PAP elites continue to earn millions in tax dollars after leaving politics

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Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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19 Responses to “PAP elites continue to earn millions in tax dollars after leaving politics”

  • what to do:

    Boh pien lah … 69.99% voters gave them the power.

    Actually I don’t bemoan some of the really talented ones who can earn possibly even more outside, but there are many not deserving.

    What to do? Cannot do anything lah.

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  • Bapak:

    Whar do I think? You know my answer.

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  • BlinkBlink:

    The love of money is the root of ALL evil and….
    …love means a passionate affair in making lots of it at your pathetic stupid expense( how to rip you off with you smiling and being thankful)

    Work till you die laffing like an idiot.

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  • LIONS:

    The GREEDY PIG$ are abu$ing the POWER bestowed on them.

    This is causing a lot of pain to many sgs n their families including aging parents.

    Sgs myst see things with open minds n give good oppo sgs to check all these wrong$ n balance up the governance.

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  • All In A Familee:

    Yes, you are absolutely right.
    The stealing needs to stop.

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  • Samuel S:

    Disgraced leader.

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  • C'est la vie:

    The biggest parasitic leech of them all, “the dead one” !!!

    Voted and approved by the majority, who flooded SG with their tears at his funeral.

    What an occasion, millions lined the route to thank him, honour him and a mark of the utmost respect ……….. for what exactly might one ask.

    Creating and masterminding the modernistic and affluent SG, single handedly !!!

    He most certainly took it all back, in Sing dollars and more, for his efforts and industry !!!

    It most certainly wasn’t for free and neither was it, for the love of SG !!!

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  • Presidential rejoinder:

    “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    - Thomas Jefferson

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  • Boh Kia See:

    The whole system is geared towards supporting the PAP and their leaders. That is how it works.

    So in interest of the citizens and Singapore is only secondary to them. That has been the PAP all through the years. Not many people know this because of the secrecy and control of the media. But with the internet, such information is filtering out.

    So as Singaporeans celebrate Cessation Day, think carefully as to where you children future will be if this PAP continue to rule. There will not be any space for your children to succeed. It is a tragic situation but it depends on the current generation of voters to make sure that the environment is right for your children now so that they can benefit from the change when they grow up.

    I also think Ben Davis, did the right thing calling himself a British National. There is just no future for him in Singapore so long as the PAP is ruling the country.

    Time to make sure that the PAP is voted out and be prepared for snap elections as well.

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  • The price to pay for greed:

    Because there is so much attention given to the measure of money, earning more than you actually need, comparing to the high earners here and elsewhere (not seriously noting how they make or earn their money whether through fair or crooked means and that a minute small percentage are in this category), not noting that there is actually enough to share and go round to make people happier and less anxious, not realizing and feeling the anxiety of the vast majority masses that earn a minuscule fraction of what those st the top are earning, not realizing that the development of the soul has been compromised when too much emphasis on the crass cravings for unnecessarily huge sums of money spoil the mind, philosophy and religion and the concern for the afterlife are badly affected when the you are born and grow up in this money culture environment, when almost everyone becomes money-faced and this breeds greedy and unfeeling no-compassion poor quality minds who live every day for money only, not feeling for the poor here and elsewhere, look at the quality of life here….people are cold and not spontaneously friendly and genuinely open with each other, given the opportunity each will fleece the other, such money culture environment creates class division and economic inflation and class distinctions, life has lost its meaning when everybody wakes up to chase money.
    So the big question is who cause or create this situation?
    Is there quality of life here?
    The minds have been badly affected and those in charge are not helping improve it.
    We need not be like saints living in the monastery to appreciate what life is all about, far from from it, but our understanding of life has been flawed dangerously indoctrinated from an early age in this money chasing culture environment.
    There is no finesse and appreciation of true living.
    We are part of the unhealthy trend, admittedly worldwide, for crass crude lifestyles because the rich cares for themselves only and their own betterment and let us honestly ask ourselves whether the situation is getting any better?

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  • clown pap illegal made legal:

    how does bad people make their illegal money legal?

    the word used is laundering. the illegal money, going through casinos, property purchases, and such, going in dirty coming out clean.

    how does a political party make their illegal money legal?

    they do this in many ways, depending on situation.

    1st, if they have absolute control of parleement, they pass laws to make the illegal legal.

    2nd, to make the now cleaned money to become even more legal, they set up entities such as people’s association, investment corporations, and such. to ensure absolute control of the process, the leader himself, and his relatives such as wife, are the heads. no outsider has any inkling what they talk about when it comes to citizens’ pension money made legal and more legal which they abuse.

    how to clean up such unsavoury acts?

    there is only ONE way. they must be voted out. there is no other way. because with all the cleaned money, they buy loyalty in every nook and cranny of the society they rule so much so those benefiting from the sickening practice all put into powerful positions not a squeal.

    but why do citizens vote into power such crooks?

    aha. because they are 70% sheep. 70% because in every society always there is a remnant who is not blind and by normal distribution always is 30%.

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  • Why are we still so anxious?:

    What is the quality of life here?
    We don’t go hungry.
    We are way better off than most people in other countries.
    But are we happy?
    Is there a good life balance?
    Do we earn enough to live comfortably?
    What are we anxious about?
    In what ways are our money chasing culture and environment and society shaping us develop to become better human beings?
    Many years ago a friend of mine from one of the South Pacific islands on holiday here remarked that he observed people in the MRT looks glum and unfriendly. From where he comes from, he says his people are less tense and you hear lots of laughter every day everywhere. My friend schooled on his island has a degree in law and economics and had worked in the US for a while. He has decided to go back to his island and now work in the civil service. He said they are small in size and everything, and they do not encourage too much foreign investment, keep a tight control on the cost of public housing, provide the best of education for their people, no unnecessary expenses on defence and security, keep away from big time world politics and steer away from joining any camp, slow and moderate growth, overall result is a happy easygoing life for the people. He feels they are generally contented, materially and spiritually.
    Are our leaders aware of the needs for the development of the person to grow to become a wholesome person.
    Why are there so many endless complaints on this and that?
    Are we doing the right thing?
    Are we on the right track?

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  • True facts:

    Million dollars payout more important to them.

    Who cares?????

    You die your own business.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Wealth are not material gains achieved at the expense of people’s efforts. The concept of wealth is wrongly applied by the PAP idealogy. The truth about wealth is that it is embedded within your head. One can achieve wealth creation through 3 basic methods:
    1. Managing Organic growth of a business/industry – growing a basic business from start-up or from an acquisition all the way to a global enterprise (Global Corporation or MNC);
    2. Trading skills/Arbitraging – “Buy Low, Sell High” philosophy. This is a harder skill to master & requires a consistent method of ‘reading’ markets & a risk-taking stomach to act on instinct. Many, unfortunately, simply don’t have it!
    3. Monetizing creativity, unique skills & innovations – this is a relatively new concept of wealth. What have JK Rowlings, Cristiano Ronaldo & the late Steven Jobs have in common? JK Rowlings parlay her Harry Potter books into films, merchandising, etc. Cristiano Ronaldo”s footballing skills earn him billions in wages, product endorsements & image rights. And Steven Jobs created the iPhone smartphone category from his own ingenuity.
    The answer is therefore obvious! Good governance like administrative skills have no real economic value-adding in the marketplace. So why is S’pore is paying millions for something that have no real economic added-value? The reason is simple! – Political extortionism!
    Simply said, it is a parasitic activity on a bigger host (The Economy). If the host is healthy, then it is not a big problem. But when the host is old & sickly, then the parasite overwhelms the host & both die. Get the jist?

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  • Maggie Mee:

    These are bunch of bullshits and bunch of ctooks, lying about “I’m underpaid until they truly believe in their own lies. Just like Najib until this day is still saying he is innocent, “my only fault is trying to do my best for the citizen and for the country..”

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  • Maggie Mee:

    Sucking taxpayers hundreds of millions to buy loyalty, yet tax free, whereas citizen tax is like, personal relief 1k, parent relief 4.5k, car 4k. That leaves almost the whole income taxable. Tell me, what 1k/year or 4k/year can do? These crooks pay raised 3000% since independence whereas citizen’s tax relief no change over time, leaving close to full income subjected to tax.

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  • Maggie Mee:

    A friend of mine, second marriage has a child, 4th kid if considered all his children from first marriage. To the bootlicker civil servant, this is considered first kid, becuz tax rebate differences between 4th kid and 1st kid is 20k versus 5k. This is our today’s government and civil service standard. Singaporeans pls wake up, new citizens pls wake up !

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    PAPpys INVENTED THE fourth method – their ownself-cheque-ownself welfare politics thrives on PARASITIC DEPENDENCY on all classes of wealth creators of your illumination.

    Rabble-rouser: Wealth are not material gains achieved at the expense of people’s efforts. The concept of wealth is wrongly applied by the PAP idealogy. The truth about wealth is that it is embedded within your head. One can achieve wealth creation through 3 basic methods:
    1. Managing Organic growth of a business/industry
    2. Trading skills/Arbitraging
    3. Monetizing creativity, unique skills & innovations

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  • oxygen:

    @ Maggie Mee

    PAPpy TELLS YOU BLACK IS WHITE and white is black – this how they interpret facts and determine the applicable law shall apply – no matter how perverse.

    Just look at these windy happy contradictions – you are the “owner” of your bought HDB flat which their issued contract states clearly you are the lesee and HDB is leasor. A lesee DO NOT OWN the property because you are merely leasing it for use for a specific time period. At the end of its period expiration, the property revert back to its proper owner which is HDB.

    Yet PAPpy said you are the proper “owner”. Does the proper “owner” needs to surrender his/her property rights to an UNIDENTIFIED FICTITIOUS HIDDEN “ghostly owner” (who has no title or legal rights prior) after 99 years use and occupation. You didn’t know that this “ghostly owner exist!!!

    If there was ever another owner (HDB) how come this “owner” exist in abstraction only does not pay for your indoor repair & maintenance, pay property tax and charge you for land rent during the 99 year lease period?

    And looking from the other perspective that this abstract LEGAL owner is HDB and you are only the nominal fiction of pretended ownership instead (because you are merely a leese leasing that place from HDB), it must mean you have NO property rights. It is like you lease a heavy construction equipment from CATERPILLAR INC, you can use that equipment as long as you paid the periodic lease and keep the lease alive BUT THE LEASED HEAVY CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT STILL AND AT ALL TIMES BELONG TO CATERPILLAR.


    How come the lesee of HDB can sell the (leased but belonging to HDB) flat away for profit if you are not the legal owner, presumably? And HDB will charge you resale levy on your profits?

    The answer it seems to me is that PAPpys and its civil servants INTERPRET FACTS AND LAW TO SUIT their financial convenience of whimsical opportunities. That is your public housing flat is either YOU ARE OWNER OR MERE LESEE depending on which circumstances that disadvantaged you and advantaging them.

    This is how “LAW” exists and interpreted in LEE-jiapore.

    Maggie Mee: A friend of mine, second marriage has a child, 4th kid if considered all his children from first marriage. To the bootlicker civil servant, this is considered first kid, becuz tax rebate differences between 4th kid and 1st kid is 20k versus 5k. This is our today’s government and civil service standard. Singaporeans pls wake up, new citizens pls wake up !

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