Transport fares: Change formula to help who?

I refer to the article “Bus, train fares set to rise by as much as 4.3%, with lower rates for those willing to walk more” (Straits Times, Sep 3).

It states that “Bus and train fares are set to rise by as much as 4.3 per cent next year, going by a new component in the review formula.

In a statement on Monday (Sept 3), the Public Transport Council said the 2018 review will include the network capacity factor (NCF), which tracks how much bus and rail capacity has changed in relation to actual usage.

The NCF, indicating that ridership had not kept up with capacity growth, will lead to a 3 per cent hike as part of the review.

Together with increases in the wage index, energy index and core consumer price index, the formula would give rise to a fare increase of as high as 7.5 per cent.”

As to “But because of a 3.2 per cent fare cut which was carried over from last year, the cap would be 4.3 per cent” – don’t you find it somewhat disturbing that when the old (existing) formula resulted in a decrease last year – 3.2% of the decrease was carried over to this year?

Why are we helping the transport operators?

Then, by changing the formula now – it magically results in a net increase of as much as 4.3%.

Isn’t this akin to changing the rules to arguably help the transport operators?

Why not also tell us what would have been the result, under the existing rules, so that we can compare the difference?


Leong Sze Hian



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15 Responses to “Transport fares: Change formula to help who?”

  • UniQ:

    The ruling gahmen is hopeless already. They have not even stretched an ounce of effort to appreciate the dramatical increased in cost of living of late from the 70% idiots that had voted them in.

    This vicious monster financial/economics spiral have now mature to an uncontrollable creature where each ‘Feudal lord’ has to send $$ to the imperial court plus maintaining a shining polished number($$) to justify their exorbitant salaries. Thus, lately we see so many feudal lords has crapped out on common Sinkies wallets in every way possible. What I cannot understand is the wage index formulae ? Who’s wage index is that ? our ministers and their cronies ? Hell they don’t even take the bus ?!?!?! What is the wage ceiling used as a benchmark for this formulae ? Edwin Tong’s $500,000/annum income ?

    Like I have always said, Sinkies are paying hell of a lot of taxes to support the public services, and now still have to ensure high profit for these public entities in the Stock market for the investors to rake in ? Guess who are the major investors in these public entities ? No prizes….

    Like I said this gahmen is a joke, and Sinkies are like jesters playing along to form this joke


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  • UniQ:

    On top of my earlier post, I would like to ask when is SMRT going to pay back the $990million or izzit $1B that they have borrowed from the citizens sometime ago to buy busses and revamp from the screwups this Saw CEO have created ?

    Anyway, look at the way matter of fact how this gahmen approach on grave concerning matters. Saw CEO takes $ Millions …and I mean Tens of MILLIONS in bonuses, shares and what have you ! No reasonable approach of what should have been done when the entire public transportation breakdowns, but ending up Sinkies have to pay thru their pockets in taxes and price hikes in fares to bring our public transportation to normalcy. Now tell me this gahmen solve your problem or Sinkies solve their own problem while this gahmen left you in the ditch while once in a while sings a few tune to you to soothe your anxiety and nothing else ?!?!

    I would presume Sinkies have a good brain screwed above their necks, and not a kidney instead. Please proof that I am wrong….LOLOLOLOL

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  • No comprehendo:

    Please someone explain to us what that NCF entails?
    Some of us need man-in-the-street language to understand.
    mucho gracias!

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  • Bapak:

    Tomboy needs money.

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  • opposition dude:

    No need for any long winded explanations by PTC or the transport companies, we all knew this fare reduction exercise would not last for too long anyway.

    A few years of discounts is hurting the idiots already so of course now must raise fares to make back all the lost revenue. No one asked for new lines to be built, it’s the PAP who happily let in all the third world vermin which in turn results in needing more buses and trains anyway.

    Just wait and see if the 50 cent discount will be removed or not, I’m expecting it to be.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Is it too late to rejoin Malaysia?

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  • Despicable:

    Singapore Mafia making its regular rounds collecting protection money from long suffering hardworking peasants.
    Also akin to pimps ‘feeding’ on the earnings from ladies of the night.
    …and they dare to call upright ones ‘traitors’!
    Who are the ones who invites all manner of aliens in to steal our jobs and leave hardworking citizens unemployed?
    Plus giving free scholarships out to foreigners with free board n expenses while our own parents have to sell their hdb flats or use their cpf to finance childrens higher education? So much more unfair policies hurting sgs…

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    Never too late.

    Nothing is too late.


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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Another good reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • True facts:

    They need more money to cover the losses la as their overseas investment shrink.

    More and more increases in the pipeline u just wait and see.

    Thanks to pappies.

    Time for change urgently if not cannot tahan.

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  • save the equivalent increase:

    wait the white idiots and gang will teach the riders on how to save the equivalent increase in price by tightening their belt – and help to increase the wages of the service providers (which is a good thing according to one plp half-baked intelligent white idiot).

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  • True facts:

    They change formula so to tax the people heavily as they need more money to cover their losses overseas.

    At the same time they can have more ministers without portfolio sitting redandant at the PM office.

    Do good do together so she can get million dollars pay sitting down doing nothing.

    Time for change.

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  • waste of time zzz:

    we are not like the failed “son of punggol” dr kpk who has 2 cars. can have bmw too.

    or the bishan-toa payoh MP who has a bentley.

    we do not have cars but we bmw (bus mrt walk). when they raise public transport fares the common folks like you and i suffer. the people high up in their ivory towers i.e. transport minister, your mp, the PTC etc do not even take public transport. why would they give 2 fu*ks about public transport fares?

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  • Oldtimer:

    what seems to be forgotten is that Saw was brought in to
    set up the shopping side at mrt stations. the rental from
    these shops is/was needed to help pay for the train system.
    if i am not mistaken, accounts for these 2 aspects of the
    transport system are now looked at separately, instead of
    together. so you are told income from fares is dropping,
    therefore got to raise fares, when the shopping side is
    supposed to help deal with less fare income and maintenance,
    improvements etc of the transport system.

    what is always very puzzling with this govt is why it will
    not reveal so much basic info, like bonuses to ministers.
    why is it such a fearful govt?? why does it appear to have
    no guts about so many things? and that includes its constant
    dependence on daddy’o as to why it does and does not do things.

    leaders need to be brave people….like daddy’o and his gang.

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  • consensus by manipulation:

    the daft are the batteries that feed these bloodsuckers

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