Elderly sick rather die than burden their families financially?

I refer to the article “Straits Times avoids mentioning financial burden among elderly as a cause of increased suicides” (theonlinecitizen, Jul 30).

It states that “It was reported on 30 Jul that the number of elderly committing suicide hit a record high last year (2017).

ST avoids talking about financial burden causing suicides

The Straits Times also reported the same story of the number of suicides among the elderly hitting record high.

However, it avoided mentioning financial burden and cost of living as one of the reasons for the increased elderly suicide rates altogether.

ST merely quoted some social service people mentioning other possible reasons for suicides like social isolation and loneliness.

Financial burden among elderly is a cause of suicides

However, SPH did use TNP, a newspaper with a smaller circulation, to mention about financial burden among the elderly as a cause of suicides.

TNP interviewed Madam Hamidah Mohd, 69, who said that suicide is often discussed by those around her age.

“I had a neighbour who said her life had no meaning because her children refused to visit her. She told me she did not have anyone left and saw little point in living when she did not even have enough money for food,” Mdm Hamidah disclosed”

In this connection, according to the Death Attitudes Survey by Lien Foundation in 2014 – “Top death fear – medical costs –
So it is not surprising that medical costs are what Singaporeans fear most (88%), followed by being a burden to family and friends (87%). These results are similar to the 2009 poll, where being a burden to the family emerged as the top fear, followed by medical costs. In 2013, when asked what are the priorities at the end of life, 87% of Singaporeans wanted to ensure their death would not be a financial burden to family members.”

Healthcare is affordable in Singapore meh!


Leong Sze Hian



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8 Responses to “Elderly sick rather die than burden their families financially?”

  • N.Jungne:

    No lah Hamka Chan Singing has the answer.

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  • Police HUM KA CHAN:

    YOu know who to blame when the elderly do not have enough money to retire.

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  • HarderTruths:

    All elderly citizens must be taken care of by their families not the government (except if you are a pappy or senior civil servant of course).

    The burden always passes to the family – never the government. The family have to suffer to take care of the finances which are meant to drain every last cent from them.

    How can they go ahead with their own lives?

    To the pappies the eldery, sick and hospitalised are an ‘income opportunity’. I hope the 70% will get this experience first hand.

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  • clown pap incest !!!:

    No lah Hamka Chan Singing has the answer.

    Police HUM KA CHAN:
    YOu know who to blame when the elderly do not have enough money to retire.

    we are jobless, with a bed ridden sick in our midst.

    ffff the clown pap S$m Ljs and clown S$m Cbs. every ffffing 2 years, need to refill a form for the blue chas card. Cb. if we have job we won’t even bother with the ffffing blue chas card. but because no job but with long term medical care, need the blue chas card for long term medical treatment.

    Cb. they know how to pay each other 24 months’ GDP bonus and S$m basic to each other. but when it comes to blue chas card, ffff the income threshold for a household is so low it is actually very hard for most poor families to achieve. blue chas card, S$1,100 per capita household income.

    if grace fool needed S$m to live comfortably to maintain her standard of living, why clown pap thinks S$1,100 per month is comfortable living for poor?

    this lky clown is truly WTF useless piece of sheet that shouldn’t have come out of her mama’s cunt. an utterly useless piece of Lj.

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  • Bapak:

    It is true some kia bo men ‘refuses’ & ‘cannot’ visit their parents because wives not happy. Some wives even order the husbands not to give monthly allowances to his parents. And there are such balless kia bo men around.

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  • KNN:

    Back in 2005 I already predicted PAP will legalise euthanasia by 2030. Many didn’t believe me. More evidence will appear as the years go by.

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  • Bobo:

    Brave enough to commit suicide, but gutless to vote for change. These poor elderly are a sign of our own future and so as our children future should PAP continue to exist. We have to constantly remind ourselves to turn negative energy to positive one. Every day a hero is borned.

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  • You Die Your Own Business:

    Those evil clowns don’t care a bit and don’t read TRE.

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