Why football is dying?

I refer to the article “Football: Tanjong Pagar and Gombak United will soon exist only on paper as appeals fail” ( Straits Times, Jul 25).

It states that “Tanjong Pagar United, one of the founding members of the S-League, and Gombak United, will soon exist only on paper.

The football clubs’ appeals to retain their licences to run profitable jackpot operations have been rejected by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and both will now begin winding down their fruit machine and football activities.

Both clubs will continue to exist only on a technicality – they cannot be shut down because Registry of Societies regulations mean the Singapore Premier League, which is the latest iteration of the S-League, has the final say on closure.”

My friends said “Football is dying lah. The ball is round one, but all the policies over the years like poison lah – slowly kill it.

You take away the jackpots is as good as ask them to go and die lah – no money how to operate a club – play football?

Don’t give NS exemption never mind – but give all kinds of rubbish reasons and excuses. Don’t give is bad enough, but why add insult to injury and do character assassination lah – say will AWOL.

You mean everyone who ever get exemption or travel outside Singapore don’t have the risk of going AWOL meh!

Personal interest different from national interest – this one is really talking cock lah – you mean they are mutually exclusively meh!

Say the father still signed the EPL contract despite being rejected for his exemption application – aiyah use your brain lah – must sign first and then try to appeal mah!

What kind of message are we sending to kids and their parents – forget about football lah – go swimming or study hard to be a medical scholar lah!

This one in school they never teach you – its called double standards!

What’s the point of being one of the richest countries in the world? World cup must pay to watch – see the Malaysians so much poorer than us can watch for free!

Aiyah when you put a politician as the football association president – sure disaster lah! Say will make world cup by 2010 – make my toe laugh lah!

Stadium lights can switch off at 9 pm in the middle of a match – then all kinds of “but no straight answers as to why”?

Remember the new changes to cap the maximum total number of local players over 30 at 36 – or 48 assuming the clubs do not sign foreigners – age discrimination has arrived in football also lah!

Aiyah, Tote Board got accumulated surpluses of about $4 billion – give some more money to football clubs for the development of football in Singapore lah

The new FAS council gave the 4 inactive S-League clubs that operate jackpot rooms an ultimatum – either return to playing in the S-League, or be de-affiliated and give up your cash machines – clubs say you think and talk so easy meh – the main reason why there are clubs without teams is funding lah!

FAS top 3 executives pay – 1 each salary range $400k to $500k, $300k to $400k and $200k to $300k – pay such big peanuts still get monkeys!

Donated 500k to AFF – why leh? Should donate to local football lah!

Why put PAP MPs/ministers as advisors to sports associations?

FIFA criticised FAS for its politically-appointed leaders. FAS then no choice changed its constitution and held elections for its council members. Not complying would mean cannot take part in international competitions hahahaha

Uniquely Singapore Football lah!


Leong Sze Hian




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12 Responses to “Why football is dying?”

  • Lets be fair:

    Football … Basically 2 parties. 1 support due to their love of the sport.

    1 against it because the sport been given chances after chances and much $$$ plus resources but so far the overall team performance under par if not by a long stretch.

    To be fair even if our older experience players like fandi, steven lim, david lim , …etc are relive younger by 30 to 40 years old and we assemble them as a team. Can we secure a match in the world cup ?

    Can we defeat Japan, SK, or even the africa or middle east teams ?

    We can only dream or hope ?

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  • clown pap has lost the plot:

    we just have this sickening feeling since clown took over everything is going downhill in Singapore. only water is up, electricity is up, carpark is up, GST is going up. but those valuable things that make for quality of life, such as space for creation and recreation, decent job for local born graduates, honesty in calling an INDIAN as INDIAN and not an INDIAN as malay, all vaporized under clown since he took over.

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  • LIONS:

    HOW TO EXCITE young sgs into soccer when the GOVT prefer to throw HUNDREDS OF MILLION$ onto a 3-day event for the RICH N MIGHTY instead of sponsoring at much less costs FIFA WORLD CUP full series screening?

    where is TH’s SIA OR SINGTEL that have sponsored so generously the F1 which is actually a total waste of our money besides causing so much public inconvenience?

    lee ah long loves glossing in the limelight and what better way that keep highlighting the stoopid MBS building?

    has the MBS overtaken the HUMBLER MERLION?
    and,that GARDENS BY THE BAY is simply COSTLY on taxpyer fund that can be better used to grant more decent levels of help to our ‘greedy’ poor citizens???

    wtf is happenning here.
    are the scholars even concerned that they are squandering on OSTENTATIOUS WHILST REFUSING TO GIVE DECENT SOCIAL ASSISTANCES TO our needy n poor?

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  • Another party:

    Theres another party support football for the sake of gambling / betting .

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  • HarderTruths:

    What football? Where?

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  • N.Jungne:

    What football? Where?

    Response: No lah, Poobor lah, many in the P.house.

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  • Bapak:

    Football is long dead the moment PAP put their hands in. They just want to put their men in every organisations in town, to monitor & control. Placing a table tennis player to play tennis, you think he can win? Just like placing a Paper General who knows nothing about train to run the organisation. Do you think they care? They just want absolute control for their own gains. The rest you die your business.

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  • u have left out:

    Yes, nothing that would turn into bonus 4 nepotists n its plps should be removed or die in due cost. Too busy to examine to get more food for the increasing number of plps queuing for their bonus n rewards. Yes evering is dying n decreasing except water, power, taxes n expensive unnecessary but rich revenues to be richer projects looking damn good but eyesore n kpkb structure among the ashened SS(Shit Supreme) dafts but gold mines of the big plps n their big lp.

    Very soon the little peaceful garden island will be stink of cesspool of ashened lp and its plps and cesspools of living hungry, greedy n bestial plps stooping n fronting or backing the big n small lps. Ashened SS n SHs n S gradually losing their stink while the cesspools of succeeding SS with increasing SHs n their little S stink at rapidly increasing rate.

    LSH better no waste time writing useless article but rather spending time getting efficient cleaners to clean up the shits piled by by the S.SHs n S. It should not be that difficult as they u nfi greedy bestial Biws.

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  • Bonkers:

    Dirty white monkeys are killing everything because they know nuts.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Football talent is on the pitch, not with the football administration with overpaid, clueless administrators. Another PAP misconstrued idealogy of putting the cart before the horse! That’s why S’pore football is dead. Even the NS deferment issue with the Fulham FC kid vs MINDEF is a senseless tug of war between the Paramount State vs Individual Self-actualization. Better off migrating than dealing with those Napoleonic figures who think they can trampled on people.

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  • David Neo Fat Ass:

    So sportsmen complained never get their allowance or got them late. So no wonder local sports never go places.

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  • not dying but DEAD!:

    Uncle Leong, Singapore football is not dying but DEAD!!Just look at the pathetic crowds in all the league matches!!….the officials are more than the paying spectators!! and they have to use huge posters to cover all the empty seats!! how embarrassing!!
    Whatever happened to the so-called Sports School!!??…me thot this school’s objective is to nurture and churn out sportsmen including football??

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