Health data hacking: 6 articles in 1 day in 1 newspaper – ‘damage control’ reporting is it?

I refer to the six articles in the Straits Times of 26 July, relating to the health data hacking.

My friends said “Wa lau, this one really very obvious leh – “damage control” type of reporting lah!

Tokong leh – 6 articles in 1 newspaper 1 day leh – really deserve 151st Press Freedom ranking!

This one say “Details of 70,000 SIAS members compromised in 2013 attack” – aiyah other people also kenna before what – so, not so serious problem hor – not only we stupid mah!

Yau mo gau chor – kenna in 2013 then now only then tell people! (“The personal details of about 70,000 Securities Investors Association (Singapore) (Sias) members were hacked in 2013, and they were informed about it yesterday”)

Hehe, this one like James Bond spy movie you know – (“the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) received a tip-off about the data breach in an e-mail”)

Aiyoh, and isn’t this one supposed to be champion for transparency and accountability and gave out awards for governance one, right?

Another one lagi best (“Cyber expert praises handling of SingHealth attack” – my dear Singaporeans – you see we always very good if not the best 1st world one – even expert say we very good hor!

Another one (“Cyber attacks: A battle against a nameless, ever-changing foe“) – hohoho – this one like sih beh how lian – kenna sigh then say oh the enemy very clever one, very hard to fight one – no name one, can change like magic one like Harry Potter movie one you know!

Another one (“Delinking PCs from Net causes some inconvenience to patients“) – aiyah this one is like tell you oh we never do in the past hor – even tough its so basic mah – but we got very good excuse you know – no want to inconvenience you mah!

Another one (“Investigation skills of cyber-crime agents put to the test”) – heh, even Superman and Batman got problem fighting this one hor – so, we not stupid hor, only that the enemy is very super super one you know!

Another one (“Pilot launched for certification of data protection systems”) – after kenna slapped, then now then say do – why never do before leh? Why take tan ku ku to do?

151st best newspaper in the world hor – maybe not worth the paper it is printed on hahahaha”


Leong Sze Hian




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8 Responses to “Health data hacking: 6 articles in 1 day in 1 newspaper – ‘damage control’ reporting is it?”

  • Bapak:

    They are paid to polampar, otherwise kenna sack. Remember, one telephone call, no news on Francis Seow’s election rally speeches. Whereas all the spaces for their master only.

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  • I'M halimah also jiak liao bee:

    PAPIGS propaganda broadsheet only good for cleaning puppy shit one.
    I also tell you hor, don’t waste your money reading all the “ownself defend ownself” whenever they screwed up big time.
    And also hor, those Cronies working in the Shit Times are all in the pocket of the PAPIGS. so have to PLP here and there, how else to keep your job and maybe become another jiak liao bee MP next time.

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  • Pop con:

    Still,they will say EVERY sg must be INVOLVED N PLAY HIS/HER PART.
    But when it comes to CLAIMING GLORY N REWARDS,IT IS OUR EFFORT,you sgs better learn to appreciate,sounds familiar(ref: KEE CHIU).


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  • pap selcted INDIAN malay milo:

    it is the height of hypocrisy when clown pap comes up with a law on FAKE news when clown pap, since evil lky days, is the source of all fake news in small island nation.

    so much so the ranking members of clown pap are all masters at faking.

    remember that pinocchio teo of pasir ris punggol? he talked so loudly about WP town council but not a word about current 1.5m data breach. what a fake.

    even INDIAN is malay now also milo. WTF.

    remember the look on malaysian cown boon hwan face at the eve of GE2015 polling day? he said pap can be no more. for once in his lying life he told the truth even though he is a ffffing fake especially when it comes to his S$m duties as mrt operator.

    but the death gratitude to pap Lj lky, the crocodile tears of lky clown, the national CONversation, all helped 70% sheep to remain sheep.

    if 70% sheep remains sheep again GE2019, it is all their fault.

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  • UniQ:

    @ Mr Leong,

    Engwish Liddat then Sinkies can understand !!

    Finally you get it ! Sibeh Kiang !!

    Bravo !!

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  • news made headlines in CNN:

    This news made headlines in CNN but was not reported in the PAP controlled and manipulated Singapore msm?

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  • Simultay:

    While Bargain Hen was praising SAF for guarding well at the tax-sponsored Trummy-Kimmy show, his wifey SGH groupie was being hacked!
    Hackers have great sense of timing.

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  • opposition dude:

    Nice to see PAP being embarrassed and using newspapers to do some damage control.

    Unfortunately for them, their mistakes have been mounting frequently in recent years. Just the few below are frequent enough to be in anyone’s minds, no need for the Singhealth intrusion.

    MRT disruptions – This one no need to explain, cannot run away even if they wanted to. Assets all early early can’t be bothered to change until problem occurs too frequently then tell us change simi concrete slabs lah, new trains lah, change signalling systems lah and don’t knw what power systems or whatever.

    Ponding when heavy rains occur – This one also very frequent, there is a good chance you have seen one in the last 1.5 years. And the reason given seems to always be that leaves and branches are blocking the entrances to the lonkangs. Wow, there must be a LOT of branches and leaves to be blocking the entrances hor? After all who doesn’t know that any longkang has multiple entrances for water to flow in? And even if leaves and branches were causing it then what are the roadside sweepers doing? Morning jog is it?

    AGO audits – The average Singaporean won’t remember too many details of the audits of the past but everyone will remember that various ministries have failed AGOs audits. It doesn’t matter which ministries failed, it only matters that the average Singaporean remembers that financial controls are loose in the ministries and that taxpaper money has been wasted.

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