Yesterday’s blackout should not be taken lightly, and PAP Ministers should be accountable

The black-out early yesterday morning (18th Sep) was massive, and it affected hundreds of thousands of people. It was also something that the authorities could not cover-up and I definitely do not take what happened lightly.

To begin, this year to date, our electricity tariffs have increased very substantially already and have badly affected many lower income families and even businesses etc. I am a reasonable person and I accept that systems could fail at times.

However, I want to remind the relevant authorities that when back-up systems also didn’t work when they ought to, then a detailed explanation and accountability should be given to members of the public.

There should also be an assurance that a similar incident would not happen again. The PAP government should not simply play it down again by the like the recent personal and medical data theft or worse still, push the blame to some junior people to bear.

Next, although the massive black-out happened during the early hours of the morning, many important and critical activities were still on-going during those hours. Patients on life supporting machines were still fighting for their lives in our hospitals, commercial and banking activities were on-going around the world and around the clock and critical aviation safety related activities at our airports’ control towers and radar systems could never be compromised, etc.

Any blip or slip in power supply in mission critical operations or organisations could cost us either millions and millions of dollars or the loss of plenty of lives or both and I sincerely hope that our very well-paid and well-fed PAP ministers understand all that and more deeply enough and I honestly worry if we have enough of that calibre of ministers today.


Simon Lim



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16 Responses to “Yesterday’s blackout should not be taken lightly, and PAP Ministers should be accountable”

  • N.Jungne:

    But according to the “vlogger Nas Daily.” SInkapoo is almost perfect

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  • fucqueupap:

    Someone affected by the blackout posted the following on one website to remind us of the difference between a “then no-nonsense leader” and a “now incompetent one”:

    “Everything works, whether it’s water, electricity, gas, telephones, telexes, it just has to work. If it doesn’t work, I want to know why, and if I am not satisfied, and I often was not, the chief goes, and I have to find another chief. Firing the chief is very easy.” – Lee Kuan Yew

    That’s from a confident leader with capable ministers helping to run the country. On the other hand, a clueless and useless leader mollycoddles his Yes-men and accepts whatever BS dished out for him ‘coz he badly needs the chiefs’ support to keep himself in power. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. If any chief had dared try to scratch LKY’s back, he’ll surely get a slap and get fired!

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    You “THINK” they care???…

    the minister in charge will have a blip on his performance may be less 3days Bonus lah!!! and life moves on for the Paid ARISTOCraps Pigs!!!

    Who Pays???…the silly idiotic sheep who else!!!

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  • Bapak:

    Everything in SG is failing and we have this uninformed vlogger from Isreal singing praises so loud until the useless, nothing-better-to-do PM entertains him at Gardens by the Bay.

    Just look at our SMRT stations and trains, look modern and beautiful from the surface but get third class service. Whereas, in HK their MRT Stations and trains do not look as modern and beautiful from the outside, but their service is first class. Transport cost also so affordably cheap. As a foreigner and senior citizen, I was able to travel there at 20 cents minimum fare, whereas in this sucker country SG, 83 cents.

    Beautiful skyscraper, empty inside.

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  • Papaya - says Global City ?:

    > Papaya says ignore the following –
    * MRT frequent break downs
    * OxleyGate
    * Orchard road flooding
    * “Open Gate”
    * Mediocre report from “Committee of future economy”
    * SingHealth hack on the road to “Smart alec Nation” . .
    * Rising number of SG Poor.
    * Meritocracy = Cronyism
    * Indian = Malay for Prez
    * all the criticism of Papaya governance. . .
    The AristoCATs proudly declare – they have magically transformed SG into “a Global City”.
    { they “pat” their back – Collecting hi salary . . . }
    So, Remember the Ballot Box. . .

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  • Bernard Tan:

    High time any National failure the following shall be the Citizens’ Law imposed.
    (1) Responsible agency (ies) fines
    (2) Fine Amount multiple by the number of affected citizens/business entity x the number of failures (accumulative). Base rate = charging rates (average/affected household/business entity).
    (3) Fine amounts to be given back to all affected citizens/household.
    (4) Political incumbunts including Ministers removed if a major screw up occured (lost of lives etc..). Acceptable failure not directly responsible will be given 3 x chances during an incumbunt tour of duty.
    (5) Political incubunts and directly responeible individuals shall not received any bonuses regardles of the various categories (bullshit naming convention – AWS, Variable, National etc..) Why the citizens don’t receive National Bonuses too. Every citizen plays a part too in the country called Singapore’s economy and GDP growth too. What right has the PAP Political office bearers make National Bonuses as their rightfull entitlement? Just one word – GREED

    Enough sharing for now

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  • NotMyProblem:

    It could be a rehearsal for next GE, follow up with missing ballot boxes!!

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  • Samuel S:

    It happens when Mediacorp decided to shrink tv view for analog tv and government defending bonuses paid to their ministers. Perhaps this is a warning sign for taking her residents for granted.

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  • Bapak:

    And Pinky was too fast to boast this is what they (he is claiming credits for PAP) built over the last 50 years. Immediately, karma slaps him with this blackouts. Confirming everyone boast he makes, five shames are coming to slap him.

    Think this Pinky is a jink. Earlier this year, he shared the joke & PLP Najib, so confident he will win again, he loses. His turn is coming.

    But according to the “vlogger Nas Daily.” SInkapoo is almost perfect

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  • HarderTruths:

    The $G – born hamster running on wheel No 3 died after working so long and not being able to retire :(

    Fortunately FT hamster replacement found quickly. Majulah pappy lah!!

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  • Quality slipping fast:

    The fault lines are showing more frequently lately.
    Many slip ups.
    How can our once 1st class country remain so when the present mediocre Gov fills up the workforce with 3rd world rejects!
    Makes me real mad thinking about that.

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    To All Readers,
    Readers beware. The writer is trying to stir shit.

    The blackout was solved and power restored within hours.

    This is quality response time….more reason to pay civil servants and ministers more.

    Do you think you will get such quick response in Mat and Indo Land ?

    Dear fellow Singaporeans, what can opposition do for you ?

    If you vote in opposition screw backside will be legalized and SGD will crash like the Ringgit.

    We PAP, urge Singaporeans to guard against fake news stir up by opposition such as Simon Lim.

    Simon Lim and all opposition must be lock up in IMH for good.

    -PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN 2019/20
    -PC Ong: GE19 or 20, it will be a comfortable victory for PAP.
    -PAP Ministers are not paid enough..
    -Singaporeans must TIGHTEN belt, DOWNSIZE so that PAP ministers can UPSIZE their salaries and not suffer a drop in their living standard.
    -Singaporeans vote PAP in support of 9% GST so that minister will get paid > 500K and no longer mediocre
    -Singaporeans vote PAP in support of 30% water increase so that minister will get paid > 500K and no longer mediocre
    -Singaporeans vote PAP in support of importing more FT so that their NUS/NTU graduate children go drive GRAB CAB.

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  • opposition dude:

    Why worry, didn’t affect the monkeys what so no big deal lah.

    So what if several thousand people were affected, what can they do other than complain? Nothing, that’s what!

    So, just expect the usual PR statements from the relevant authorities about how systems will be tightened, how protocols are in place and all the usual nonsense.

    If they can downplay frequent MRT disruptions, the voting for the presidency, a 30% water price increase and the SInghealth hacking you think they are going to spend much effort on this ah?

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  • waste of time zzz:

    flooding is called ponding is an one-in-50-years event..

    train breakdown is called track fault, signal fault, track point fault, train doors fault, cable fault etc..

    so this is not a blackout, it is just called earth hour 2018

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  • nihon:

    in china the chibai land, the mrts work and there is no electicity breakdown.

    chibai tiong land is classified as a 3rd world nation. and sg – from 3rd world to 1st world. now, is this propaganda?

    everything not working. even lifts are breaking down.

    this is due to incompetent management?

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  • Pakatan Singapura:

    everything is falling or has fallen since departed pap evil lky clown took office.

    2018, where is table tennis?

    2018, where is badminton?

    2018, where is football?

    2018, where is the swiss standard of living?

    2018, what is the TRUE median wage for sheep?

    2018, which item, besides water gas electricity carpark, has no price increase?

    2018, how much bonus did clown pap and gang pay each other for 2017?

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