‘We must first accurately take stock of where we are’ in helping needy Singaporeans?

I refer to the Ministry for Social & Family Development’s reply “System not perfect but has uplifted life of majority” (Straits Times Forum, Jul 4) to Dr Ng Kok Hoe’s letter (Social workers also tackle structural conditions that lead to poverty; June 27).

It states that “Our system is not perfect. But as we strive to improve it, we must first accurately take stock of where we are.”

As to “Our policies and programmes in education, healthcare, housing, skills training, employment and social support have uplifted the majority of Singaporeans, while providing additional support for the low-income” – why do we have the lowest social welfare spending as a percentage of GDP among all developed countries?

With regard to “No child misses out on a quality education because they cannot afford it. Nine in 10 Singaporeans own their homes. Those buying smaller flats receive bigger subsidies” – what’s the point of such a high home ownership rate, when Singaporeans consume more than half of their CPF on HDB flats which typically starts to decline in value when the flat is over 40 years old, until they become worthless at the end of the typical 99-year lease?

With regard to “The Fresh Start scheme gives families in rental flats another shot at home-ownership” – why do the latest statistics say that only 30 families have been able to benefit under this scheme, when there are almost 60,000 HDB one and 2-room rental flats?

In respect of “Healthcare is heavily subsidised, especially for the low-income” – why is it that from a cashflow perspective – the Government may not be spending any money on healthcare, as the inflows exceed the outflows annually?.

As to “When public funds or charity dollars are spent, the Government and voluntary welfare organisations have a duty to ask relevant questions and impose suitable conditions.

The way questions are asked, and the sort of conditions imposed, should respect and uphold the dignity of those being helped” – why is it that “monies received and overall support rendered by friends” are also considered in giving financial assistance to needy disabled Singaporeans? (“ComCare: Friend’s help also counted?“, Jun 17)


Leong Sze Hian



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5 Responses to “‘We must first accurately take stock of where we are’ in helping needy Singaporeans?”

  • Lin Yutang says:

    “Reality – Dreams = Animal Being
    Reality + Dreams = A Heart-Ache (usually called Idealism)
    Reality + Humor = Realism (also called Conservatism)
    Dreams – Humor = Fanaticism
    Dreams + Humor = Fantasy
    Reality + Dreams + Humor = Wisdom”

    (I haven’t figured it all out sir, but wonder how compassion trickles out of the willful heart of the crony-capitalist?)

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  • rukidding:

    “Trapped” and “Cornered”….all because of one mistake..I believe what those Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p.) said….they all claimed that their ” Lan Jiow Loong” is the best !

    Got “Cheated” …damned Angry indeed !

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    It makes me wonder, if there is one survey in the world to show “Nations Which Have A Government Is Always At Odds With The People” where Singapore will take the No.1 Position….all the time

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  • You Die Your Own Business.:

    The intention is to milk, not to help.

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  • oute:

    Write to all the MPs, and asked them to raise this in Parliament..

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