as the work of evils to try substantiate and bluff the way out of the recent unreasonable rise in the taxes, putting extreme burdens onto its citizens.

    The RO and membrane technology were the works of Donkey million years.
    Therefore what are they actually spending on? Are the research funding approved under the NRF and thru NRF Expert Panels shortlisted selection and approval example Significance of research, Potential for scientific breakthroughs/ Disruptive Innovation, Programme management & Budget, Technical competencies of research team, Potential impact / Relevance to Singapore. Or ownself approve ownself?

    Furthermore we are getting in water sources from Malaysia at a dirt cheap rate
    now under contract for many years to come and into the future.

    People should see how dishonorable is it? Well, He don’t get the “name” for nothing.

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  • I have a Casino chip:

    The Desalination Plant was seen as a worse case scenario situation and to be use as a technology advancement negotiation chip with its neighbors.

    You can only lament on the weak relationship this garment is having with its neighbor putting its citizens into very difficult position or using such excuses to skin its people?

    Maybe when they are gone, neighbor become friend again and water freely take. Malay are easy going people you see, that’s why they never chase the first settler away from here, right? Only the dishonorable How Lian behavior too lung them, I think?

    You should be picking a far better and less costly garment in the first place, right? Or you wisely use your vote as the next negotiation chip to improve your own life.

    Stupid sinkies don’t know how to use “Casino Chip” is it?

    You and Your children life in your own hand. Be Wise, you decide.

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  • Samuel S:

    In the first place why the government never attemp to harvest rain water. When there is too much collected they rather let it flows out into sea? Or is the government simply wants to show off technology into research?

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  • rukidding:

    Father saw problem between him and Dr M.

    Father had “forsight” and started desalination and new water for “contingency”

    Son and gang,…all “greedy”…only want make $$$…only know how to pay themselves well.

    Did not “foresee” that their plan for a 6M Pop increase had a “basic flaw”.

    Greed over-shadowed every single one of them,…including their senior officers.

    Walah,…suddenly GOD’s “one stone kill two birds”.

    GOD’s “miracle” change BN into PH…and suddenly all the “wrong doings” seem to “correcting” towards a better diection.

    Same “stone” also now “strike” our “Greedy Loong and gang”.

    Suddenly ALL THE MISTAKEs and OVRLOOKED and INCOMPETENCE of their work began to be “exposed” slowly,…but surely!

    Its about time our “sleeping 70%” ,…wakes up and see and realised what “fake news and propaganda” their have been “fed”.

    Its about time that they start to see that these “greedy gang” is all about “THEM and their Cronies” !

    Prepare and gather your New found Strength….time to do the right thing !

    If your neighbour can,….we should be able to CAN and CANNED away all the “rubbish and greed” !

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Actually equally important question the mega profit generated from the residents and businesses over the last 15 to 20 years goes to where?

    Knowing that the cost of supplying water to households and business users are much much cheaper. Laying a few kilometre of pipes can serve a few thousand households and business users as they density is high, coupled with little or no natural calamities that would cost lots of money and disruptions, like earthquakes, typhoons, or flooding. And there is almost no chance to siphon or steal water.

    In many countries, laying a few hundred of kilometre of piping can probably serve limited households.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Mak sago the lion opens its big mouth

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  • Private Investigator:

    The cost of producing drinkable water is 45 Singapore cents per 1000 gallons.

    That means:

    4.5 cents per 100 gallons, or

    0.45 cents per 10 gallons, or

    0.045 cents per gallon.

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  • LIONS:

    WELL,these are ‘state’s secrets”???

    when we dont want you to know the truths,we will call it ‘state secrets’,like it or not.


    my dad was right,you singaporeans are MOSTLY daft!

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  • clown pap and S$ liars:

    when Mr Chaim ST asked then pap government how much to build HDB it was already state secret.

    then came wouldn’t go the liar about swiss standard of living. more BS came out such as asset enhancement of HDB.

    some 15 years ago came the last straw, the clown. wonder of wonder BS. Singapore belongs to EVERYONE. GST the more we tax the more we can help you.

    since the day pap Ljs and pap Cbs paid each other S$m, they lost the plot about their duty was to take care of citizens and not to enrich each other.

    cronyism nepotism legal corruption. when a pap clan member, especially clown pap clan member is loyal, if not in politics then in lucrative chairman jobs such as KOM (yes, correct, the corrupt one), in NTUC, in whichever corner that clown pap and S$m liars can abuse citizen money for their clan member benefits. retired paper general can fail NOL no problem since can SPH. retired general ruined MRT, death some more, no problem, still S$m until August with no need sound no need fury.

    like this is clean? our cocks are cleaner, actually.

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  • NAboo eh JIB.eye:

    Why? Because singaporeans dare not ask nor demand for answers. How many have asked for the answer?

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