PJ Thum cares about Singapore?

From his ang moh tua kee PR agent

I’ve worked closely with PJ for two years now. I know him to be someone who thinks and cares deeply about Singapore and its people. I know him as someone who piles both work and risk on himself, for very little reward, because he is committed to this country. He was told that he would never work in Singapore as an academic again, but he’s still trying to come home permanently, because he wants to contribute to Singapore. I’d like to reassure Mr Seah here: in all the time that I’ve spent with PJ, I’ve never seen any indication or evidence that he wishes Singapore ill.


So why does PJ Thum help the PAP change the conversation? See WTF! With PAP on the ropes why this self-inflicted distraction?

It’s clear from the FB postings I’m seeing that those PAP voters who can be flipped are angry with the antics of PJ Thum, Kirsten Han Jolovan Lam, Tan Wah Piow and Sonny Liew in meeting Tun. The potential flippers dislike and mistrust Tun. And here are five ant-PAPpies telling him to free S’pore from the PAP. This may not be the truth but it’s plausible and the PAP is spinning like hell that they want him to free S’pore from the PAP .

If PJ really cares about S’pore why sabo and help the PAP tar those who oppose PAP hegemony.

Give me a break.

As to this about PJ

he’s still trying to come home permanently, because he wants to contribute to Singapore

Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole tell me that their ISD cousins say that that his specialisation on S’pore’s history (he doesn’t have wider SE Asian credentials) and his Marxist leanings make it very difficult for him to get a decent paying acadamic post in the UK. In S’pore, at least got bungalow (think the Youngs in Crazy Rich Asians) to live in.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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18 Responses to “PJ Thum cares about Singapore?”

  • pap PA paid IB ci vs Dr Thum:

    one is ex insurance agent. the other is PhD from world ranking Oxford.

    one is paid cents by pap PA per IB post. the other is working to right all the clown pap wrongs in Singapore.

    one, the pap PA paid IB Lj from malaysia, cannot hold a candle next to the other, the deep thinking and intelligent and kind fellow Singaporean.

    one from malaysia doing utmost best to ensure clown pap survives so that he can dispose of his siglap property at good price to 70% sheep. the other, local born patriot, doin utmost to end clown pap S$m tyranny.

    long story short. the pap PA paid IB ci no shame to even dare to make a single statement next to our esteemed Dr Thum. no shame. cannot be helped. since cheapskate malaysian pap PA paid IB surving on pap PA cents per post.

    so ffffingly laughable piece of human shit. this pap PA paid IB ci. WTF.

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  • bonus in the wider SE region:

    //Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole tell me that their ISD cousins say that that his specialisation on S’pore’s history (he doesn’t have wider SE Asian credentials)//

    does your squirrel friend also know that the higher ownself-check-ownself white idiots are only talented only in sinkie land (that they do not command the same talented credential able to draw millions + many months of bonus in the wider SE region). don’t know whether the white idiots could even command the same multi-million credential once they are outside the ownself-check-ownself curry party.

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  • Whole Shopping Centre:

    Instead of fighting for the lunch boxes, fight for your rights to rectify your food problems and earn back the whole kitchen.

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  • DrM Giant Killer:

    With the MSM being controlled and literally mouths shut$$$, few localized speeches are destined for failures as many years have proven.

    YOU NEED TO REACH OUT FOR GIANT KILLER. You need more than holy water.

    Don’t self deceived or attempt to deceive others.

    PJ another PM quality.

    Want to denigrate him until he forms a OPPO…. GOOD. He has many Good connections.

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  • Giant Slayer PJ:

    From historian to Giant Slayer… how about that.

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  • LIONS:

    ya,ya,no one cares about SG more than lee ah long.

    but it is lee ah long who is screwing the nation up BIG TIME?

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Nice try CI. The activists (and Tun) has likely emboldened the potential flippers not upset them. CI is trying to “wrap (PAP) with the flag” to upset the flippers by branding the activists as “traitors”. This will not work. The activists are pushing for basic freedoms, human rights, etc. They are not part of or supporting any political party. Moreover, even daft Singaporeans should know that PAP is not Singapore and Singapore is not PAP.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @CI/PAP IB
    Do corrupt LHL and PAP monsters care about Singapore or theor bank accounts? The answer is very clear – their bank accounts.
    Do opposition activists care about Singapore? The answer – most likely, because they have nothing to gain except getting sued, jailed, bankrupted and exiled etc.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    What’s with you CI???…None of the four or five is Marxist as coined by a Bastard now dead for want of a better word instead of Commies since he started licking Deng’s balls…

    This game of naming and ISD threats are NOW buried in the sand of time…ONLY a Bastard worse than the Bastard who died will bring this to the surface again…the Son??? ok lah!!! same Blood who can F…his siblings like his father F…his comrades…no worries leh!!! the owl appeared in 2017 after 2013 with the snr bast**d leaving this world in 2015…the jr will leave in 2019 lah!!!

    So, CI stop f….g around leh!!! we have a Govt to be returned as The Republic of Singapore and NOT SingaporeINC aka The LeeDynasty

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  • ganeshsk:

    CI show us how you care for SG. Then we will know about PJ thum.

    You care is to carry PAP. !!!

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  • HarderTruths:

    Another getai

    No meaning no news nothing of value. Just rumours and gossip

    Plus we have cartoon characters giving character references.

    Please call IMH hotline for an immediate appointment – I hear they have a discount for Cartoon Network fans.

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  • rukidding:

    I have “NO CHOICE” but to PRAY for you ,….Mr CI .

    Very SAD and PITIFUL indeed !

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  • Bystander:

    Nothing wrong seeking Dr M’s advice on freeing Singapore. Only this baddie and Pappies go freaky crazy, if seeking political advice to bash PAP at the polls considered traitorous, then seeking protection from Uncle Sam against our neighbours also considered traitorous, in the form of opening up a naval base at Kranji for American use.
    Allowing foreigners to open 2 casinos on Singapore soil to lure Sinkies to gamble away their money also traitorous what.
    Only trying to divert attention, tsk, tsk, this desperate. Why PAP so scared of the next polls, they losing confidence in themselves?

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  • opposition dude:

    Wait wait, uncle Cynical is saying that potential flippers “are angry with the antics” of the group in meeting Tun which makes no sense at all.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but potential flippers would be far more concerned with what is happening on the island instead of just one 80 min meeting right? After all these potential flippers would also have kena’ed the 30% water increase, potential PMET jobs lost and their HDB values starting to slip if their flats are somewhere nearing 40 years of age.

    So like any normal voter irregardless of pro/anti PAP or fencesitter all these bread and butter issues would have affected them and are affecting them now. So where got time to be angry with the “antics” of the group?

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  • Cheapo IB In Action Again:

    Another piece of useless writing.
    It’s not about PJ, never about Dr M.
    It’s all about greedy evil PAP being very afraid that they lose power and be persecuted for all the evils and thieving done.

    Unlike what cheapo 50-penny PAP apologists, sycophants and cronies are trying to insinuate and raise doubts about PJ or any critics, these activists are the real patriots.
    They risked their own safety fighting greedy hypocrites, speaking against tyranny and injustice, rather selling their soul cheaply like a cheapo investor.

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  • Bobo:

    Action speaks louder than words. We Salute to all patriots, heroes and heroines who are trying extremely hard to seek justice and rectification to the messy stage in own country.

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  • I no understand!:

    Is it wrong for a citizen to visit a neighbor who is a politician and talk about politics?

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  • old man:

    U think all our MIWs very loyal or all boiled down to money for their jobs?

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