Never Underestimate Stupidity Of Singaporeans!

Johor now asking if they can sell Singapore water at higher price, our state media is so eager to publish an article saying Johor is asking for 1600% increase of its price of 1000 gallons. The internet is set on fire, public sentiments towards Johor turn very negative.

Singaporeans suddenly becoming very nationalistic in bombarding Malaysia and Johor. So many repeating our minister statement that raw water is free from the sky.

So my argument is very simple. Whether Singapore buys cheap water or expensive water, how does it affect us? Can someone tell me the answer? I am not so smart but honestly my answer is simple as ABC. Whether cheap or expensive water, the govt will sell us at astronomical price. Whether oil cheap or expensive, govt also sells you at astronomical price. HDB built by lowest bidder, also sell you
at astronomical price.

So our govt is selling processed water at 550X to Singaporeans and making billion is ok? Now piling another 30% tax on it also ok? Singaporeans can shout and insult Johor for their request but Singaporeans suddenly muted when being slaughtered by the govt?

My conclusion is simple and straight. Cheap water or expensive water, or anything other projects, we will not get the savings and the govt will not spare us a buffer, they will still leech and let us bleed. The stupidity of barking the wrong tree will not help us lower the
prices, it makes no difference, nett nett we will still lose.

Why don’t state media publish article on why Singaporeans are charged 550X more than what Johor is paying? The stupidity of Singaporeans is most Singaporeans don’t see the light at the end of tunnel and don’t focus on the big picture, they are easily manipulated and misled by state media into their fulfilling their party and political agenda.


KS Lim



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16 Responses to “Never Underestimate Stupidity Of Singaporeans!”

  • Bapak:

    That’s why no smart employers will employ stupid Sinkies. The company will collapse with such stupid Sinkies working there.

    Sheep are like that, you put your left leg forward they turn right. That’s why dogs are smarter. PAP Dogs are controlling Sinkies sheep, cornering them to move the directions they want.

    Sheep is so stupid that the day they enter the slaughtering house, they thought their master is giving them a bungalow house to stay. Even when they are hung upside down moving towards the knife still Sinkies are blur fucks thought their PAP master is giving them free fun rides.

    When the knife cut their throat they still say BO PIAN, my PAP master is hungry, KNN stupid till no medicine can cure. No one in this world will ever employ stupid Sinkies FOREVER.

    COW is smarter. They day cow being led into the slaughtering house they start to cry. But there is one cow after his death will turn into a butterfly. Tell your children after the cow died, whenever they see a butterfly, smash it.

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  • goon do:

    even mrt train still run on 1st gen trains.(by the smell of cabin).and new gen trains got crack lines.

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  • No more hope:

    70% sinkies are both daft and book.

    That’s why we can afford to have half baked ministers like bug tooth Chan, gold fish eye heng and rat eye ong.

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  • HarderTruths:

    I never underestimate such things. Always have a large margin of stupidity to make sure I do not go wrong.

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  • Brainwashed by IOS and Android:

    singaporeans are always stupid despite calling themselves first world. which first world people have such argument. farking losers if they left this tiny island they wont be , i repeat wont be able to survive anywhere in the world with their lop sided thinking….

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  • opposition dude:

    Has it ever occurred to the author that the ones making all the noise at Johor might be PAP supporters like the grassroots perhaps?

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  • bodoh_singkee:

    so true !
    So what is the point of having best schools curriculum, top 30 ranking in NUS, NTU, SMU…etc…
    We are producing a lot of sheeps… kenna “tekang” also keep quite.

    Something doesn’t gell…
    if our schools are top ranks, how come these FTs can swamp the entire work market here ?

    Stupidity has no bounds for the 69.99% of these Singkees…

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  • Selfish stupid sgs:

    If this sg can review and up prices any old time they wish, why cant malaysia?
    The water falls in their country, so it belongs to them.
    Would they like if malaysia asks for free or buy cheap, anything that falls from the sky in sg?
    This gov is raping its citizens for free yet sgs cant see it or wont open their eyes …cuz these 8are the ones who have good jobs n are voting in this greedy gov in for their own selfish survival? Yeh that must be the reason

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  • we won't fight for water:

    in time past, some 15 years ago, we were very proud of Singapore. gladly die to defend the nation we used to call home.

    fast forward 15 years, we live here no choice to leave since nowhere would accept old folks, we are so sick and tired of clown and S$m gang we just won’t lift a finger in anything. we are 4 in number, 2 cpts, 1 lta, 1ssg. we won’t defend even for water. since our only depreciating piece of brick is HDB which we needed to pledge to get back HALF of OUR OWN money in CPF, are jobless yet need to pay 9% GST akan datang, we just won’t fight for water.

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  • Sad state of affairs:

    Stupidest citizens on earth.
    Gov shoves non stop unfair polices down their throats which hurt them & their loved ones, yet GE after GE they keep voting the same white devils to power again.
    Unbelievable. No medication had yet been discovered to cure this ailment.

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  • Bystander:

    Plus, if Govt throw them some sweets at Election time, they lap them up with glee. So cheapskate some more, beside stupidity.
    Stupidity has no cure lah.

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  • John Lim:

    Don’t be silly, K.S.Lim. What you are alluding to
    is a separate issue. You think we are that stupid like you to bring up something every Singaporean is aware of???

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  • New citizens are smart.:

    Inside this 70%, New citizens are smart and manipulative while the stupid sinkies are like a sleepy sheeps which are needed to be slaughtered sooner or later. At the end of the day, this stupid 70% says that our idiotic PAP regime is still good and caring.

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  • So Simple:

    Author’s question is silly.
    Answer is provided by government years in years out already many times. If water price low, everybody will waste water, who will save water? Water is sacre resource and also our important, vital and valuable and strategic assets! Global warming is causing impact of envi

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  • So simple is PAP IB…..


    PAP is overcharging for almost anything from HDB to water to petrol.

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  • Yes correct:

    Gullible and ignorant are the apt descriptors. No more. They deserve what they ask for. Smart ones already left or hiding anonymously in one corner hoping that one day everything will develop and change.

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