Opposition parties express to cooperate; invite Tan Cheng Bock to lead

Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Dr Chee Soon Juan

At a working lunch hosted by the SDP this afternoon, several opposition parties came together to explore the possibility of working closer together to present a unified front at the next elections.

The SDP also took the opportunity to propose that presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock help lead the effort in building such a coalition. Those present welcomed the move.

“With his experience and leadership,” Dr Chee Soon Juan said, “the SDP is confident that Dr Tan will be able to lead the effort.”

The former PAP MP, who attended the meeting as an observer, said: “If you want me to lead, then we must think of country first. If we go in, we must go in as a team.”

The luncheon saw leaders and representatives of various opposition parties express their enthusiasm in greater cooperation with one another.

Mr Lim Tean, leader of the People’s Voice said that while the exact form of such cooperation remains to be worked out, it is important that there be a more centralised form of leadership.

This sentiment was echoed by People’s Power Party’s Secretary-General Mr Goh Meng Seng who added that without discipline, such a coalition equals trouble.

Mr Ben Pwee, Democratic Progressive Party pointed out that whatever differences parties had in the past must be submerged. “There must not be ego politics within such a framework,” he said.

Other parties present were the Reform Party, National Solidarity Party, and Singaporeans First Party.

For the SDP, Dr Chee said that the party “was excited about the prospect of making a historic advancement in Singapore’s politics by forging a competent and credible oppositional force” with like-minded parties.

But he sounded a word of caution. He told participants that the cooperation cannot just be in form and not substance. “If it is merely the former, then it will be a matter of time before the electorate finds us wanting and repudiates the effort.”

Dr Chee also warned that there will be powerful forces that will do their utmost to ensure that our effort fails and that the opposition remains divided and dysfunctional. “We must ensure that they do not succeed,” he said.

As to SDP’s contribution, he assured those present of the party’s cooperation in making the endeavour a success. However, the Singapore Democrats do not seek to spearhead the effort.

“Rather, we see our role as a facilitator, of doing our part to contribute towards a common and greater good,” he said.

He then took the opportunity to propose that Dr Tan Cheng Bock undertake the task of leading the effort and called on him to initiate future steps.

Dr Chee concluded: “On the eve of our 53rd National Day, we are presented with the an opportunity to take Singapore forward into a promising future. May we all have the wisdom to seize it and act with moral clarity and good sense.”

The SDP also proposed a joint resolution to be signed by all opposition parties and invited everyone to consider endorsing it.


Singapore Democrats





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8 Responses to “Opposition parties express to cooperate; invite Tan Cheng Bock to lead”

  • clown pap has lost the plot !!:

    mark what is going to happen next.

    FIXING of OPPOSITION by clown pap.

    clown pap SOC – 1st is character assassination, such as drinking glucose water when on hunger strike, 2nd is threat of no upgrade of HDB if pap loses, 3rd is threat of gic temasick going into sinking fund if pap loses, 4th is mrt fails to run if pap loses, 5th is lack of good men and good women in parliament (renamed from parleement as soon as pap loses GE2019).

    already pap PA paid IBs hard at work. haven’t heard of their next script but should be along the lines of ampai knocking at doors if pap loses or some such nonsense. anyway, we don’t read clown pap fake news so not much impact.

    GD Star Rating
  • New Citizen Achin:

    New Citizens, you all are also vote to pay more….want High Cost Living please vote PAP…..lol

    GD Star Rating
  • HarderTruths:

    SD and all oppo

    Please make this into something $G locals can be proud of.
    OUR opposition. OUR island.
    It may be too late if you do not come together, Please work as one for all $G.

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    This is a good start for joint effortd of oppo sgs towards sgs’ COMMON GOOD.
    In recent years,LAWMAKER$ have become COMPLACENT N NONCHALANTLY PASSING *EXTREME* BILL$ that burden the common citizens to grave extent.
    The worst part of it is that MANY OF THE LAWMAKERS ABSENTED themselves from parliamentary debates before such bills were passed???


    GD Star Rating
  • Declare a 50% PayCut!:

    Oppositions’ Coalition must agree and support the following:

    Cabinet will adopt a 50% pay cut.

    No GST increase will also help.

    30% Water Tax, increase in electricity tariffs and gas to be reviewed.

    CPF to pay higher interest rates in good years.

    CareShield premiums to be re- examined.

    No more $365 parking fee for Members of Parliament unless they are full time MPs.

    Cronies to be removed from high posts.

    TH and GLCs/GICs to be immediately audited.

    Get the President to audit Nation’s Reserves (much overdue)!

    GD Star Rating
  • 100%donTrustPAP:

    Pay our next door neighbor, BolehLand’s gov a friendly visit..to learn how they did it.
    Good Luck to All Parties..
    You must succeed. I dont think we can survive another 5years under this horrible PAP gov.

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    DR TCB is well respected by even many PAP grassrooters n if he can lead a CREDIBLE OPPO ALLIANCE,wont be surprise to see some PAP members crossing over.

    LKY era is over n many PAP veterans are pissed with the arrogance of younger Lee n his jester-scholars.

    If WP opt to remain parochial,its days will be nbeted.
    An OPPO ALLIANCE can win at AJ with ease.

    GD Star Rating
  • patriot of Temesak:

    The CHARGE of The RIGHT Brigade!!!…

    Theirs are NOT to Reason WHY??? theirs are to do For Nation & Family or DIE!!!

    Many Families were Destroyed by an EVIL man & his dynasty & The Nation SOLD log-stock & barrel…

    Today a Brigade with an Old Warrior with many MORE to come will Form The Nucleus of The RIGHT BRIGADE to Retake our Nation…”The Republic of Singapore”

    Hormat Bersatu!!! dan Majulah Singapura!!!

    GD Star Rating

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