Who else is the PAP government screwing?

The recent water and electricity hikes don’t juz hurt the “little” people as alt media is shouting and the MSM is whispering, they also hurt the businesses that employ the “little” people. This means smaller or no pay rises, and even retrenchments in spite of a growing economy.

I’m exaggerating? Juz read the constructive, nation-building media

Businesses here are also feeling the pinch from price hikes.

Mr Lee Soon Kiat, executive committee member of the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association, noted that operating costs for electronics manufacturing firms, including semiconductor companies, have been increasing steadily.

Depending on the size of the firms, costs could rise further to up to S$10 million, as they use a lot of water for their processes.

While companies are already using energy efficient equipment, and clamping down on water usage, the increase in water hikes may be “enough to wipe out all our efforts from the previous years”, said Mr Lee.

He warned that the electricity and water tariffs, as well as carbon tax levied next year, would add to firms’ financial costs and affect profit margins. As a result, Singapore could risk a mass exodus of companies to more competitive business markets in China and South-east Asia.

While Mr Lee said most companies have accepted the price hikes, he added that “the Government has to adopt a consultative approach (going forward), and to avoid any unnecessary hikes” that could affect its competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.


Looks like the PAP is not only out to screw the voters, but businesses too

The anti-PAP alt media is quick to manufacture and spread fake news about the PAP govt (Example: Achtung cybernuts: Facts about global LNG prices & our gas supplies) but when the PAP govt really cocks up, where are they? Makes one wonder whether the PAP discredits its opponents via black ops and whether people like Phillip Ang and Goh Meng Seng are useful idiots or worse.


Cynical Investor

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7 Responses to “Who else is the PAP government screwing?”

  • Biggest Screw Up - 31 Dec 18!:

    Many old folks will not be able to watch enjoy their sole entertainment as Digital TV sets in.

    A bigger effort is needed to ensure that old folks living in one or two room rental flats are not deprived of their only form of entertainment.

    Digital or Analogue TV is greek to them!

    Cannot watch TV Programme will make them upset and angry, especially when it is near Election Year!

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  • LIONS:

    Most SMEs bosses are pro-PAP n many are even anti-oppo.
    Let them taste their own shit.

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  • UniQ:


    Tuas is 2/3 empty

    A Major Helicopter OEM to Malaysia except he sales office, and its partly owned by ST Engrg ?? guess how many are going jobless ?

    Major Net Gaming Server has just uprooted to Hong Kong
    Home Grown RAZER has moved out to Hong Kong too

    How many more in the next 6 months ?

    Now, are Sinkies scared ? or still dreaming ?

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  • Simi LJ ?:

    Being a typical true blue sporean, I will say AIYA BOHBIAN WAN. THIS IS BOHBIAN WAN. 53 YEARS EVERYDAY BOHBIAN WAN.




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  • oxygen:

    THIS REFERENCE LINK to CI own fabrication is complete crab and display of ignorance piling on top of each other.

    BESIDES THE TANZANIAN OFF SHORE GAS DISCOVERIES REMAINING UNDEVELOPED, THERE ARE BIG OFF SHORE GAS DISCOVERIES IN THE MEDITEREANIAN AND BRAZILIAN WATERS remains undeveloped because falling gas prices, nothing to do with oil -contrary to what CI claims in his own self-referencing.

    CI:The anti-PAP alt media is quick to manufacture and spread fake news about the PAP govt (Example: Achtung cybernuts: Facts about global LNG prices & our gas supplies) but w

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  • HarderTruths:

    You are right CI.

    The pappys know that the economy is shaky and they are trying their best to squeeze out what they can before they run off to enjoy their wealth in foreign lands.

    Businesses are only important for locals who need jobs (the rest after FT take the best). Not for parasites who live off the people doing absolutely nothing.

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  • Screwing:

    When the word screw was used, it came to mind on pleasure. But saddists screwing is deemed medically as from warped minds. So Oap has as all wayang casts will tell u, they have two faces in order to wayang. PAP screwed up plps with pleasure in waiting while screwing up the citizenry is to take whatever it needs to pleasurise the plp.

    The recent acceleration of appearing to act goody goody is to pleadsure the unaware until after they give their votes to them Then you can see n hear the daft pathetically naive sinkies reset n begin their kpkb while the pap n its plps r laughing all the way to the banks n other erotic pleasure after screwing the daft sinkies good n see that they r so grateful to be back on their kpkb when the rotten n ashened roti prata still yelling abt the noises of the environment to his just as limbe lp in hell.

    Cheat the Gods. Who else cannot be cheated? Xxx swears to god to serve Sinkies whence laying down the swearing hands instantly turn to sadistically screwed them good n back to kpkb realm.

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