Why People Leave Singapore

1. lack of real property ownership for middle class ( only 99 year Lease HDB is sold there). Means there is no asset value for my children. Only the rich is able to afford to own freehold that costs 10s of millions

2. Freedom of life choices , minimum wages and authorithan system. A big problem when u cant make choices. Everything is dictated by the state eg. how much u should pay for taxes, fees and it keeps increasing without any real reason resulting in hyperinflation.

3. The long term ecomomic survivbility of the island state is questionable

4. Non performing politicians

5. Lack of old age pension and benefits

6. High indirect taxation. Cars and lease public housing cost many times more in singapore than elsehwere in the world. Both only come with 10 year and 99 year old validitity of lease respectively.

7. Dull lifestyle and lack of real tourist/ natural attractions. every inch of the island is covered with concrete with small areas of forest . No mountains , natural lakes ect and these are often off limits and uninteresting for any real recreational activitities like camping , hiking .

8. Climate is extremely humid and poses health hazards (http://hazards.No). No seasons seasons are present.

9. Long working hours, low wages and stress.





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31 Responses to “Why People Leave Singapore”

  • NotMyProblem:

    Most importantly, the only place you see Singaporeans is inside military camps serving NS. Those good jobs are taken by foreigners without serving a day in NS. Furthermore, Singaporeans working under bosses who are foreigners, with questionable qualification.

    Also the leaders elected by Singaporeans do not work for Singaporeans but favour foreigners.

    Singapore males serve NS to protect the elites and foreigners NOT the country and Singaporeans! Serving NS has no meaning now!!!!!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! S’pore under the PAP is like delicious frog porridge being slow boiled to perfection. The political aristocracy are the ones feasting on it; all others are the frogs within the claypot brew.
    As the local meaty frogs were boiled to death (literally) & eaten; the remaining local species lack sufficient meat (weak, poor, displaced) for the picky political aristocracy to eat; the political aristocracy had to open up their frog pens to capture more frogs from China, India, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc for their consumption. Some smart foreign frogs got fatten up but escape their pens before being feasted upon. But because their appetites (greed) are so great, they (political aristocracy) continued to throw generous feed to attract more frogs inside never mind those who got away after being fatten. They throw in delicious feed like CECA, SG$ value, education scholarship & bursary, subsidized housing, fast-track HDB selection, etc to draw in the frogs. Foreign frog species were allowed to infiltrate PA, RC, GRO & other state organs in order to attract more of their own species into this delicious frog porridge brew.
    But continual eating of frog porridge makes one incredibly stupid (true or not but I heard it through the grapevine)! That why the 4G political aristocracy when they speak, they sound so unintelligible! Ha-ha-ha-ha! And the frog pens are getting very unhygienic – EAT ‘N SHIT ECONOMY! Nothing more!
    Yet in a bigger perspective, S’pore & the PAP themselves are frogs to the bigger powers re: US, China & are also frogs feasted upon by bigger regional neighbours eg M’sia, Indonesia, etc. In a gist, it’s a frog eat frog world – what’s so great about the PAP then, they’re frogs themselves! Only in S’pore can they eat others! Outside, they’re eaten by others! LOL!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! Frog analogy because the graphic shown is a green frog.

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  • True facts:

    True fact is everything keep going up taxing heavily on the people who can tahan. Unless you are one of the million dollars minister no problem.

    If not how can tahan in this little red dot and no job security too since jobs taken by FTs. Young graduates also sitting at home no job how to tahan.

    Unless work part-time as MPs or ministers than no problem la. Everything too costly that’s why most of the locals go to jb to stay and spend not here anymore.

    Mismanaged place here since the clown take over 15 years ago.

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  • UniQ:

    Going, Going, Gone ….

    Left for good liao …LOLOLOLOLOL


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  • Kick PAP Out:

    Sinkies have a choice not to leave if they do not want to.
    Their right actions can make Singapore great again.
    First step is to kick out PAP from government.
    Next is to take back stolen money. Jail those culprits.
    Game rules can change to put CPF and HDB to where it should be.

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  • LIONS:

    Becos exiting Sgs keep voting the wrong ppl at GE.

    Existing sgs,in fact,stay back hoping for CHANGE.

    Oppo sgs,pls consider moving towards A STRONG ALLIANCE,with or without WP.

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  • LIONS:

    Btw,if we were to conduct a survey of exiting sgs,we can easily determine the MAIN REASON IS A PUSH FACTOR.
    Many emigrants left their home countries n citizenships mostly out of PULL FACTORS of the respective host countries but not the average sg,i bet my last dollar.

    How many FTs/PRs ttuly WANT TO BECOME SG CITIZENS,if not by some form of COERCION like promotion prospects for govt agencies n vehicles?


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  • so many young ex pmets driving:

    Met some Malaysian PRs, not a single one taking citizenship. All preparing to go back to retire and enjoy life.

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  • We choose to change..:

    So stressful…day in & day out.
    No wonder polyclinics & gov hospitals full :(
    SG is a sick nation.
    Change is needed badly. Most of us cant survive another 4years under these mil$$ blinking idiot gov.
    Only for show…no substance at all!

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  • Cant even straight talk:

    Too much gov control and class distinction in many forms exist…
    Plus the racial politics.
    They keep harping about racial assimilation.
    I doubt theyre talking about the CIMO . We’re oredy color blind from begining.
    Theyre actually telling us to accept with open arms the ‘new others’.

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  • we have a choice !!!:

    we all die one day, sooner or later.

    look at pap departed evil lky. he schemed left right centre, jailing fellow humans on false communist charges. what happened to lky? he died.

    so what is there to fear while alive?

    if the government of the day while we are alive is crooked, we do our duty, while we are alive, to straighten the crooks.

    after all, we die one day, sooner or later.

    that is why we are truly amazed Dr Tan CB is still acting in such a shockingly timid manner. Dr Tan, with all due respect, is getting old. why NOT just give it a good shot in making Singapore a better place now today than acting in a half past six timid manner that ain’t going anywhere?

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  • Bad Boy:

    To each decision. Those wishes to leave, juz do it with haste.

    At least i respect your decision.

    Pro china pro ccp fans please be happy make up your mind go china .


    Wow …


    Sg should do tis type of tour package also . Is a 財路。

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  • Bad Boy:


    國產疫苗爆貪腐造假 家長揚言來港打針

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  • Pop con:

    This question should be answered by the PAP as they are the culprits that make loyal sgs want to leave.


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    Let me add on to what the writer has said but left out.

    I am an entrepreneur.

    I am forced to leave SG because it’s not a good place to start a business.
    This CANNOT DO!

    Service sector for example.

    To hire just ONE Foreign worker, you need to FIRST HIRE TWO Singapore locals.

    But a small business taking a baby step can only afford to hire ONE to start with . Many Singaporeans SHUN service sector jobs especially those requiring labor work.

    So, many such businesses cannot even take off here.

    The regulations are formed by regulators, not businessmen.

    The levies and rentals make sharing companies uncompetitive.

    The rentals are controlled by the rich who controls the property market.
    Add gst , coe, tariff hikes and keep and domino effect, businesses cannot survive. Red tapes all over.

    Creavity stiffled.

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  • rukidding:

    When you start to “take notice” of those “Long, long Qs of truckload of food and veggies coming into Singapore from Malaysia …….you will “start to realised” that Singapore is “actually at GREAT MERCY” to Malaysia indeed !

    No doubt food from other Country can be imported still,….but that would mean our seaports and airports will all be “choked” with ships and cargo planes …only and just only,…to be able to “feed” our people.

    So what happens to our “export” and “Tourist” ????,,,no enuff “air space” and “dock space” for other things ?????

    And…..lets not talk about the “Cheap water” from Malaysia’s Linggi reservior ????

    Sure,…we have desalination plant and R.O. plant…..just like Tuas spring Hyflux…..”losing $$”,…”energy inefficient”.???

    Nett, nett,….who will be the “sucker daft” to be “made paying” for these ????

    That is why, …many “Lowly educated Malaysians”…can even “say and see” these problems …..so,…like all FTs and PRs,…NOBODY really wants to be own New Citizen.

    If they did,….I am sure it will be just a “stepping stone” to another Newer, Better Pasture elsewhere in the world !

    What are our P>A>P. politicians “trying” to “hide” ?????

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  • Anon:

    The reasons given for Sgs leaving are also the very reasons why many Sgs abroard are reluctant to return, with some additional issues that has not been mentioned.

    1. Lack of an affordable healthcare system
    2. Lack of appreciation of capabilities/expertise which are recognised abroad, but not sufficiently acknowledged appreciated back in Sg.
    3. Richness and true diversity of leisurely pursuits available that often do not cost anyth8ng at all.

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  • HarderTruths:

    The time is coming when all those who re born here would have died out or left.

    Welcome to the new $ingapore composed entirely of FT – the government’s dream project.

    At that point in time – not so far away – it will not matter to us the fate of this insipid little rock. Either we would be dead or moved to other possibly better places than a despotic third world island kingdom.

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  • Ah Ha:

    Love it or leave it because you are too chicken schit to change it!

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  • Culture Of No Action Talk Only:

    CONATO = Culture of No Action Talk Only. In short, it means kpkb (kow pei kow bu) or cry father cry mother.

    The sickness permeates right from the top to he bottom.

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  • Brainwashed by IOS and Android:

    The time is coming when all those who re born here would have died out or left.

    Welcome to the new $ingapore composed entirely of FT – the government’s dream project.

    At that point in time – not so far away – it will not matter to us the fate of this insipid little rock. Either we would be dead or moved to other possibly better places than a despotic third world island kingdom.

    the scenario is already here ..

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  • exSG:

    Aiyoh, this topic has been discussed to death. All I can say is if you can leave, please leave. There is no loyalty here and you should not feel bad or paiseh about leaving. Hotel Sillypore is just a hotel, that’s it, nothing more. You don’t deserve the gahmen and gahmen doesn’t deserve it. Please do not offer your sons as sacrificial lambs for National Slavery, unless you want your son to end up like the countless of others that have died and got only pittance as compensation. We will never defend Sillypore because it is not worth defending. You want to be lead by dozens of paper generals who only prove that they are capable of losing millions of $$$ from NOL, SPH, GIC etc, and the list goes on.

    First class in everything? My foot! Sillypore is the last in everything, include allowing a big country to cyber attack Sillypore. Look at SingHealth, NUS, NTU and the latest, SIAS, discovered only 5 years after the hack. Sillypore is a joke and not worth dying for. Think long and hard. This and many other reasons are why we leave. You think HDB belongs to you? My foot! You think your precious condo and car belong to you? My foot! you think your CPF belong to you? My foot! We will never give anything to this Hotel!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Change what? 70% have spoken as a majority preferring to be under the horrible PAP rule.
    1. JB Jeyaretnam already died on 30/9/2008, almost a decade ago. He died in vain
    2. Chiam See Tong is already suffering from old age; out of Parliament & Potong Pasir SMC. He fought in vain
    3. Dr Chee Soon Juan is impotent – can’t even get elected to Parliament because Bukit Baton residents preferred PAP stooge, Murali. He can’t even get out of the starting gate.
    4. WP is a silent party – contented with collecting $16/Mth for each MP until the next GE. Isn’t they a PAP Lite party?
    5. Vocal critics like Roy Ngerng, Amos Yee, Han Hui Hui have given up fighting & left our shores. Nobody supported them but criticised them instead.
    6. Since the 1990s when SDP won 3 seats, the opposition had not made much headway because the S’poreans are too “chicken schit” & too selfish to vote for change.
    7. Opposition parties is too fragmented & selfish only care for their own agenda.
    8. Those who can had already exited to overseas including PM LHL’s own brother LHY, those remaining are dying by the day continually trampled on by the million $ ministers.
    9. The only way for change is a tumultuous event. Otherwise S’pore is an event horizon – a point of no return (ie. drifting into a void). In short, S’pore still stuck in the mud.
    10. ‘Live it or leave it’ is typical of S’porean (Sinkies) mentality – you need to think out of the box but too many (70%) are simply stuck inside the box! A case of learned helplessness!

    Ah Ha:
    Love it or leave it because you are too chicken schit to change it!

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  • Migrated:

    Should have left earlier but at least be late than never.

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  • pop con:

    sgs are leaving SG becos it has become Sinkingpore.

    all thanks to lee ah long who si sua lon(anyhow whack).

    what is lee ah long’s contribution to SGS?

    NEGATIVE!..From First World Standard to Third World in an out-of-the -world cost of living environment where the ministers are paid more than the LEADERS of USA N CHINA???

    Guess it is damn blinking hard to govern SG.


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  • ahkong:

    When PAP replaces all Singaporeans and the
    70% has grown to 100% with more and more
    new citizens the National Pledge will become this:

    We, the members of PAP,
    pledge ourselves as one united party,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    to build a moneycratic society
    based on injustice and inequality
    so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
    and progress for our party
    at the expense of Singaporeans.

    It is the intention of LKY and LHL to perform genocide
    on Singaporeans so as to maintain the Lee Dynasty
    eternally. But Singaporeans have not woken up yet
    and will never wake up to reality. Those who have
    woken had already migrated to other lands.

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    Wa no joke today announced City gas price up again.

    Really must apply as one of their million dollars minister than can tahan.

    If not really must hide in JB or airport.

    World most costly country.

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  • asd:

    Good Leh .. You voted for it har . .. Happy for you . .

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  • stupid new citizens:

    stupid new cirizens and PR bought 99 year old s*ake oil

    too bad for them…

    if they sued their brain a bit more

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  • SG no political genius:

    If sg future can be brighter , then the sun rise from the south and sets in the north. Wise ones already know what’s the projectile SG is heading towards.

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