Hypocritical for government to preach prudence when they are unnecessarily wasteful themselves

The government has always preached to us about being prudent in spending our national reserves. It justify raising our taxes to “fund’ social programmes.

But in reality, we have a prodigal government who is detached from reality.

When we were hit by the financial crisis in year 2007/2008, our government saw it fit to increase our National Day Celebration spending by nearly 100% to $13.75 million.

The construction of NAC bin centre cost tax payers money to the tune of almost $1 million..

We hosted Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un recently and it cost tax payer approximately $20 million.

The AG reported that MOM purchased an IT system that cost tax payers money of $500k but left it unused for 1.5 years.

The reviewing of our Minister’s salary alone cost tax payer $860k when the governmant engaged HR company Mercer.

What kind of prudence are they practicing while our poor and destitute is without a roof over their heads and meals on their tables?


Osman Bin Sulaiman



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14 Responses to “Hypocritical for government to preach prudence when they are unnecessarily wasteful themselves”

  • Free Money Aplenty:

    Not enough money, just milk the dafts and over collect, these dumbos will just pay up, then KPKB or say what to do or lament what oppositions can do.

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  • Mr Cocky:

    Your hard earned money all sticked onto his “cocky” face.
    Not a cent from his pocket.

    Mandate cock!.

    What else to say.

    Uncaring Government:
    I have a uncaring government.

    At $4,000 a month income, I hardly can make ends meet, let alone make any saving out of it. Yes, Lau Goh would labelled me as mediocre.

    But let’s say I manage to save 20%, so 80% is spent.

    So $4,000 X 0.8 X 7% GST = $224 of tax per month.
    So for 1 year $280 X 12 = $2,688 of tax for year.
    Over half month of my salary.
    Which is equivalent of saying out of 12 months, I am working for them half a month free for them.
    And that is aside from the personal income tax that I still have to pay to them, which is cheaper in reality, considering those “Reliefs” that can be applied [Wife, parents, children etc].

    And for those sad enough not working, can’t find a job. Logically, Zero Tax.
    But in reality, the GST is a form of tax even if he is not working.

    So effective, I have a uncaring government that prefer GST collection over Personal income tax, since is a definite collection whether you have a income or no income and additionally “Relief” cannot be applied. It’s illogical isn’t it?

    To think of the impending increase to 9% when many are out of jobs is even worse, can’t blame me to think that my government is uncaring.

    I have a uncaring government.

    Anyone promise me to cancel GST will win my “VOTE”.

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  • HarderTruths:

    This is called deficit spending. It is the main way to artificially increase GDP by money printing and government spending.

    This is favoured by Keynesian banksters (like our MAS) and politicians to give the illusion of wealth. This will eventually destroy the economy with inflation and asset bubbles.

    That is why this Ponzi scheme of HDB CPF and other taxes cannot be reduced – only increased. The eventual outcome will be massive inflation and economic stagnation.

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  • EducatedIdiots:

    The beast is turning you guys into beasts. Woe to your children.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Bro Man, you PAY they SAY…and we end @ Marina Bay…that is PAP bro and until the Kambeng mata BUKA…kita makan Roti kosong PAP makan Ikan Kurau dan Telor!!!

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  • Bapak:

    It is very sad for a government to spend unnecessarily wasting taxpayers’ hard-earned money when there are so many jobless and families unable to have a proper 3-meal a day. This PAP G has gone rogue. Why are 70% still supporting them?

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  • Reflective retrospective:

    Hey Osman, when was the last time you sincerely done something for the poor and destitute (without a roof over their heads)?
    We’d like to see your performance when the keys to Revenue House is within the folds of your palms, hehehe.

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  • opposition dude:

    $1 billion for Bishan Park, remember?


    If there is anything that needs to be investigated it’s this one. Costs need to be broken down to see why the hell it cost one bloody billion.

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  • MoneSuckedFromPeasants:

    They dont give a toot where the money comes from. Not their hard earned money what.
    If anytime money no enough , just draw more blood from the peasants.
    Just like how they paying themselves mil$$$ salaries.
    None of them fugging deserves it!

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  • Asd:

    Milking… the daft cows… cow only eat grass… grass is cheap… so cow dont kpkb… just eat your grass…

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  • True facts:

    For them keep sucking from the locals will do until dry.

    Nothing special.

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  • white idiots tok so much kok:

    //It justify raising our taxes to “fund’ social programmes.//

    the white idiots tok so much kok. if they raise tax (either direct or indirect), it is the lowest percentile who will get hit the hardest and “forever” they will need assistance (help) in order to sustain – hence the “dependence” mentality. then ad infinitum on the need to raise further taxes and again bring up the costs of doing business and living here – and the cycle of tokking kok by the white monkey idiots will continue.

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  • We not suipid:

    To whom the money goes to? Check the contractors. Check their connections.

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    Yes the poor have no roof over their heads. To qualify to rent a 1 rooms HDB flat both person combined income must be below $1200 . Can one person survive with $600 in Singapore ?

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