CPF monies belong to PAP after legislated as state reserves

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Phillip Ang

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7 Responses to “CPF monies belong to PAP after legislated as state reserves”

  • Boh Kia See:

    I mentioned before, that for all intents and purpose, CPF is PAP funds not the individuals. Citizens should consider it an additional layer of taxes. when calculating their tax rate. Singapore is not a low tax rate country–don’t be fooled by propaganda.

    If CPF is the individual funds then why is it that individuals cannot exercise their ownership rights over those funds. Why is it that the PAP can cream the interest earned on funds that do not belong to them. Why can rules keep changing to make sure you will not be able to get your funds out? It simply indicates that those funds do not belong to contributors but to the PAP rulers.

    The situation is similar to HDB flats. Do you own your HDB flat? No, you lease it. But by saying that you “own” it, you pay for the land–which is not yours and will not be yours even after paying for it. You than have to pay to upgrade and pay all maintenance costs. When the lease period runs out you have to move out. Theoretically, the flat can be sold again–with the price of land included in the next round. So a single piece of land get sold, over and over again.

    Sure, it is all legal but is it right? Hitler’s final solution for the Jews in Europe was also legal–under their laws at that time.

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  • clown S$m Ljs and S$m Cbs gang:

    now that we are shown it can be done by Dr Mahatir PH against najib BN, we no longer bother too much with such clown pap and S$m gang BS.

    we are focused on OPPOSITION coalition to trounce clown pap and S$m gang in a few months’ time GE2019.

    then we volunteer to man gateways out of Singapore, to prevent clown pap and S$m gang from run road with their abuse of power S$m wrongs unpunished.

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  • ffff pap:

    someone said it right in coffee.

    Singapore and Singaporeans are poor. only the clown pap Ljs and clown pap Cbs are rich.

    BUT we reminded the someone we have a choice.

    we can do a Dr Mahatir PH trouncing here too.

    then we can indict every clown pap Lj and every clown pap Cb for abuse of power for S$m. everyone of them have dirty hands by omission or by commission.

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  • Governing for me:

    What’s mine is mine; part of yours is also mine – for our common good.

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  • oxygen:

    WHERE IS THE FIDUCIARY AT LAW of the current CPF ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING? They blindfold peasants – keeping part of the income from invested funds and IF THEY LOST A HUGE CHUNK – just smile on and smirk on peasant, then milk them for more FUNDS via BACKDOOR TAX LIKE HDB RESALE LEVY, WATER TAX, GST ON FOODS FROM MOUTH TO ANUS ETC ETC.


    If they give me back our CPF to us, some of us MIGHT GOT BETTER LUCK then PAPpys in the casino, right?

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  • rukidding:

    Follow Malaysians……they VOTED PH for CHANGE after 50 odd years !

    Am sure we can too !

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  • True facts:

    After sitting there for too long the clown became too arrogant.

    Time to remove him and his million dollars paid gangs.

    Let the new citizens vote him not the old locals since he caused until all no job with importations of aliens into this land and over crowding.

    Regime change in 2019.

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