PAP MP Seah Kian Peng should apologise and resign

PAP MP Seah Kian Peng, a member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods adapted and reposted unfounded allegations from “Fabrications about the PAP (FAP)” to attack and question the loyalty of four young Singaporeans, namely Dr PJ Thum, Kirsten Han, Jolovan Wham and Sonny Liew.

FAP posted an article “Why do Singapore’s useless opposition always sell out Singapore to foreign interest?” on their Facebook page on 1 September 2018.

Later the same day, Seah alleged on his Facebook wall that the group who met Dr Mahathir had asked him to interfere in Singapore’s politics. He drew attention to Dr P J Thum’s Hari Merdeka comment and to Teo Soh Lung’s one-liner during a livestream of the forum held in Johor Baru recently.

A few days later he apologised to the Singapore Democratic Party for his unsubstantiated allegations but did not apologise to the 4 young Singaporeans and Teo Soh Lung, nor did he remove the offending post.

Seah was fully aware of what happened at the meeting with Dr Mahathir because Dr P J Thum, Sonny Liew and Kirsten Han had blogged about their meeting before he made his unfounded allegations.

The Straits Times on the same day reported about the meeting with Dr Mahathir with this misleading headline: “Activists invite Mahathir to conference on democracy”.

It was only Tan Wah Piow and Hishamuddin Rais who had invited Dr Mahathir to a conference in London in 2019.

If they had been exemplary as members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods and checked what the four Singaporeans had said about their meeting with Dr Mahathir, they would not have accused the young Singaporeans of wrongdoing.

Shanmugam, a minister and also a member of the Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods, Ng Eng Hen, another minister, as well as a former diplomat Bilahari Kausikan, chose not only to echo MP Seah’s unfounded allegations but also to spread falsehoods, misinformation and disinformation about the four Singaporeans. They have acted irresponsibly against innocent citizens.

There is absolutely nothing illegal or wrong for Singaporeans to visit Dr Mahathir to discuss and exchange opinions on politics. The PAP’s youth wing have themselves been invited guests of the Communist Party of the Republic of China. Our own Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had also crossed the causeway to meet Dr Mahathir shortly after the latter took office again as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Taking photographs with Dr Mahathir is not disloyal or traitorous conduct on the part of the young Singaporeans. Several ministers have taken wefies with dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

But despite clarifications and calls from Singaporeans to withdraw his post, MP Seah has refused to do so.

As misinformation and disinformation spread, we note with disbelief that the written complaint against MP Seah and Minister Shanmugam from Kirsten Han, P J Thum and Jolovan Wham and addressed to PM Lee Hsien Loong was referred to Minister Shanmugam. This violates all the principles of good governance. How can an alleged offender also be the investigator or arbiter on whether such an offence has been committed?

It is irresponsible of the PAP to falsely accuse and spread disinformation that hurt innocent citizens and divide the populace.

As members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods, Seah Kian Peng and Shanmugam should not spread falsehoods. They have acted irresponsibly. They should resign from the Committee and apologise to the young Singaporeans and Teo Soh Lung. We urge them to admit their mistakes and do the right thing and resign.


Function 8

11 September 2018



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17 Responses to “PAP MP Seah Kian Peng should apologise and resign”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    When Dogs Bark & Attack it is under their Master’s Command…A Master who will bend to the will of an Owl who visit him in 26-8-2017 to remind him to Resign & Repent…or the BUMPS all over his Body will EXPLODE like a Time Bomb

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  • 69% mandated:

    Pap 69% mandated.

    Oppies only 30% mandated or quite sure about 10 to 20% of the 30% rally for Dr M.

    The 4 so far 0% mandated.

    GD Star Rating
  • Bobo:

    Who were being forced to pay extreme salary to extreme party to sue patriots?
    Well, only the dumbs can’t answer this simple question.

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  • 下贱Peng:

    Like his boss (oxley road saga),Peng will definitely not resign. Ownself protect ownself. They answer to no one.

    This kind of bullying where the people in power take every opportunity to fix the bolder and more learned citizens has been going on for far too long and the only way to stop it is to send those bullies packing with our votes in the coming GE.

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  • LIONS:

    Look at him,no prejudice from this old sg uncle; his is a countenance of GREED N HYPOCRISY.

    Like chinese say,*VERY OILY*.
    Or young buddies would call *pla$tic*.

    Very sad the govt n its agencies are filled with such low life at its upper echelon$!

    A compassionate n caring selfless govt leadd the WHOLE NATION to prosperity but a self-serving govt will surely bring the nation to doom.

    It was true centuries ago n its still true today.

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  • Shameless knows no integrity:

    Come on wise up. U expect polanpa of the nepotic regime would admit what they have said n have the dignity to resign. If they r not that shameless they would long be gone by their own pile of dirts. If a lawyer n peanut minister doe not know what is conflict of interest, what other professionals do u think they have recruited. When a lawyer started to po, they have dumped their integrity, honesty n dedication down into the cesspools. Would u think that a political leader unless he is an anti national shit would urge the citizens to be greedier, hungrier n aggressive thief. Of course, if he hasn’t been like that himself he wouldnt have thought to exhort the citizens to be so. It is evident that the FT they have imported r also of the same kind, otherwise on hearing what the shit publicly demean them would have packed up n leave if they only havr shreds of dignity, honesty, integrity n pride of beling a decent human.
    No the only thing to get them out is to vote them out n then feed them with their own medicines. There r now many seniors r waiting to contribute to the mega operation s clean after they r booted out. We would know who r lying n btw as true as the sun rises, all the dark operation would be brought out im exposed by the polanpo when the lp shrinks. zit is the nature of polanpas. IJust imagine how the chief of a educational institution looked like when he is hard at poing the nepotic lp. Professionals once stoop to po n lick loses what he know since it cannot see daylight when it kept stooping down with his fopull concentration on the lp n what his effort would get him- company directorship of a company returning a dark favour, head of public institution, or a political instant millionaire upunder some plp predecessor or in the gorilla den. So wise up. Spend your time to expose n undaft lky dafts

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  • clown pap a clan of S$m liars:

    patriot of Temesak:
    When Dogs Bark & Attack it is under their Master’s Command…A Master who will bend to the will of an Owl who visit him in 26-8-2017 to remind him to Resign & Repent…or the BUMPS all over his Body will EXPLODE like a Time Bomb

    when Qing dynasty was at its dying stages, every eunuch was licking cunt in order to dip their hands into lucre.

    so the same with current dying clown pap. honestly, look at every clown pap S$m clan member. all of them have that dishonest look, in everything they do, they always take a side glance at clown face to approval or disapproval.

    why so?

    in order to continue being able to dip hands into lucre. after all, clown pap and clown pap wife control citizens’ CPF via gic temasick and any stupid pap clan member who does not do things that please clown or clown wife is removed from S$m lucre. truly WTF in 21st century Singapore.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Better watch out pappies – your clown here is insulting MY PM as well.

    If you lot don’t want to crap in your pants when Mahatir or some other Sultan or even the Agong gets angry then better stop your clueless useless clown now.

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    Writer is “dreaming” !

    Just look at Mr Seahsway face and you will immediately know what kind of person he is !

    That is why I say,….and (I believe strongly ) that the only way that we can all “wakeup” is to wait for GOD to make “something BIG & BAD” ( unfortunately )…to happen here !

    Maybe another SARs like thing or something else !

    GD Star Rating
  • N.Jungne:

    They are all for one and one for all. He will exit with the rest in tow.

    GD Star Rating
  • A shit is a shit:

    Lky begs to be part of Malaysia n overnight we have agong n sultan n malay police raiding the street. Lky has agenda of his own not that of singapore. He rushes in trying to capture as many shit but his ruffian nature upset Tunkun as thr report went Tunku persuade him to gobslow n not upsetting his malay nationals but thevhungry greedy aggressive genes his imbercile successor confessed publicly has the better of him n Tunku bedted . The infamous tear over the tv according to many educated Singapore was really for his broken dream n not for the nation. This was not so apparent until he turned aggrssively on thevpolitical oppostion with the words. Those oppose him r his enemies n should be eliminated. Many Sinkies failed to see this is really the destructive tool a political rogue leader would edestroy the nation. Political scientists perhaps with the exception of the plps in local institution would have told the importance of opposition in democracy which will effectively orientate any govt policies to benefit the citizens and unlike absolutevpower which is free to legislate what will be illegals with the presence of opposition. Then self gratification n self glorification became their entitlement.This nurturevof polanpism destroy the basis role of public institutions which r guaranteed by the Constitution of its independence n g as Constitution watchdog. But when polampaism infiltrates these institution, the nation is grossly betrayed by these power monger. Thus politically made billionaire snobs aooear. Arrogant rogues surfaces thru the ranks of the nepotic regime n polanpa herd. A Minister granted his son a 12 yrs of exemption from NS went unquestioned by the polanpa institution. A registered Insian was forced down on the citizenry when the Reserved EP is for a Malay. PM demeaned citizens,as dafts n needed foreigners to come n kicked their arses while the nepotic successor exorted the citizens to be greedier n more aggressive to steal the jobs from the trash they have mindlessly imported in flocks to kick the arse of citizenry. Citizens become enemies of the regime n punished and r not entitled to their right to differ the policies of the power regardless how tgese policies r anti national or traitorous. Talk about traitors, the biws scumbags r the real ones just as Dr Thum idetified that the master of fake news n lies comes from the regime .

    GD Star Rating
  • What do you expect?:

    What do you expect from an organisation where everything is pre-planned and prefixed from promotions to daily crafting of speeches and mundane actions. If not, why did they repeat the same approach over and over again indiscriminately against anyone whom they are biased against. The same happens at every unit, every department of that organisation even at the smallest operating unit to the biggest division of the sector. Nothing more can be said to overthrow this harsh cold fact of the truth is still the stark truth.

    GD Star Rating
  • Homeless Cat:

    Apologize and resign? I would not hold my breath. None of the white-clad scum have a fraction of the dignity or honour they profess to have.

    GD Star Rating
  • William C:

    I work for a foreign company. I win tender for projects beating a Singapore owned company. Am I regarded as not patriotic?

    PM1 called us daft
    PM2 called us mediocre

    Biting the hands who voted you, paying your salary, feeding and enriching your and your families are worse.

    GD Star Rating
  • No Need To Be So Unhappy....:

    Just vote him out at the next GE!

    GD Star Rating
  • 夏蓝:

    Seah Kian Peng, I spell in clear, has accumulated millions from the country.

    He should be contented enough and resign.

    Enough is enough.

    GD Star Rating
  • Songshu:

    Apologies & resigns ? You must be joking !
    These Papies are not beholden to the voters, the citizens. They’re beholden to their Party bosses. Only when the Party bosses ask them to, will they resign. Or else ….
    Further, since when do these people have that righteousness & personal honour to take the rap for mistakes made – over the last 50+ years ?

    GD Star Rating
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