PAP MP apologises to SDP

I refer to Mr Seah Kian Peng and K. Shanmugam’s recent outburst against some Singaporean activists meet-up with the sitting Malaysian Prime Minister, both Members of Parliament from the People’s Action Party, and I wonder what they have to be afraid of about this meeting?

Besides the cheap gimmick to draw attention to his pathetic Facebook following and amidst all the clamour and relentless hammering from the establishment, one thing in particular stood out to me from Seah’s post, which is:

I’m amazed that Dr Thum and his supporters should proclaim that Singapore is part of Malaysia (or Malaya). Perhaps that is why he thinks it is permissible to ask its current prime minister to interfere in our affairs.

This is actually not too remote a probability that we should start thinking about, given that the only reason and cause for our independence and continued sustenance is now no longer around to assure our survival as a Nation.

The present PAP leadership severely lacks innovation, vision and the drive to take us into the next lap. We have seen multiple policy and foreign screw-ups, tampering of the Constitution, corruption at the highest echelons and apparent lack of respect from foreign powers ever since the demise of founding father Lee Kuan Yew. The dishonorable son was also publicly denounced by his whole family, with none but the PAP MPs on his side as highlighted by Mr Low Thia Khiang! The other side is already saying that we have no history, origins, culture and even a sound legal system to begin with.

The continuing saga also reminded me of the lead up to the Budget debate 2018, where Workers’ Party MP Sylvia Lim was accused by the same gang against her speech, which she did not accept the “over characterisation those PAP MPs have put on her words and intentions”, based on their own interpretation and “bourne out of overactive imaginations and oversensitivity”.

The one country two systems can perhaps be considered, if and when the day comes where we have to return to Malaysia due to our dwindling population, lack of resources, diminished international stature and over development of our economy and there is no more room to do so.


Willy Sum



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10 Responses to “PAP MP apologises to SDP”

  • BlindElephant:

    Then you will realise, live in Sin, dies in Sin indeed. Try as you will, daft is daft and PAP is right on the money, you are daft, easy to….tempt.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

    But once mouth open then ignorance cannot be hidden.

    Usually such people are easily amazed.

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  • Bapak:

    PAP is the arrogant one. Arrogant people are most kiasi and they are always be the pot to call the kettle black.

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  • Dr Chee is Magnanimous!:

    If it was the other way round, they will surely sue Dr Chee until his pants drop!

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  • Dr Thum is Correct:

    Purposely falsely incriminate without evident, then use oppressive and suppression forces onto the innocents, is that what they want to do? Jail, lock up without trial the innocence?

    Then “Change” and “Power Remove” must happen. Such power “CANNOT” be abused.

    I lost trust.

    Now I fully understand those innocents in the operation spectrum. Dr Thum history is further attested in my view.

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  • WP Trial?:

    How come no update on the WP trail? so silent?

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  • Ah Peng's Hope Up In Smoke!:

    Thought he could be like Indra and become Minister too but it backfired and now must ‘kwai Kwai’ apologise!

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  • RDB:

    @WP Trial?: September 7, 2018 at 2:59 pm (Quote)

    How come no update on the WP trail? so silent?
    Vote Saved. New Rating: 0

    Should they WP always cry wolves? Is this not obvious enough?

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  • how long can you hold on power:

    to stay in power, they manufacture (fabricate) their stories; believing singaporean trust in their version of narrative; precisely Dr thumb wanted to set up alternate narratives but was blocked; preservation of their existing status quo for those who are already in power and preserving their privileged; they are not interested in singaporean welfare; they just lobby for their own self interest to stay in power.

    Gone are the days of KY where he works to improved singapore as a larger whole; here you have a coward who only wants his army to protect his secrets and maybe one day call for a military take-over to prolong the legacy. which is why he need to reward all these retired generals who held his secrets. how spineless are these general too.

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  • rukidding:

    Actually I don’t know what PeeM Lee and his bunch of supporters are trying to do in “denying” that our very “survival” for the future is “Under threat” ???

    Even all the Malaysians( Ordinary layman ) that are working in Sinkapore for a living can see that the future of Sinkgapore is “numbered”?

    I agree tha the day where we have to “ask and plea to merge back” is a real possibility !

    Probably one of the “sole reasons” why LKY “pushed through” the salary increment thing so “fast and fiery” !

    He is “helping his own group” to “quickly suck and prepare to run boat” when the situation comes around in the not so far ahead future !

    Not surprising that The very person that “created all the problems” thereby leading to “independence”,…is also the very same person that can see into the future…..the “demise” of his own “creation”

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