Does such a tiny island state like Singapore justifies requiring so many political parties?

As always, it’s been a pleasure reading your articles and posts, in addition to appreciating the numerous sacrifices you all have made towards the democratic struggle against autocracy and elitism in our Country, just as the various political leaders like Mr Lim Tean whose post speak right to the heart of the average Singaporean.

However, reading recent developments in the political scene anticipating GE 2019 or 20: [GPGT] Tan Cheng Bock met Lim Tean to discuss Opposition plans for coming GE and Former National Solidarity Party chief has applied to form new political party has had me wondering if such a tiny island State justifies requiring so many political parties to vie for seats to lead the Nation?

I feel that such moves only feed into the propaganda of the ruling People’s Action Party which claims that a “rojak” parliament would contribute to instability in Singapore as well as the argument that numerous parties also meant that the various leaders could not see eye to eye with one another, such as the infamous Mr Loh Thia Khiang! The PAP has been over utilising the excuse that democracy is alive and well in Singapore and the proof is in the numerous political parties that are formed and in operation.

We currently only have two main opposition leaders, the Workers’ Party in form and the Singapore Democratic Party in substance. While the WP is trying to entrench itself in the East and Northeast, the SDP is already deeply embedded in the Western and Northwest areas with the exception of Jurong GRC. That leaves us with the central catchment area and some outskirts.

While I’ve always believed in a multi-party representation in Parliament to prevent complacency in the incumbents, I’m not so sure if fellow Singaporeans are ready for this and hope that social influencers and the various political party leaders themselves can help set the tone on what kind of representation do Singaporeans truly want to shape discourse for our future and prevent abuses to the State Organs?


Wee Lee Sum



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7 Responses to “Does such a tiny island state like Singapore justifies requiring so many political parties?”

  • Nation Of Dumb Parrots:

    You do not believe in what you said about multi parties representation in parliament when you have doubts about whether sinkies are ready for it. If you believe in it then you should have not doubt about others embracing it.

    Aren’t you just regurgitating what PAP have been telling sinkies all along about sinkies not ready for diversity in parliament?

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  • Time To Remove Corruption:

    LTK has been around and left alone because he is smart to play meek and toe the line of being a codriver which the PAP likes very much.
    Moreover it makes good example of a (fake) democracy in place to those critics.
    In truth, the PAP wouldn’t leave those with fighting spirit and carry real political threats alone unscathed.

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  • Art Of Survival:

    Two occasions which standed out and maintained LTK survival in local politics.
    One is to fall short of calling out to WKS, who is a familee, to resign because of the Mas Selamat incident.
    The second is to hold back his fire on the Oxley dishonorable saga.

    The big problem now is that sillypore needs a new driver rather than a codriver now urgently as the driver is effectively dead.

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  • N.Jungne:

    I had a feeling that they are doing an injustice to Singaporeans, thinking that we are fools.

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  • LIONS:



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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Hung:

    Does such a tiny island state like Singapore justifies requiring so many shopping centers and airports?

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  • Ministers Grossly Overpaid!:

    Only two or three are performing, the rest has nothing to show!

    Perhaps, it is timely to cut Ministers’ Salary but at least 20% to 30%!

    If they think they are shortchanged, we can always look for better and cheaper ones who will be more than willing to do a better job than them!

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