SDP Calls Out Out-of-Touch and Out-of-Ideas PAP Ministers

Things are too expensive? Buy cheap infant milk formula. Meals too costly? Eat at hawker centres instead of food court. Transport fares too high? Walk.

This is how callous the PAP is with regards to the difficulties with the high cost of living of ordinary Singaporeans, SDP CEC member Damanhuri Abas said.

Mr Damanhuri, who stood as an SDP candidate at the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC in 2015, was speaking at a public forum held by the SDP this afternoon. The forum addressed three hot-button issues: rising cost of living, depreciating value of older HDB flats, and the out-of-the-world ministerial salaries.

“The present PAP leaders have abandoned the sacred contract of serving the people,” he said, taking issue with the heartless attitude of PAP ministers. He cited the example of PAP MP Vikram Nair who recently said that increased cost of living “is actually a good thing”.

Quoting government statistics that show that prices have outstripped wages, Mr Damanhuri said that many households in Singapore are having a hard time making ends meet.

“The narrative that every citizen will partake of the Singapore Dream somehow got lost,” he said, “Overtime, PAP leaders began singing a different tune – Singapore Inc. became PAP Inc.”

He assured Singaporeans that the SDP would fight to lower cost with initiatives like abolishing the GST for basic necessities, fighting for minimum wage legislation, and introducing the Singaporeans First policy where locals are hired first and retrenched last.

His fellow speaker, Mr Alfred Tan, spoke on the anger of Singaporeans over the issue of the 99-year lease of HDB flats.

Mr Tan, an entrepreneur and international banker, reminded the audience of the promises PAP made to the people that HDB prices would continue to rise. The reality is that HDB values would fall until they become zero at the end of their lease.

“After seeing senseless market speculative activities,” he pointed out, “the present Minister for National Development had to declare the obvious truth – that these HDB flats will be of zero value to the leaseholders at the end of the term.”

But Mr Tan said that the PAP still refuses to acknowledge the policy blunder. He said that one of the key basic disciplines in problem solving is admitting that there is a problem. Only when there is an admission of misjudgment can the first step be taken towards a real and meaningful resolution and rectification of the problem.

“Is the PAP government prepared to man up and admit this misstep?” Mr Tan asked.

But instead of acknowledging the error, PM Lee further digs the hole by coming with suggestions like the Voluntary Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (VERS) and the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) 2.

The government has not provided any details. It will only say that it is still working on the idea which will only be implemented 20 years from now.

“What have they been doing?” Mr Tan queried. “We need some clarity now. The market needs to know what will happen to the flats. Now. That is the responsible way of running this country. That is responsible policy making. The longer this takes, the more uncertainty and volatility there be in the market. That will not serve anybody any good.”

Mr Tan raised some policy ideas to remedy this problem. One of them is to reduce the lease to 50 or 60 years. This will lower HDB prices. With shorter leases, he pointed out, HDB can better plan the recycling or rejuvenation of older precincts. It will also discourage unnecessary speculation on public housing.

Another idea is the SDP’s Non-Open Market scheme where people buy and sell flats only with the HDB. Under this scheme flat prices are calculated minus land cost. Mr Tan indicated that this would drastically reduce BTO prices and allow CPF savings to be retained for retirement. (Read SDP’s proposal, Housing A Nation: Holistic Policies for Affordable Home).

“Public housing is meant to put roofs over our heads,” he reminded, “not let people speculate with subsidized and public-funded leases.”

Another speaker was SDP Treasurer, Bryan Lim, who said that the ministers have failed to justify their million dollar salaries with one disastrous policy after another.

He also cited Minister of State Edwin Tong who had the temerity to complain that his $40,000 monthly salary is not enough to feed his own family, parents and in-laws.

“It makes you wonder if we actually live on the same planet,” he lamented.

Mr Lim then raised the SDP’s proposal to reduce ministerial salaries published in our policy proposal titled Ethical Salaries for a Public Service Centred Government.

Among other ideas, our policy proposes that ministers stop paying themselves bonuses, especially bonuses linked to the GDP. Instead, SDP’s idea ties ministers’ salaries to a formula based on the average income of the lowest 20 percent of wage earners in Singapore.

MPs would be paid 10 times this amount, ministers 3 times an MP’s allowance and the prime minister 4 times. Under this formula, the PM’s salary would work out to be approximately $56,000 and the ministers about $40,000.


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14 Responses to “SDP Calls Out Out-of-Touch and Out-of-Ideas PAP Ministers”

  • Bobo:

    “Things are too expensive?”
    “Buy cheap infant milk formula”
    Lagi best: Breast feed. Mothers allowed time off to squeeze milk at work place.
    “Meals too costly?”
    “Eat at hawker centres instead of food court”.
    Lagi best: Survive only on salad and NEW water.
    “Transport fares too high?
    Lagi best: Stay at home then apply help from social welfare.
    Internet expensive? Data plan also expensive?
    Use free WIFI lah.
    Lagi best: Don’t buy handphone, Laptop, computer at all. Cut out all contacts and live alone.
    Medical bill expensive?
    Don’t go clinic or polyclinic.
    Lagi best: Made own herbs.
    No money for Retirement?
    Lagi best: Vote for change!

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  • oxygen:

    NOW THAT THE BURNING QUESTION OF OWNERSHIP/LEASE CONTROVERSY OF HDB PUBLIC HOUSING scam and deception has IMPLODED in the social media, 4Gs all switches on their reset button to MUTE of DIAM DIAM DIAM.

    It is telling that they are CLUELESS and incapable to taking over leadership capable of any TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. LEE-jiapore will collapse faster down the decline trajectory leading to SUDDEN DEATH COLLAPSE sooner than anyone can envisage if this mob takes over the next generation of leadership.

    Yes, LEE-jiapore is LONG OVERDUE from regime change – the incumbency have in the last 20 years at least demonstrate CONSISTENT FAILURES, NO ACHIEVEMENTS EXCEPT SCAM, LIES AND DECEPTION and 4G are maggots without backbone, talent or courage to engineer change from within to take over from those who have clearly failed spectacularly and lead this country forward from this darkness of failure, disenchantment and profound sense of lost in utter bewilderment and hopelessness.

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  • LIONS:

    now,if these daft ministers/scholars are performing way above expectations to enliven the lives of the common sgs instead of continually impoverishing them,i would have no qualms even if they pay themselves $10 million salaries per annum???

    but,these are living off the ‘PAST RESERVES’ of Old Guard VOCATIONED MINISTERS like DR GOH KENG SWEE who were paid PEANUTS for doing great and GOOD works for SG and common sgs???????

    if the ministers want to compare themselves to private sector CEOs,then be prepared to be OPEN TO FAIR COMPETITION – REMOVE THE UNMERITOCRATIC GRC system and see if they could gain a rightful seat inside Parliament on equal footing with those they consider lesser than their ‘scholar types’?





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  • Asd:

    So happy for you all… Good Luck to all you KSKS….

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  • Majulah PS, matilah clown pap:

    since time immemorial, dynasties die. because of corruption nepotism cronyism.

    so the same with clown pap. the clown pap legal corruption nepotism cronyism today 2018 are reaching heights not seen even during GE2015.

    in a short 3 years, the clown pap rot has multiplied exponentially.


    over confidence. during GE2015 despite clown pap legal corruption nepotism cronyism clown pap received mandate to rule. since rotten since 70% why not more rotten and more % so says clown.

    alas. more and more turn away from clown pap since GE2015. since May 9, 2018 when Dr Mahatir showed 70% sheep the way, even more turn away from clown pap.

    WHAT happens?

    pap clown and gang S$m liars run road in a few months time, when Pakatan Singapura topples clown pap.

    Majulah Pakatan Singapura. matilah clown pap.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    The simplest and best solution to Singaporeans’ problems is REGIME CHANGE. Why? Because it removes the CAUSE of the problem.

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  • opposition dude:

    You want the cost of living to come down as well as the number of third world immigrants then you bloody better send a clear signal to PAP in the next GE.

    As long as you kiasees continue voting PAP life will only get harder, not easier. You idiots saw what happened in 2015 when you gave gratitude votes to their now dead forever founder, has your salary gone up by much? And have you noticed the population is at 5.81 million as of last count?

    Forget about consoling yourselves about how Singapore will go down the longkang if PAP is not in charge. With PAP in charge now Singapore is already down the longkang. How can it not be so when the cost of living is so damn high plus expensive public housing needing up to 25 years to pay off and never ending numbers of non Singaporeans being let in to take away all our jobs?

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  • Go For The Best!:

    Vote them out before it is too late!

    Why pay them million$ for doing practically NOTHING?

    Any notable achievments since 2015 that Voters can think of?

    Zero right!

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  • HarderTruths:

    Well, 70% of voters are actually paying these clowns millions to sit there and sprout garbage.

    Which familee circus will not take up the opportunity?

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    It is quite obvious that these Pimps and prostitutes ( P.a.p.) are “playing: the people !

    PRs , in the first place should NEVER be ALLOWED to “Buy and sell” in the “Open market” and benefit from any Capital gains !

    A Public flat is the “People’s Property” and SHOULD NOT be allowed to USE IT to “play against” its OWN TRUE NATIVE Citizens !

    I would think that the logical and fair way was to make “RESTRICTIONs” to make and restrict these PRs to ONLY BUY AND SELL BACK to HDB and NOT OPEN MARKET !

    In this way,…we “control” the “artificial inflation to demand in Open market” !

    The trouble we are facing today is that these Pimps and prostitutes ( P..p ) are “Obessed” with “Making $$$” !!!!

    They have forgotten about “serving” the People and have started on the “screwing” the people instead !

    Therefore , their Leeders must be make “accountable” for leading the wrong path and thus must BE BOOTED OUT inorder to CORRECT all the WRONGs !!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    I did like to bring the attention to car owners whose COE are expiring soon !!!!

    This will be another HOT Button beside the HDB value which expires at/ on the 99th year!

    Do you guys know that YOUR COE REBATE value is ZERO if you scrapped your vehicle has a “Balanced of 6 months left” ???

    Ino, essentially you cannot receive any $$$$ back for the “Balance of 6 months of rebate value”……..ZAPPED !….All kenna MASUK !???

    So essentially,…YOU WILL BE “CHEATED” OFF 6months worth of $$$$ !!!

    Apparently this is another “suka, suka” changed policies ( anytime they like )

    Imagine….if this happens to your HDB policy changes ????

    So, to all Car owners….take note !

    If you are thinking or hoping to collect back some $$$$ from COE rebate……YOU HAVE TO SCRAP YOUR VEHICLE 6 Months before the EXPIRY DATE and NOT what was described in LTA General Info !

    NOT ALERT or CAREFUL…..and decide to scrap when vehicle has left 5 months and 29 days ….all your “Balance COE value” will KENNA Masuk !!!!

    YOU GET ZERO Value for COE rebate even though there is 5 months and 29 days left !!!!!

    I don’t know what Kind of “COW BOY LAW or EXCUSES” is this !!!….very “Frightening” indeed to know that this piece of information is not “Open to the General Public’s awareness !!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • 人小毛长那话大:




    GD Star Rating
  • What A Caring Gahment!:

    Rewarded themselves with so much bonu$e$ while never stop taxing the low and middle income earners!

    Are you stupid enough to vote for them again?

    No way!

    GD Star Rating
  • Rabble-rouser:

    I disagree with SDP! S’pore needs less govt & more community engagement. During the British Colonial era, S’pore’s economic & social policies were more coherent, the communities were more cohesive & people could have a dream. The British essentially were hands-off other than providing the internal security mechanism; the British legal system & property rights framework which was responsible for S’pore’s prosperity. Since Independence, S’pore have been micromanaged to death by the PAP. We need a more inclusive society, more engagement by the public & invoke the “Gotong Royong” Communal Work to foster social cohesiveness & a national identity. But S’pore have lost their way under the PAP – Materialism, Elitism, Unbridled Greed & Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) philosophy. We need to downsize & streamlined the govt to be less intrusive, less elitist & more sensible in law-making rather than be soap opera stars in the media, social media influencer or Selfie/Twitter addicts in cyberspace, etc. S’pore needs foreign exiled S’poreans & those who had migrated to democratic nations to bring a different mindset to displace the indoctrinated minds of the PAP regime. A long road ahead!

    S’pore Democrats: Instead, SDP’s idea ties ministers’ salaries to a formula based on the average income of the lowest 20 percent of wage earners in Singapore.

    MPs would be paid 10 times this amount, ministers 3 times an MP’s allowance and the prime minister 4 times. Under this formula, the PM’s salary would work out to be approximately $56,000 and the ministers about $40,000.


    GD Star Rating
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