Is the Government incrementally fanning the flames of nationalism to distract Singaporeans from the real issues?

Is it just me or is the increased levels of nationalism in Singapore a source for concern?

I have noticed an increase in the “bigging up” of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the police force in the recent months with glossy advertisements of brave men in uniform carrying large guns. This coupled with the government’s increased focus on the threat of terrorism leads me to think that nationalism is being used to distract Singaporeans from the bigger issues in the country.

Notice how quickly members of our government turned the meeting of 4 Singaporeans with no political affiliations with Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir into one about loyalty. Note also Minister for Defense Ng Eng Hen’s Facebook post with regards to the National Day Parade. He said in his post that foreign officials would only be invited as observers.

This seems like a pointless statement to make because it doesn’t make any sense! Unless one is taking part in the parade, everyone (whether Singaporean or not) is but an observer!

Ng further states that “Let there be no doubt that the SAF will organise National Day celebrations only on August 9th. And to make sure that we can do so every year as Singaporeans, and not as any other nationality, the SAF pledge is to protect Singapore’s independence and sovereignty “ What about permanent residents then? Lest we forget, permanent residents have to serve national service too and in so doing, risk their lives to protect Singapore. Why is Ng excluding them?

Honestly, this just seems like a cheap pot shot to fan the flames of nationalism. One has to question why this is the case.

History is replete with examples of how government leaders have sought to use nationalism as a means to unite the people and distract them from the bigger issues in the country. Is there a concerted aim on the part of our government to use national security and nationalism as a way to distract Singaporeans from the rising costs of living and stagnant wages?

I have definitely noticed an increased focus on the military and authority figures of late. This trend when viewed in conjunction with reports of rising inequality is disturbing.

Instead of blindly allowing ourselves to get emotionally stirred up, we have to take a step back and assess the situation. Ask yourselves why we are suddenly seeing pictures of handsome men in uniform in public places? Why is the government hell bent on bringing up patriotism and loyalty even to the point of promoting exclusion (in Ng Eng Hen’s case)? Then ask yourselves what your concerns were before the hornet’s nest of patriotism was stirred? Have these been put on the wayside as our focus shifted?

If the answer is yes, ask yourself the chilling question – Is this a coincidence?


by Ghui




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14 Responses to “Is the Government incrementally fanning the flames of nationalism to distract Singaporeans from the real issues?”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    The BILLIONs spent on the Military Hardware can be BETTER spend on Healthcare and uplifting the elderly Pioneer Generation plus the Merdeka Generation…

    Should Malaysia or Indonesia decide to Take or Retake Singapore or reasons best KNOWN with our Leaders Arrogance And Greater than THOU Attitude…

    All they need to do is Station a Battery of BigGuns & Missiles @Johore & Batam with the word MAJU!!! and we will capitulate in one day and OUR supposedly One aim One Kill plus the F16 to F35 will be shot down before even lifting OFF!!!

    So let’s NOT kid ourselves that the Five Power and US 7th Fleet will rush to our aid…

    Be HUMBLE and treat others as your equal and NOT accept the EVIL teachings of an Evil man that we are an Elite and Aristocratic Society…where White Horses with 1st Class Pedigree at worse will sire a Grey when he sired an Idiot and Freak with his genes

    Prosper Thy Neighbours and care of your citizens with Concern and Humility and Happiness and Sunshine is here to stay!!!

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  • Boh Kia See:

    The purpose of having all these military and police personnel so visible is to put the message across that the PAP can control any crowd should they protest against them.

    The visibility of the uniformed personnel is under the guise of protecting Singapore against terrorists. But anyone who disagrees with the PAP can be considered a terrorist. So if the PAP refuse to call an election when it is due–try to protest–you will see what will happen to you. That is the threat they are trying to impart to citizens.

    Even if the election results are not what they want, and they decide to overrule the results they are prepared to ensure that they can control the situation. That is why all that visibility of military personnel is for–to threaten Singaporeans not to even think of mass protests.

    The PAP mask is slowly dropping and what we will see is the signs of dictatorship in the making.

    Unlike in Malaysia, there is not going to be a peaceful transfer of power–not with the PAP–just look at what Aljunied Council is facing.

    So don’t think the PAP is “for you with you”? Sounds hollow, doesn’t it.

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  • vision of the enforcing patrol:

    //Is the Government incrementally fanning the flames of nationalism to distract Singaporeans from the real issues?//

    marketing lar ? more visibility if these enforcers patrol the high traffic areas like mrt station and bus interchanges or near shopping mall areas lar ? more eyeballs to show that the white idiots take security seriously. got heavy weapon (rifle leh) with sunglasses somemore ? will the sunglasses ‘cloud’ (darken) the vision of the enforcing patrols ?

    so now sinkie land safer or not safer with so many chat-ba-lang people with all the cosmopolitan chat-ba-lang culture ? most did not get to chance to see such patrols in the 70s to 2010 leh ?

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  • Bad Boy:

    Everywhere the same 了。

    Isnt China doing the same thing ?
    Last time 腐敗的資本主義者。
    Now 你們愛國嗎 ? 祖國 ? 我方堅決抗議 … 我方堅決反對 ….
    Dont forget 反分裂法。

    Isnt HK doing the same against separatists or oppositions ?

    Isnt Taiwan doing the same ?
    Whether many mainland people and 40 to 50 % f mdm 蔡 ? China resorts to all methods to succumb Taiwanese.

    Isnt Russia doing the same thing ?
    ….for mother russia….

    Isnt NK doing the same thing ?

    Isnt Indonsia doing the same thing ?

    Isnt India doing the same thing ?

    Isnt Turkey doing the same thing ?
    ….. We have god ….

    Isnt Venezuela doing the same thing ?

    Isnt USA , Europe doing the same thing ?

    Lastly isnt Malaysia doing the same thing.
    Dr M just give a lecture to their people pointing out lazy , greedy,….

    Reminds us about spurs not stuck in your hindes speech by old man a few years earlier …..

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  • sad state:

    My son served 2 years of NS with distinction and after that got a Magna Cum Laude degree. He came back Singapore and happily got an interview invite. The interviewer asked him “why must I pay you $2400 when I can get a FT at lower salary”.

    LHL – do you know (or realise) what you have done to our beloved Singapore?

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  • Futile Attempt:

    Trying out textbook examples to salvage declining support.
    A bunch of useless idiots.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Fanning the flames of nationalism will not work. Why? Because despite being daft Singaporeans still know that PAP is NOT Singapore and Singapore is NOT PAP.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    Actually, terrorism works in favour of autocratic governments. It is a most convenient form of mental blackmail on the unwilling folks that they control.

    I will not be surprised if one day an autocratic government actually organizes a “terror attack” on the eve of polling day or during the counting process on polling day — the moment it realizes it is going to lose the elections. The martial law will be declared, and democracy thrown into the garbage can.

    This is thing out of the box, and I cannot discount this possibility, even if it is very remote

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  • HarderTruths:

    They are seemingly trying – but you can’t fan a drawing of something non-existent and expect concrete results.

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  • rukidding:

    I can “sensed” that Pap has suddenly realised that they can no longer “hook wink” the people and assumed that we are still a bunch of dafts !

    It is true that what has happen to BN in Malaysia has infact “given” many of us the HOPE TO SEE A BETTER FUTURE & FAIR & JUST MANAGEMENT of the Country!

    It is GOOD that the people has NOW the COURAGE even to CRITICISED and “WHACK” any “stupid Ministers or MPs ”

    Just look at how SEAH is being “slapped” and how “quiet” those “POR LAN PARs” type like Lee Bee What,…Billy Goat Boey…Rin Tin Tin,..Vikam…Puthu Mayam Cherry…..has been SO,so “timid” and “quiet” these days ??????

    These typical “Por Lan Pars’ knows that this time round,…should they open their mouth,….they would be “slapped and disgraced” !

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  • rukidding:

    Actually, I believe that should an “attack” here happen , be it called “Terrorism or whatever” ……it would probably help “hasten” the “change for the better” because if it happens…it will “hasten the removal of all the musked smoke and wayangs” that are “covering” the “real truth” behind all these issues.

    Infact,…all the “musked issues” would then quickly starts to “surfaced up” and be “exposed” to the Open !

    It may be a “GOOD” thing for it to happen !

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  • Freak Election:

    This is to tell you that they are very prepared to deal with any freak elections. There is zero chance opposition coalition will take over.

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  • For real?:

    Small boys carrying big guns..
    When the big boys come out to play, all the little boys run away.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Freak Election:
    This is to tell you that they are very prepared to deal with any freak elections. There is zero chance opposition coalition will take over.

    Will the Army and police side with the people they were created to serve and protect, or the government who sold them all out?

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