Is is fair that PAP Ministers draw millions while elderly suicide rates are going up?

When I look at our very sobering elderly suicide numbers hitting record high, the conclusion that I draw is that the Lee Hsien Loong government is an utterly hopeless government.

It is not an understatement to even describe that it is a curse that has descended upon our country and if we Singaporeans still choose to be blind, indifferent and apathetic in our attitudes toward politics and the PAP government which affect every aspects of our lives, then we as a people deserves to lose big time and we deserve no sympathies from anybody anywhere.

Just imagine. For any senior to choose to end his/her life deliberately is to put an end his/her years of painful sufferings, destitute, loneliness, sickness and hopelessness etc. Many of those who chose to end their lives maybe uneducated and poor but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t think.

I suspect that many of them do not want to further burden their children or relatives who themselves may also be struggling in life too and going forward, the prospect is even dimmer because we are going to see alot more people aging in the world’s most expensive city.

Frightening thoughts indeed.

PAP ministers drawing millions of dollars in salaries can never convince me that they truly understand and empathise with the plight of those people. I quote, “the enemy of a lack of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge”.

When PAP ministers are so disconnected from what is really happening at ground levels, the cure for each and everyone of them is not to pay them even more salaries but instead to write that quote 10,000 each and remember them by heart.

Their tactic of keeping quiet and hoping that Singaporeans forget again, I am sorry to tell her, no longer works.


Simon Lim



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16 Responses to “Is is fair that PAP Ministers draw millions while elderly suicide rates are going up?”

  • Earn:

    Woody Goh commented that ministers earning less than $500K annually are mediocre , as far as I know no other country leaders in the world earns that kind of money except for the Hong Kong Chief Executive and of course our PM who earns more than $2 million! Is he saying that the likes of Xi JP, Abe, Macron Merkel,, May,Dr M ……..are mediocre can’t perfrom better than Grace Fu, or Masagos,or Chan CS or Gan KY…………?
    Many Sinkies in their 60s and 70s knew that when GCT was the PM , he was just a seat warmer for LHL, LKY was still actually running the show for him! Not bad for him earning millions as a seat warmer! Many of the current crop of ministers were ex paper army generals or navy rear admirals or top civil servants , are these people already earning millions before they become ministers? I remember when members of the public asked for the NS meagre allowance to be increased, minister J Teo stressed that NS is public service and should not be measured in dollars and cents! How noble but again you would remember how the ministers and pap MPs argued so intensely in parliament for their million dollar salaries to be approved! What an irony? How disgraceful?
    And again are SG ministers so exceptional , more capable more qualified ,have more responsibilities than leaders of the largecountries and population like the US and China that they earn so many times than the latter? SG ministers often remind us that SG is a little red dot and its economy is largely dependent on global situations and happenings, the red dot cannot influence the world on major decisions,how come the ministers earn so much?while the average Singaporean earns less than 2K how come Woody declared that theministers are underpaid. How can millionaire ministers serve the cleaners, odd job labourers, security guards withall their hearts when pay and oney are uppermost in their minds when considering entering politics? How can the president who has no specific potfolio and responsibilities also earn millions, more than XI Jing Peng or Thrump,can Woody GOH explain that? The Malaysian ministersand PM are earning a miserable $5-6 K a month, is Woody going to say that they are Mediocre? Even partime MPS are earning $16K a month , can Woody explain that?

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  • sad state:

    One of the KPIs should be the suicide rate of citizens.

    The whole trouble is that they control the setting of KPIs and no one can tell them what to include. 69.999% love it that way lah…

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  • I ain't proud sporean anymore:

    IMHO, most singaporeans are feeling hopeless for this country already. We’re just 3 days away from nat’l day. Just take note of how many nat’l flags are being displayed by citizens. Even on cars, no show on cars tell sg nat’l day is here. It’s so unlike previous years. (If you see blocks of flats full of flags, do not be fooled. Those are work of the grassroots volunteers.)

    I remember during my school days when the old guards were running sg, my parents were so proud come nat’l day. They’d proudly hang out our sg flag at the soonest when we’re allowed to. Even having to pay $5 for a flag, my father would gladly go to purchase one and hang it out. And majority of our neighbours would do the same. Now, even when given a free flag, many would dump it aside let alone paying for one to display it.

    This just shows how disappointed singaporeans are with our leaders now. This bunch of jiak liao bee MIW has turned our country into a place we aren’t proud of anymore.

    Also, there used to be more comments on the social media being positive and supportive of the ruling party than the negative ones. However, since the last GE, after raising so many fees and prices with their arrogant and care less attitudes, many netizens who must have had enough of the pap’s nonsense already are now crying out loud on many websites to vote the pap out. Especially after Dr TCB’s hint of uniting the opposition parties together, many more are now begging for Dr Tan’s help to make it happen.

    Yes, Simon is right, pap’s tactic of keeping quiet and hoping that Singaporeans forget again, no longer works. The MIW can keep quiet all they want but people who are suffering can no longer keep quiet. Singaporeans have to vote for change or it’d not be long before young singaporeans suicide rate share the same fate as the elderly’s.

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  • True facts:

    They take care their own pocket you think they take care of you???


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  • DontPrayPray:

    The problem is far more insidious than insane remuneration for the elites of society(not just Politicians).
    The entire PAP ideology is twisted and corrupted(values and soul) however, sanctioned by law and honoured educationally( your children also all equally corrupted).

    It is a seed of death and sicknesses(mental and physical). They are branded as murderers in some religious context.

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  • 亜李爸爸:

    Most PAP Ministers 1 day salary is an average worker 2 months salary. From this fact, one can see the vast disparity of wages here. Isn’t this disparity is so insane, and yet former PM Goh got the cheek to urge for more pay for the Ministers. First and foremost, are these people worth that price?

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  • old manOld:

    3 words …kick PAP out!

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  • LIONS:

    SO,SIMON,we can have a new mathematical model.



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  • You Die Your Own Business:

    Many elderly people and those having terminal sickness decided to take their own lives or forgo treatment so as not to be a burden to their families.

    This is no more a fiction or rarity in this country.

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  • Samuel S:

    I think GCT purposely cause an uproar in internet by saying ministers are underpaid as he seems not too happy with LHL who refuse to appoint new PM.

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  • 100%DontTrustPÀP:

    The cure to this MONEY FACE 4G is simple.
    SINGAPOREANS should stand united like never before…!
    Dont think twice..
    Just do it folks for yourself and your children or forever be their cheaply paid slaves!

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  • Bloodsuckers:

    They tell us they are a 1st class, 1st world government…
    But act like those corrupt 3rd world leaders…
    Im ashamed of our leaders..if they deserve that humungous salaries n are doing alot of good for our people n country ,we would gladly let them enjoy the $$$mils..
    But its sadly not so..its just like theyre robbing us taxpayers of that monies.
    Heartpain really.

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  • HarderTruths:

    I can understand why they do it.
    If life is so miserable and begging to stay alive then why continue?

    Many made great sacrifices when they were younger but made one very critical mistake – voting pappies all the time.

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  • clown pap illegal made legal:

    Samuel S:
    I think GCT purposely cause an uproar in internet by saying ministers are underpaid as he seems not too happy with LHL who refuse to appoint new PM.

    is wouldn’t go same class as Dr Mahatir? we don’t think so. no where near.

    is his wife same class as Dr Mahatir wife? absolutely not. far from her.

    didn’t he lie about clown not slapping dana? wasn’t he the one who happily supported clown to be his successor?

    NEVER underestimate the lure of money. inside pap clan, all S$m confirmed. outside pap clan, in old days, every bad word in the dictionary can be used to character assassinate. want a good example. Mr Ong TC our esteemed President. boy. how Mr Ong TC was treated by wouldn’t go and gang.

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  • Why suffered in silence:

    Recently one of our multi million eagerly seems filial minister shared that he paid the rental of fruit stall for his dad.This is to ensure that he worked and interact with customers so that his dementia does not deteriorate.Dont let him fool you.Dementia is caused by Alzheimier and vascular dementia which have no cure.However with treatment could let patient lives as well as possible.He is advocating that old folks should not stop working so as not to get dementia.Of course he hopes that all old folks work till death and never touch their CPF.Dementia needs to be treated and if gagmen allows withdrawal age for CPF at 55 ,these patients could utilise CPF funds for their treatment.Again MIWs trying to hoodwink public with their so called filial son personal experience.Refuse to address the plight of our aging citizens eg cardboard exercise,scavenging for items to sell to rag and bone dealer, homeless,etc but continues to draw obscene salary and throw smoke.Imagine the wasted $16 million spent on the futile Trump-Kim submit being used to help the old folks,would it not relieve those needy old folks .The hopeless gagmen do not want to see retirees enjoy their retirement but rather continue to squeeze and milk them.What kind is society are we living in?

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  • sunny:

    What is the point of having $$$$billions in reserve , when u can’t save a few old lives. Save for rainy day !!!, when it rains most of the time.May be they saving for snowy day!!!!!!!.Save for future generation so they don’t have to work at all.Now we are the 4th generation, still not future.Waiting for 40th generation.

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