Falsehoods recommendations: Government give reasons not to disclose?

I refer to the article “Strong trust in public institutions essential to combat fake news: Select Committee” (Channel NewsAsia, Sep 20).

It states that “Transparency, for example, includes the swift communication of information in response to online falsehoods, the reasons for any Government action against online falsehoods, and the reasons for decisions not to disclose information to the public.”

As to “the reasons for decisions not to disclose information to the public” – what are the reasons for not disclosing the following information:

… the actual total remuneration (average and highest) of the different grades of Ministers for the last year

…  the incomes and employment growth statistics for Singaporeans, instead of just ‘locals’ (which includes PRs)

… the breakdown of HDB BTO prices into construction and land costs

… the accumulated surpluses (excess of premiums to claims plus accrued interest) from the inception of the following schemes:

MediShield Life


… GIC’s annualised returns in S$ for the last 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 years, and from its inception, relative to the weighted average interest rate paid on CPF accounts


Leong Sze Hian



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30 Responses to “Falsehoods recommendations: Government give reasons not to disclose?”

  • Rabble-rouser:

    HDB ‘ownership’ (lease decay conundrum) can’t even be clarified by PAP/HDB – Isn’t Fake news & Falsehood institutionized & part of the regime? What on earth are they barking about?

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    To “THREATEN” others of Falsehood is a “FEAR” of the “TRUTH”

    EVERYTHING…will become KNOWN…NOTHING can be hidden FOREVER!!!

    WHY the bast**d wants to be CREMATED??? to Rising like a Phoenix as in Fables of Old China…like the way he dressed as a Mandarin before he turns to ashes???

    ABSOLUTELY NOT…The Shah of Iran-Saddam Hussein-Stalin and the many Dictators like him had their Monuments and Tombs Desecrated

    and…he is too SMART to allow that to happen KNOWING the EVILS he had done to his people BAR the ILLUSION Created

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  • Holy Shittee:

    You forgot the one question on every tax-payer lip for the passes 10 years—-How much are tax payers paying to Holy Shit Jinx?
    So there are two petitions going around –one pro and the other anti-377.
    Both should include a clause –How much is her pay?
    Two major issues that WILL never go away:
    1.HDB 99=zero
    2.Jinx’s pay
    So piggies throw up 377—Divide and conquer.
    BTW—First Emperor of China, Pol Pot, Mao and all dictators burn books;if the piggies act as judge, jury and executioner on fake news—it is the same as book burning!

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  • oxygen:

    FAKE NEWS or POLITICAL OPPRESSION of freedom of speech in disguise? Who has the monopoly of knowledge – EVEN MERE WISDOM – of “falsehood” or “truthful determination?

    CAN ANYONE IN THAT SELECT COMMITTEE tells me if this actual announcement to the Australian stock exchange is POSITIVE news or NEGATIVE news and why?


    If I were to do a poll survey, I am confident that 99% of the respondent will say it is POSITIVE even EXTREMELY POSITIVE news with its contents boasting of gold and copper discoveries made.

    Since the announcement, the share price headed south and no sign of strong recovery despite “positive” or even “extremely positive” news.


    I READ THAT ANNOUNCEMENT AS VERY NEGATIVE NEWS presented as very positive outlook.


    My point to the SELECT COMMITTEE is that what the Committee sees as GENUINE BRILLIANT TRUTHFUL NEWS could actually be “fake news” – it is just the dumbfarked receiver of that news is CLUELESS of the content and subject-matter.

    To assess whether this Emmerson Resources Limited is positive or negative news, ONE DO NOT NEED KNOWLEDGE OF GEOLOGY but there is ONE BIG CLUE in there that it is in fact “bad news”. I am not telling anyone yet.


    What is interpreted as “Fake” news is only “FAKE” in the minds of the Select Committee, THE REALITY IS SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY AND COULD BE ENTIRELY in the opposite direction – some times very difficult to detect JUST LIKE THIS EMMERSON RESOURCES LIMITED ANNOUNCEMENT.

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  • oxygen:


    Here is another “strongly positive” announcement of high-grade gold mineralisaton “discovery” by another entity -called Antipa Minerals at one of its prospects called Chicken Ranch. I would call it “chicken sh*t” announcement. If I had the stock, I would be a strong seller of a frantic heavy market buying in.


    It was a one day rally of the stock. No follow through buying interest.

    AGAIN NO GEOLOGY KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED to accurately assess the reported drilling results BUT THERE IS ONE BIG CLUE in that announcement. Anyone with wisdom would have seen a huge rock for what it is. I am NOT telling anyone yet.

    WOULD ANY ONE IN THE SELECT COMMITTEE OF FAKE NEWS teach me the differentiating factor/factors which will explain why it is ‘BAD NEWS’ announcement instead of a WONDER GREAT NEWS announcement.

    IF THE SELECT COMMITTEE CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENTIATING CLUE, how can I trust they know what is “fake news” instead of “genuine news” or its converse?

    Remember all announcement of price-sensitive information must meet with corporate law and listing requirements that it can’t be “misleading” of false disclosure.

    The announcement headline read – Chicken Ranch aircore drilling identifies further high-grade gold mineralisation – IS PERFECTLY CORRECT AND TRUE.

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  • oxygen:


    So cut out the crap of “fake news” – everyone ELSE is in it OF THE SAME ‘GUILT” in the minds of those disagreeing or opposing.

    Present Tense told a London journalist this – nobody has a monopoly of information/wisdom or virtue.


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  • Lightning Strikes:

    If they disclose, the govt is afraid that the disclosure might spark an outrage.

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  • Bapak:

    When has this PAP G ever disclosed any information?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Who decides truth. Clearly the government has not only declared this to be so but has made any other view as ‘fake news’ – punishable by law.

    The first casualty of any democracy is truth. Fair enough – this was bound to happen since $G born do not care much for democracy anyway and are willing to willingly live in communism.

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  • Too much politics:

    These words never seemed truer as it does in our fake-democracy country.

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  • nihon:

    ‘’strong trust in public institutions‘

    can trust the 154th ranked states time and wh**e media? everyday they sell fake news.

    can trust the white scums infested judiciary?

    can trust the lies of the white scums on hdb as an appreciating asset?

    can trust the singapore political force?

    cpf not your money true of fake news?

    chibai if you trust them.

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  • Bunch of Idiots:

    It’s getting “TOOOOOOO” nonsensical and illogical to run and be seen as proper honest government like that, surely not going to win my vote. Let in so many people and we don’t even need to know…. how can.?

    Dishonest, thief, robbers no different.

    Irritating really this bunch of idiots.

    Somehow, lately and surely, I have lost trust in them, that once…. I don’t even need to question.

    Now, I need my family to feast better than the FT and not the other way around. VTO surely….. this I am sure no need to doubt.

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  • LIONS:

    For donkey years,MSM has been dishing out FAKE NEWS to scare the PEOPLE N NO ONE COMPLAIN?

    NOW,the scare-mongers are afraid that SOCIAL MEDIA participants would reveal the LIES?


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  • 司马昭之心:

    “the reasons for decisions not to disclose information to the public”


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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    If you want the truth then just VOTE FOR REGIME CHANGE. Make Singapore a functioning democracy with openness and transparency (and therefore REAL accountability in the public sector).

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  • Curliss:

    top of the agenda when the new laws are passed
    is to identify the person who started tt big lie
    – HDB flats will increase perpetually n price!!!
    identify all people in authority who, over the years,
    spread the word and kept insisting it is the case.
    don’t forget those who are still claiming this now.
    all of them have affected the lives and fortunes of
    millions of sporeans for the worst and should be
    punished very very severely.

    those voting for these laws should also consider
    punishment for giving fake reasons.

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  • John Lim:

    I have yet to see someone give an actual instance of “falsehood” that was published in social media. Anyone?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    PAPpy Wong ASSERTED THAT…..It is “factually and legally wrong” to suggest that Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat buyers do not own their units, but are simply renting them, said National Development Minister Lawrence Wong.


    Rabble-rouser: HDB ‘ownership’ (lease decay conundrum) can’t even be clarified by PAP/HDB – Isn’t Fake news & Falsehood institutionized & part of the regime? What on earth are they barking about?

    Wong even added….“These facts are clear… the law is very clear… and it’s important to set the record straight,”

    Given this claimed clarity of ownership, I DIDN’T SEE OR HEARD HIM citing WHICH STATUTORY LAW or which COMMON LAW case history and/or its ratio decidendi in support of his assertion.

    He can do A LOT BETTER of convincing peasants that his assertion is correct of “factually and legally” robust of truth by

    - either citing which statutory law in his mind thought proves his stance or

    - elaborating with citations to case law precedents and its ratio decidendi


    - enter into a public open debate with Mr. Lim Tean or M. Ravi

    I have STRONGLY COMPELLING APPREHENSION that Wong got his facts and law off to a different trajectory than mine own for these other reasons

    - case law determination dated over 167 years UNDEFEATED in common law jurisdictions such as UK, NZ, Down Under, Ontario (Canada), Hong Kong and USA at minimum.

    - HDB have never acquired private condos and recycle them to developers (Mr. Wong compared HDB to private condos as similar leasehold private property of analogy comparison, not me).

    - and finally, to my knowledge, there is NO SUCH A THING AS STATUTORY LAW DEFINITION OF “OWNERSHIP” ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD – it exists only as a common law concepts. Common Law concepts are a evolving social phenomena – just like s377a controversy – it changes with time and social values. Most learned Law Minister K. Shanmugam expressed the same thought as I holds of common law concept – IT IS AN EVOLVING SOCIAL PHENOMENA.

    So common law is always evolving, I am at a total lost to comprehend how the most learned Lawrence Wong came out strongly to assert that…”the law is very clear” when

    - there is no such a thing in statutory law definition of “ownership” and

    - common law is an ever evolving phenomena because old laws, decisions can be changed by by judges just like s409 of “agent” definition in that CHC case. Just ask Judge Andrew Phang!!

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    I DON’T KNOW IF YOU READ MY TWO REAL WORLD CASE STUDY EXAMPLES above – Emmerson Resources and Antipa Minerals – these are NOT hypotheticals but the real thing. And I have not presented these for TRE readers for “showbiz” entertainment value. And I repeat yet again, I PLAINLY REFUSE, FOR NOW, to explain why I perceives the actuality in both instances are “adverse” news announcement when I expect 99% first time readers to rate it as “highly positive” news announcements. Both share prices came off since the “highly encouraging” announcements

    These case illuminations were included here for DEFINITE OBJECTIVES to demonstrate why -

    - fake/genuine news are NOT INTELLIGIBLE of obvious, on the contrary, it is HIGHLY AMBIGUOUS, TRANSIENT AND EVEN DECEPTIVE of interpreted outcomes.

    - most of the time, the message reader/arbiter of fake news GOT IT ALL WRONG AND WRONG TO RIDICULOUS AND NOT EVEN COMPREHENDING of his/her lack of awareness to reality.

    - if falsity and truthfulness is that INTELLIGIBLE of self-revelation, it does NOT need or invite legislative definition and sanction.

    I AM WAITING TO FIND OUT HOW MANY PERCEPTIVE MIND CAN DETECT the “fake news aka adversity” in both announcement to invalidate its highly positive impression conveyed. And I repeat again, YOU NEED NOT NEED TO COMPREHEND GEOLOGY to get the “right” answer.

    FAKE NEWS legislative minds reside in the fantasy world of hypothetical of future events happening as if they are minds of legal and factual DIVINE DISCOVERY NOW. It is fiacking fiction. And any legal mind will agree with me that misleading and deceptive conduct in common law DOES NOT IMPLY DISHONESTY….in common law concepts.. it is simply “defined” as “any non-trivial contribution to the cause of the process”. Where is my proof? Remember Lehman Brother bond debacles, some banks refused to pay buyers of these dud investment asserting that they are NOT dishonest nor are deceptive. But in Hong Kong, everyone got compensated. And soon enough, the sellers in LEE-jiapore bend to common law reality. They are still liable even without the claimants proving or needing to prove dishonesty and/or deceptive conduct of the seller. That the seller NOT having fully disclosed all the risks (which the seller might not have been fully aware of himself/herself and therefore impossible of wrong of dishonesty or deceptive behaviour) is liability which must be accounted for to the unlucky buyers.

    What I illuminates in the two case study is – not what is should be or could be OF HYPOTHETICAL FUTURE (fake news) BUT WHAT IS IT NOW OF REALITY. Is there fake news in the social media or corporate world?

    to continue.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    MATE, CONTINUING FROM I LEFT OFF – both announcements from Emmerson Resources and Antipa Minerals ARE NOT FAKE NEWS but truthful to every details of meeting listing requirement and corporate law in Australia. So they complied with all laws, I have no doubt about it – otherwise the directors would have been hauled in by the securities watchdog – ASIC – by now on complaints of aggrieved shareholders/investors. And it is “misleading” to those who disagree with its contents or at least what some law dumb minds would have us believing in.

    What does that tells me? What is ‘fake news” to one message receiver is GENUINE CORRECT NEWS to another – and BOTH ARE NOT WRONG. Why? Because each views the matter from different perspective and came up with different conclusion. Financial markets are like that – it is stupid to talk of this share price should have gone up, that one should have gone down, I should have bought more…I should have not bought this dud….ALL FIACKING IDIOTS! It is all fiction of fantasy self-delusion. Investors – just like receivers of news – DEALS WITH REALITY NOW!!

    And that is why fake news legislation is VERY DANGEROUS of self-inflicted damage hindering national development. Malaysia had intended that they also introduced fake news legislation BUT I STRONGLY SUSPECT THAT THEIR LEGAL ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS are A LOT SMARTER than the mob of sh*ts we have in LEE-jiapore who, bewilderingly, imagine themselves to own telescopic divine vision of the future and what is true and what is false WHEN TRUTHFULNESS AND FALSITY IN THEMSELVES ARE MOVING FEAST of reality. How do you chase fictions when you don’t even comprehend reality?

    Imagine this real possibility from the perspective of LEE-jiapore as a global financial centre – DIRECTORS OF LISTED ENTITY made announcements – all true and honest and comply with all corporate laws governing directors’ conduct made announcement that it wants a big capital raising to fund expansion project but totally unaware of new breakthrough technology undermining the proposed investment. Three years later, the investment went sour. AND DISGRUNTLED SHAREHOLDERS, relying on prospectus disclosures SUE THE BOARD AND THE COMPANY FOR “FAKE NEWS”.

    So every time a Lehman Bros episode erupt, the banks/financial institutions selling bonds or a corporate issuing bonds, ALL those adversely trapped and lost money SUE LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE on “fake news”? And Lee-jiapore, instead of becoming a global financial centre becomes the LEADING GLOBAL LITIGATION CENTRE?

    Do we have fake news legislation in Zurich, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney?

    FIACKING IDIOTS!!! Complete morons!!

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    Ooops, sorry, typo error there. The line below

    oxygen: Malaysia had intended that they also introduced fake news legislation

    should have been read as

    oxygen: Malaysia had intended that they also introduced fake news legislation BUT HAS BACKED OFF AND REDOING THEIR RE-THINKING, IT IS BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD

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  • Bystander:

    The Govt controlled MSM, Mediacorp and SPH, are the dispenser of fake news, disguised and packaged to look real.
    Only the lower class citizens believe in them.

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  • MarBowling:

    Man(Mai Hum and his faicking Select Committee)proposes, God deposes! Period.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    @ oxygen:
    Fake news & falsehoods first emerged during Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign when the Globalists tried to derail his bid for Presidency looking for negative issues to “tar & feather’ him re: RussianGate, Stormy Daniels, etc. And when one looks deep into the “Fake news & falsehoods” issues, you would realised in America, there is a disturbing ‘hidden’ relationship amongst corrupt politicians (Globalists faction enriched through corporate & Wall Street lobbyists), the Traditional Mass Media & the Deep State (the state organs – FBI, CIA & the judiciary – DOJ, AG office).
    Trump might be an idiot (politically) but he knows his stuff (a billionaire – a sign of economic thinking superiority). He is highly intelligent enough to circumvent the Status Quo by twittering his (unregulated & uncensored) thoughts via Social Media instead of channeling through the hostile MSM whom would reconfigured & distort his message to their benefit. You see, power in the US is achieved by “controlling the Narrative while restricting the Dialogue”. One way to restrict the dialogue is to ‘feather & tar’ the messenger by focusing on his personal flaws & indiscretions. The Deep State helps out by controlling & filtering surveillance & intelligence bits of information ‘in their vaults’. The chain of command then gives the go-ahead to release Pertinent bits of revealing information from the Deep State’s vault to the MSM channels for their hidden agenda.
    And that is how fake news & falsehood came about.
    But S’pore (rather the PAP) jumped on the Fake News & Falsehood bandwagon in an ironical sense. Already in full control of “controlling the Narrative while suppressing the Dialogue”. They already had a Monopoly over knowledge & Wisdom in S’pore’s realm, the sole voice of the Narrative & engineered no feedback channels to disrupt their Narrative – why go to such extreme extents?
    Truth is that S’pore is failing economically. The entrenchment over the political landscape using “fake news & falsehoods” legislation is simply reinforcing their political insecurities through fear of losing power & thus their riches. And global shifts are going against the PAP’s Narrative of keeping the status quo going because they themselves are fearful of confronting the unknown aware that failures would cause them to lose their salaries. What I write – correct?

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    US President Donald Trump is a polarising figure. But if I were to analyse him critically & without any emotional baggage – he is, in a sense, incorruptible (already a self-made billionaire) – how much more money does he really need? But at heart, he is an American (& a successful land developer). He is feeling angst about America’s descend into economic mediocrity, the decline of the US middle-class (he is a developer, dependent on the middle-class for his wealth) & at the loss of good jobs through Globalization (his wealth is dependent on domestic US consumption).
    So in a sense, he is a political ‘outsider’ in Washington DC. Virtually, most of the past US President were career politicians; having left office much richer than upon entering office. US politics were dependent on monies (donations) from US Corporations, Wall Street Institutions & from rich donors (1%). From this, you can see how US politics had evolved from doing bidding from those who can ‘control’ the agenda. And politics is about control even amongst themselves – “Controlling the Narrative while Restricting the Dialogue”. I’ve watched the Australian PM merry-go-round & political scene with great interest. The politics involved has great ambitions & a willingness to sabotage in order to “have a go” in office. Look at the coordinated attacks on politicians on media when they go out of line or outlive their usefulness re: Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce, Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton.
    The Deep State are the enforcers (collecting surveillance & intelligence bits of information for future use) whose appointments are through political alliances. The Traditional Mainstream Media channels are controlled by industrialists & capitalists (1%).
    In a sense, being a skeptic & having a cynical mind keep one well-balanced in a world full of ‘fake news & falsehood’. Nothing is out of the ordinary because most of what happens within the political sphere is often ‘staged’ & ‘triggered’ by the politicians/Deep State & the MSM nexus. What I see are masses often indoctrinated by the political narrative & repressed in thought processes (hopeless education) unable to engage in constructive dialogue. And that is why humanity is often a herd creature in reality – the need to follow & be led by others is strong! In S’pore, it is a totally blind following!

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  • oxygen:

    IF ANTIPA MINERALS AND EMMERSON RESOURCES EXAMPLES are not big enough to give the FAKE NEWS SELECT COMMITTEE an orgasmic spasm, here is a bigger LIGHTNING STRIKE of “FAKE NEWS” of a real world example.

    Take a look at this head spinning announcement of Cardinal Resources announcement of 16 November 2016 quantifying its maiden gold resource discovery at Namdini at 4 million ounces of gold.

    4 million ounce maiden resource at Namdini….screams Cardinal Resources of its headline read in that announcement.


    How did the market reacted? Go Google this – CDV.ax + share price and then try the interactive chart to 5 year historical chart, you see this. It share price went the other way – COLLAPSED FROM OVER 60c per share to 21c on 11 November 2016.

    SO IS THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF CDV.AX of 6 November 2016 “FAKE NEWS” i.e. dishonest, deceptive and misleading and those who caught the proverbial “falling knife” got CONNED BY THE FAKE NEWS of 4 million oz gold discovery??
    That 4 mln oz at A$1,600 per oz is $6.4 BILLION DOLLARS though maybe 60% is mineable later of profitable extraction (A$3.84 BILLION). A lot of money to be made but share price of CDV.ax went into a tail spin.

    Post script; – here are some announcements. Global gold fund investor, Van Eck in December 2016 increased its substantial shareholding in CDV.ax


    At its Annual General Meeting of shareholders in November 2017 – A YEAR LATER, the company’s presentation shows the 4 million oz resources at Namdini is still there. And CDV attracted such luminous investors among its substantial shareholder. They include

    - Bank of Nova Scotia
    - Gold Fields (Australia)
    - Van Eck
    - Royal Bank of Canada
    - Sprott Asset Management
    - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    see page 4 of this AGM presentation for proof.


    CDV.ax market capitalisation then was only A$210 million.

    NOW IMAGINE DISGRUNTLED SHAREHOLDERS OF CDV.AX SUED FOR “FAKE NEWS” announcement of CDV.ax of 7 November 2016 of 4 million oz gold resource discovered at Namdini, Ghana, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO WIN THE COURT HEARING (if held today) when presented with evidence that the share price have recovered and luminous banks and gold funds are its strong unwavering investors?

    WHAT IS “FAKE NEWS” to disgruntled panic stricken loser of November 2016 IS FIACKING GOOD BUYING OPPORTUNITY for smart global institutional investors.


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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble rouser,

    YOU CAN SEE FROM ABOVE EXAMPLES INCLUDING CARDINAL RESOURCES real world case histories, THE WRIGGLING WORMS OF FAKE NEWS FASCINATION OBSESSION dwells in their own little APPOSITE corner of lunatic hallucination as if the world world is waiting to strike down their hypocritical epilepsy.

    The world is not such a stable utopia state of predictable calm even windless surface. There will be a lot of uncertainties and only those who thrives in uncertainty survives and prosper on. If predictable stability is utopia, JUST BAN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND WE ALL CAN HAPPILY RETIRE TO LIVE IN THE CALM SERENITY OF THE STONE AGE CAVE-man habitation oblivious to the outside world.

    There is an old OZ wisdom saying – DON’T FORGET THE BIG STICK ON YOUR OWN BACK.

    The FAKE NEWS legislative intent is going to BACKFIRE AND OBSTRUCT national development. In practical world, THERE IS ORDER INSIDE CHAOS and if you try to managed CHAOS, you did be chasing the ghosts of fiction and the devils of truthful accountability will eat you up.

    Ever wonder why despite all those Trump stupid boy baby cry of fake news, JEFF SESSIONS didn’t start a crazy thing as FAKE NEWS LEGISLATION is US?

    He knew FAKE NEWS IS EXACTLY THAT – FAKE NEWS of self-inflicted damage. Wall Street, the heart of financial market in US and the rest of the world – will die of a heart attack.


    PAPpys are just one stupid mob incomparable when it comes to economy, business and the REALITIES IN THE PRACTICAL WORLD.

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  • oxygen:

    Ooops, sorry, typo error there, the line

    oxygen: Take a look at this head spinning announcement of Cardinal Resources announcement of 16 November 2016 quantifying…

    should be read as

    oxygen: Take a look at this head spinning announcement of Cardinal Resources announcement of 7 November 2016 quantifying…

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    ALWAYS ENJOY READ THE DEEP THOUGHT IN YOUR HEAD, mate. I think the Fake News Legislative intent WON’T SAVE THE PAPpys. The truths of a failing economy will still rules from its BURIAL (buried by intended fake news legislation) GRAVEYARD.

    Rabble-rouser: Truth is that S’pore is failing economically. The entrenchment over the political landscape using “fake news & falsehoods” legislation is simply reinforcing their political insecurities through fear of losing power & thus their riches. And global shifts are going against the PAP’s Narrative of keeping the status quo going because they themselves are fearful of confronting the unknown aware that failures would cause them to lose their salaries. What I write – correct?

    That is why I wrote this paragraph (before seeing and reading your post comment above)

    oxygen: @ Rabble rouser,

    YOU CAN SEE FROM ABOVE EXAMPLES INCLUDING CARDINAL RESOURCES real world case histories, THE WRIGGLING WORMS OF FAKE NEWS FASCINATION OBSESSION dwells in their own little APPOSITE corner of lunatic hallucination as if the world world is waiting to strike down their hypocritical epilepsy.

    The world is not such a stable utopia state of predictable calm even windless surface. There will be a lot of uncertainties and only those who thrives in uncertainty survives and prosper on.

    PAPpys is playing with fire – just like the asset enhancement politics scam – the fake news legislation will turn LEE-jiapore into a PARIAH STATE of deep entrenched suspicion in a world where “normalcy” includes the vagaries of interpreted realities/falsities – THERE IS NO UNITARY DEFINITION OF TRUTH/FALSITY IN STATUTORY LAW and the vagaries of that in the common law application is exactly what K. Shanmugam said too – a matter of changing social mores and values. Yet they try to legislate a ghost of legal fiction and expecting that to work?

    The SMEs on SGX are dying breed. Many are running at losses but because they bought property assets 20 to 30 years ago, their a*ses sit on some revalued assets which, if sold now, give them a survival life-line but it won’t last.

    BIG FOREIGN LISTINGS WON’T COME TO LEE-jiapore. Remember SGX attempted to buy ASX yrs ago and fallen apart. Big PRC mining entities lists in HKSE, the red chips on SGX are fly by night. Without big foreign listings worrying about fake news lawsuit, WE MUST DECLINE AS FINANCIAL CENTRE TOO.

    LEE-jiapore is dying faster – becuz of PAPpys incompetent SCUMBAGS.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Rabble-rouser

    THE CARDINAL RESOURCES announcement of 7 November 2016 of a huge discovery of 4 million oz of gold at Namdini, Ghana, also GOT ONE BIG CLUE of concealed “BAD” news – WHICH EXPLAINS WHY by the 11 November 2016, it share price collapsed from over 60c to 21c.

    AND AGAIN, YOU DON’T NEED KNOWLEDGE OF GEOLOGY to discover this clue. That announcement is NOT meant to be read by investors with a geology-bent of informed awareness, it is for ANY INVESTORS including the peasantry mom-and-dad Aussie investors.

    BUT I BET THE PAPpys SELECT COMMITTEE won’t be able to fish out what is wrong with this “bullish” Cardinal Resources announcements so aggressively sold down by shareholders in the avalanche sell-off.

    THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS FAKE NEWS ARE BEST WHEN IT IS CUNNINGLY CONCEALED – difficult to detect – particularly in the political world where they did the most damage – just like HDB ownership/lease controversy and Asset enhancement politics scams.


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