What’s the point of replying to the Straits Times Forum, when the 2 most important jobs statistics are missing?

I refer to the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) reply “Many measures taken to help the unemployed” to Mr Tan Soon Hock’s letter (Are schemes enough to help S’poreans with unemployment; June 21).

It states that “Last year, the Adapt & Grow (A&G) initiative helped more than 25,000 locals find jobs, compared to about 21,000 in 2016. Over 480,000 jobseekers made use of online job portal MyCareersFuture.

Professional conversion programmes for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) who wish to reskill and switch careers placed about 3,800 Singaporeans last year, almost three times higher than in 2016.

For instance, we recently tightened the qualifying criteria for Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass holders. This resulted in a moderated growth of EP, S Pass and work permit holders from 2015 to last year, compared to the preceding three years.”

However, the problem may be that it refers to “PMET jobs”, instead of all jobs.
Also, there is no mention of how many “PMET jobs”?
Arguably, all the statistics in the subject forum page reply may be quite meaningless, because the two most significant statistics are missing – what are the number and percentage of the jobs growth that went to Singaporeans, and what percentage of the jobs posted in the National Jobs Bank actually went to Singaporeans?
Also, with an average of 20,000 New citizens granted per year – how many of the jobs growth went to true-blue Singaporeans?

With regard to “These initiatives and the strengthening economy helped bring down the unemployment rate for residents to 2.8 per cent in March, from 3.2 per cent a year ago.

The unemployment rate for permanent residents (PRs) is lower than that for Singaporeans because the PR eligibility criteria takes into account whether individuals have secured a job here and contribute to our economy” – why is there no mention of what exactly is the unemployment rate for Singaporeans?

In respect of “On the effectiveness of the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) – about 350 employers are on the FCF watchlist, where their EP applications are scrutinised. To date, 1,900 of their EP applications have been withheld, rejected, or withdrawn by the employers. More than 2,200 Singaporean PMETs were hired by such employers.

Mr Tan’s observation of the significant growth of “Other Work Passes” between 2012 and last year can be attributed mainly to the reclassification of Letters of Consent, which enable the foreign spouses of Singaporeans to work, from “Work Permits” to “Other Work Passes”. When these two groups of work permit holders are combined, the growth has been 0.2 per cent annually over the period” – why is it that the total number of “passes” still increasef last year, despite the “thightening” of foreign workers?


Leong Sze Hian



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8 Responses to “What’s the point of replying to the Straits Times Forum, when the 2 most important jobs statistics are missing?”

  • Bapak:

    All these schemes (upgrading, skillset or nonscience) are just kicking the can down the stair, not solving the current unemployment problems. Cause they brought in the problems and they are too proud to admit their mistake. These schemes are just delaying tactics to keep you going merry-go-round.

    The solution is actually very simple. Remove all the FTs, remove Sinkies’ disadvantages, employers will have no choice but to employ Sinkies. This they are not doing – WHY, FROM YOUR CARING PAP G?

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  • opposition dude:

    I like seeing how PAP tries to wayang in vain ha ha ha.

    Look at the link below, specifically the numbers for S and E Pass holders at December 2016 and December 2017 respectively.

    S Pass went down from 192k to 187k BUT E Pass went UP from 179k to 184k.

    So the net effect is 5000 less S Pass but 5000 more E Pass.

    So where is the decrease?

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  • HarderTruths:

    This still does not solve the problem of citizenship by conversion.
    The breakdown should be $G-born vs. everyone else.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Let tt becomes unknown or at most a social media

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  • True facts:

    The major problem is because they import shipload of FTs until locals no job.

    They take care of their FWL only and not the locals.

    Now alot of young graduates all sitting at home and shake legs with no job for them.

    Even those over 40 unable to get jobs now.

    You just see how they managed the country??????

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  • True facts:

    All voiced down to this clown for the past 15 years don’t know how to manage the country ended up like this.

    Mass unemployment in this little red dot.

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  • John Lim:

    All these schemes (upgrading, skill set …..

    After 50 plus years of independence and declaring ourselves as first world country, what is this constant call, et nauseam, for skill upgrading? This is just propaganda to tell you that you are UNSKILLED compared to the foreigners from third world countries!!!

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  • Clive:

    Mr Leong, who counts as true blue Sinkie? If born elsewhere but great here, can or not? Grow up must how many years, for? Who defined all your answers, if I may ask politely. thanks.

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