Does Chan Chun Sing not know the difference between basic needs and wants?

In an address to Parliament by Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing, he stated that “different groups of Singaporeans have different concerns”. He went on to say that  “no single measure will express an individual’s ‘cost of living’ pressures fully, given the different needs and wants, the evolving aspirations and the potential gap between aspirations and anticipated means.”

While I have no doubt that different groups of people want different things, I think that Chan has failed to touch on a very fundamental point. There are wants and then there are needs. There are certain things that are so basic that it isn’t even about desire. Rather it is about survival. The question here then is whether or not the government is doing enough to support people who fall into those categories. Not raising this in Parliament at all is glaring by omission.

Further, Mr Chan said “that certain items consumed daily, such as water and transport fares, could produce a disproportionate psychological impact despite not having the biggest absolute impact.” I am not really sure I understand what he is trying to say. People need to pay for their transportation to and from work and to get on with the business of life. People also need water in order to live. How then is the payment for these necessities simply psychological and not absolute? These things are not things that are simply good to have. They are living essentials. I would argue that they are absolutely absolute (emphasis intended) and not just psychological!

While the government should try to help every spectrum of society, there are some types of assistance that are more crucial than others and those are the types that need to be prioritised.

It is concerning that Chan does not seem to think this necessary. Either that or he is completely oblivious to the needs of those who have fallen through the cracks in Singapore. Neither scenario is particularly reassuring from a government whose general election pledge in 2015 was to ensure that no one is left behind.

Experts have opined that structural adjustments are required in Singapore to ensure that equality is maximised.Yet, a minister seems to be trivialising the issue by suggesting that it is simply a case of “different groups of people wanting different things.

If rumours are to be believed, Chan is set to become the next Prime Minister of Singapore. It is a scary thought if the future Prime Minister cannot grasp the difference between basic needs and things which are nice to have but not essential


by Ghui



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25 Responses to “Does Chan Chun Sing not know the difference between basic needs and wants?”

  • opposition dude:

    Keechiu is always trying to sound like he knows what he is talking but more often than not, he fails.

    This is what you get from ex army idiots. Ah Kuek is another prime example, simi deep seated cultural issues rubbish. CEO for 5 years can’t solve the issue be CEO for F?

    Have you all noticed that keechiu has never responded to what online media says about him? When he becomes the next PM is when we will see just how inept he is.

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  • Bapak:

    When one needs, he is poor.
    When one wants, he is rich.

    When one is humble, he is poor.
    When one is arrogance, he is rich.
    (Qualification – Not all though, but the majority are).

    Whoever doesn’t know these basic, will never a good PM. Remember that.

    P.S. – I really pity this small boy. Every day, he is trying so hard, making a fool out of himself. Does he know? Does Pinky know? Do the whole PAP members know? I am sure some knows, but no ball to tell Pinky. And they called this unity. UMNO learned it the hard way. Finally, someone admitted their mistake is no one dare speak up.

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  • Bapak:

    Did you notice someone is laughing at him from behind?

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  • Merely Psychological Impact?:

    If taxes are merely psychological impact, it simply mean that the rich and the middle income are the least affected by it!

    Only the poor, the low income and retirees are badly affected. Increases in water tax and electricity tariffs hurt their pockets!

    Do you know why the Hawker Centre at Yishun Park is poorly patronised?

    Simple reason is because many Singaporeans cannot afford to top up cards with monies as paying for a meal at a time is already a problem!

    Gahment must be truthful and real in their propaganda; never attempt to confuse the People as they have lost trust after the Lee Family Saga, PE 2017 and many tax increases!

    Paying $365 for Carparking while ordinary citizens pay much more is already
    a sore point and a disgrace!

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  • LIONS:

    Nah,he cannot be pm material.
    If he becomes PM,then it is nepoti$m no doubt.
    Whats his kinship with lee ah long?

    By merit,he shud just go teach in a kindergarten.

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  • I dun trust this gov anymo:

    He’s speaking in tongues!
    I never understand what he says these days.
    Dunno if he understands what he says himself????
    If we locals dun get what he means , how the hell will the world leaders , if he becomes pm & need to go o/s for international meetings etc.
    Oh GOD , please help us , we humbly pray!

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  • HarderTruths:

    I think this guy failed PSLE

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  • Most expensive future pm:

    He as sg future PM ?
    Both he & the unelected president sama sama milo kosong. .
    Sorry for being mean but for the mil$ salaries sg paying them, cant we get anyone better, huh?
    Sgs deserve better!
    Stop short changing us citizens.

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  • What's a a*shole:

    Do you think ccs is a ‘blurred king’?

    If yes, kee chiu!

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  • God bless Sg:

    Kee Chiu speaks far worse than woody.

    Really catch no ball with what he is trying so hard to articulate.

    Words just fall flat and jarring to the ears.

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  • Corrupt Greedy Evil:

    What's a a*shole:
    Do you think ccs is a ‘blurred king’?

    If yes, kee chiu!

    He is not a blur king, but sounds like one, that makes him very evil, knowing the truth but says otherwise, a pretentious hypocrite.

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  • newair:

    never knew merlion really exsits..

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  • Boh Kia See:

    He will be the next secretary general of the PAP–that is almost a certainty. Now, what he is doing is to ensure that he has got the space in the media to crowd out the others.

    He need not try because he is related to the Leenasty and is trusted to keep the seat warm for the Clown’s son.

    This one is a “scholar”–and you have scholars of different shades and abilities–some, like this one is plain dumb. If I am a private under him as a paper General, I will think twice when he issues a command.

    I think he should keep quiet so that people think he knows the subject being discussed, rather open his mouth and confirm to others that he is ignorant of subject matter.

    It is very sad, that such a person is trying to grow his profile but every time he opens his mouth his profile regresses.

    Simply put, he talks cock.

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  • kick out clown pap and S$ gang:

    the title does not make the man, nor woman.

    just because his departed evil papa bestow on him the title of prime minister means can deliver? look at past 15 years. decline in quality of living each and every ffffing year.

    all weak leaders surround themselves with yes men yes women.

    no different.

    look at clown. nothing good. so all around him are the Ljs and Cbs worthy of nothing other than shouting loudest yes sir yes madam.

    let us analyze the clown pap Cbs. one clown pap Cb said need S$m to maintain her standard of living. what did she do? when Ms Sylvia Lim, our Next Prime Minister, told truth about GST 9% trial balloon, the clown pap Cb did as told by clown in public eye to bully Ms Sylvia Lim. of course, cannot, since Ms Sylvia Lim is of far better mettle, and Ms Sylvia Lim is right to begin with. another clown pap Cb said no need much space to ffff. what did she do? to catch attention of clown, wore the most obscene black bareback that ever existed at clown pap funeral. such a shame, really, Singapore government today filled with such Cbs.

    let us analyze the clown pap Ljs. not one good. a waste of time even to mention their names. even so, three stands out. kee chiu the non england speaker. ong whatever his name rejected by Aljunied voters. heng the faker. all no good. if not due to their loudest yes sir to clown, can they even make S$100k per annum outside clown pap clan, in the real world?

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  • kenny:

    I don’t even want to spend time talking about such MORON ministers.
    Just 2 words. FCUK OFF ! ! !
    Hope the 70% will change their mind in the next election !

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  • 800K RUbbish Bin scandal:

    70% can be hoodwinked by rubbish talk…the failure of sg education.

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  • 70% Daft Sinkies:

    First, you have TCJ, whom in the words of LKY ‘able to track, assess top govt talents for leadership’, proven himself to be a religious fanatic first, a savvy politician second.

    Second, you have OYK who told us his education policies are crafted in such a way that ‘you-ask-for-it, you-get-it’. So much for first world education (of the past). What about the first world education of the future?

    We still require primary, secondary students to focus on exam, exam and exam. Regurgitate, memorize, solve impossible, ‘super-computer type’ questions when you have people like Prof Michio Kaku, Dr Yuval Noah Harari, Brookings Institute etc telling us that such approach is fast becoming obsolete.

    The future belongs to A.I.. A.I. can do such jobs, in the words of ‘jiakliaobee’ LSS, ‘betterer, fasterer, betterer’. The brave new world belongs to any young souls who can step into the realms of creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, original thinking.

    Third, you have CCS who can twist-and-turn his words so well that he puts any Ah Neh to shame. Beyond his clever rhetoric. pun, political analysis, when you strip him down to subsistence, you find a man of shallowness. He engages you when he has the upper hand, evade, sidetrack when he has the disadvantage.

    Singaporeans have to prepare for a dim future when there are so many uninspiring, mediocre fourth generation leaders.

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  • Bystander:

    Alamak, we know Chan is a moron who spews nonsense, but ma ma mia, dun expect him to be so moron to this extent.
    God help Singapore if this Ah Dou is our PM.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    When a highly paid Minister who is below a certain calibre tries to be too smart, he ends up alienating his constituents & the public audience. Politics is simply getting the message across. It means making things simple, easily digestible & making it clear for people’s understanding. Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing doesn’t seemed to possess such skills. How can he communicate his message when he doesn’t understand:
    1. his audience’s capacity;
    2. his own subject matter & intended delivery; &
    3. obfuscate the message badly.
    Minister Chan seemed thoroughly convoluted & confused. Honestly, he doesn’t looked well suited for a Ministerial capacity ‘of any kind’. PAP must be really scraping the bottom of their ‘talent’ barrel to come up with this ‘cartoonish’ character.

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  • OMG:

    Minister of MTI thinks that he is a Jack or Master of all trades ?

    - In NTUC for 2 years able to contribute a lot to the labour movements is simply unbelievable !

    - Just into MTI already starting to sound like he knows so many things in international trading !

    - If become PM in future, will command all Ministers like in the army ?

    Please think how to bring in money to Singapore and not throwing our money to other countries with no or little returns !

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  • Haigen-diaz:

    Decades and decades of systematically shrinking the populace’s IQ and drowning it in the PAP’s right-wing bathtub of lies and propaganda has even reduced Chan Chun Sing’s brain into a quivering, diseased jello of Pachyderm Spongiform Encephalopathy. As the saying goes, “when you find a turtle on a fence post, you can be pretty sure he didn’t get there by himself”. You can also be pretty sure he doesn’t stay there without help. PAP’s present administration seems to be a product of a Mad Magazine satire. (Those of a certain age and/or level of education will get the reference).

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  • Monitoring Cost of Living?:

    Gahment raises 30% Water Tax and Shield after Shield to squeeze the poor and low income and then tell the People that they are monitoring the high Cost of Living?

    Always saying monies collected and unused will be saved for raining days!

    People who are on ‘Shield Plans’ that are sick and disabled cannot make claims as they are not ‘sick and disabled enough’?

    Come on, get Real and be sincere for once, we don’t want to hear sorry and apologies at the White rallies at the next GE again!

    Singaporeans have lost their trust in Gahment as they have been ‘snooked’ time and again!

    Wait for the Votes to be counted after the next GE and you will be as shock as Najib!

    GD Star Rating
  • NFI PAP n PlPs:

    These nfi 3rd/4th cesspools of Biws n plps don’t even know the hierachy of President and Biws in the Cabinet that when the Heads which t nfi SIN nepotic regime to be the key deciders n controllers of world peace that they spent near 20 millions of daft Sinkies $ to provide them with a free Summit Vacation in SIN. What is more important is they left with a fond memory that they know LHL n an unknown figure meeting, shaking n hugging them r their counterparts in SIN as it w is a permanent diplomatic modus operandi. Presumably the Malay n Indian s remain passive for fear of dissenting to become enemies as the late LKY made no mistake to tell SINkies that opposing his policies r his enemies n will be relentlessly dealt with – legacy he left for his inbred cesspools. But SIN showed definitively to be a close harmonious multiracial nation that many netizens voiced their indignation of the disrespect of the nfi Biws n political billionaires of the legislated Malay reserved EP which is held by officially on record an Indian ut socially acceptedas Malay President. Not surprising the indignation outcry with the wave of awakening just sweeping across Malaysia reactivate the Najib Fear that ST prominantly published today a photo of the Malay bbasd EP meeting Moon but ensuring satisfying the sekf glorifying genes with notforgetting to publish photo of nepotic significance with nepotic meal meeting with Moon couple. plpism intact on STCE for such careful plp mentality. Good grief. Billions helps. Dark hole of Calcutta d. That is the difference bet ttranspaency n opacity of the nature of things that can happen in the two environment.

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  • rukidding:

    Every time he says something,….my conclusion is : LPPL ( Lan Par, par lan ) ?

    Cunfusing indeed !

    More like words from a Pimp ? or even a prostitute ?

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  • Ah Chan Talks A lot!:

    Hardly deliver anything tangible!

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