As Starhub retrenches, it is the duty of NTUC to ensure that Singaporeans are last to go

I have read in the news that Starhub will be retrenching about 300 employees due to intense market competition.

This is bad news, but I believe that Starhub must have taken other cost cutting measures that have shown to be inadequate before resorting to retrenchment. So far, NTUC has been quiet about this news and I don’t like that.

In such matters, it is only right that the priority candidates for retrenchment should be foreigners and not Singaporeans. I repeat. Priority candidates for retrenchment must be foreigners and not Singaporeans!

In short, make every effort to save Singaporeans’ jobs. If any Singaporean employee is found to be lacking in qualifications or competency, then double up their training efforts so that they can eventually be entrusted to take over their retrenched colleagues’ jobs.

I recognise that it is not easy but by the same token, it is definitely not impossible. PAP’s well-paid ministers must understand that is a basic responsibility that they owe to all Singaporean employees.


Simon Lim



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21 Responses to “As Starhub retrenches, it is the duty of NTUC to ensure that Singaporeans are last to go”

  • Boh Kia See:

    When was the last time you see NTUC coming out in support of Staff being retrenched or not given a promotion?

    We need to be realistic that NTUC is not there to help staff with employment issues. They do not interfere or fight for you where your employment is an issue. But while you are employed you have to pay your subs.

    That is why we have many PMETs driving taxis as it is the way to go. Workers should wake up and move away from the NTUC and fight their own battles since NTUC is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    No need to lament over these things. There will be more of such issues–such focus on the main objective: which is to VTO the PAP. The campaign has got to start now from block to block and floor by floor.

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  • N.Jungne:

    NTUC is busy setting up FoodFare, where got time for labor movements.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    I don’t know about Starhub but M1 and Singtel. Was once a long-time customer of Singtel till they go overboard to charge me monthly for service I never wanted or requested. I left them for good and thus saving me a few hundred $ a month. Never been happier since.

    Go back 5 to 8 years ago, Singtel service centre was infested by foreigners from pinoy land and same to the call centre. You can almost never understand what they speak although they speak in heavy foreign ascent English I usually cut off and call again hoping a Singaporean will pick up

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Is all too late, Stinkies voted for this to happen….so be it. You deserve what you voted for.

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  • conu eat shit:

    It will be SINGAPOREANS that will be taken off their jobs first.The FT are LHL’s darlings.He will keep them at all cost.These pool of FTs will be loyal to him unlike Singaporeans.The father and son had taken every oppuniety to scold the local calling them DAFT and saying things like “Locals commit more crime that FTs”

    Both LKY and LHL are traitors to Singaporeans and Singapore.The father worked for the Japanese god only knows who may locals were executed by the Japs due to the GOOD work of our FOUNDING PM.After the Japs surrendered he BACKSTABBED his fellow party member and got rid of them under operation COOL STORE and Operation Spectrum.He was a cold hearted MONSTER within.

    His son imports FTs by the ship loads and steals our lunches.He feels so insecure that he need to “FIX THE OPPOSITION” and sue Roy till his pants drop.He does not HAVE THE BALLS TO SUE his brother and sister who have called him “DISHONOURABLE SON”.He also SPINELESS sack ministers and civil servants who do not perform. He have brought the FAMILY MATTER about OXLEY HOUSE to the public and made Singapore an laughing stock.However he had kept his wife’s pay a STATE SECRET.With such a PM SINGAPORE IS TRULY DOOMED,this is THE HARD TRUTH.

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  • HarderTruths:

    This does not mean they are doing badly – just they want to keep their disgusting profit margins.

    I know Starhub uses young $G people a lot – not because this gives youngsters a chance but because it’s cheap labour and young people almost never complain or fight for their rights and can be replaced more easily.

    These will be the first to go.

    Then the other back-of-house crew who thought their jobs were safe. Customer relations, points-of-sale, maintenance and upgrading – the lot.

    Senior management who contribute nothing will be safe.

    Note the chopping block will contain people mostly those that are or will be voting pappies.

    What goes round comes round. No one will cry for you pappy-voters.

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  • HarderTruths:


    If you want to reach out to Starhub make sure it is in Traditional Mandarin/Cantonese or Hindi/Urdu because that is the FT who are running the show that you are dealing with,

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  • LIONS:

    So,$tarhub retrenching owing to INTEN$E competition?
    So,why my $INGtel bill still so UNCOMPETITIVE?

    BTW,as there are now a HIGH PROPORTION OF FTs to locals in telcos,we need to know HOW MANY LOCALS N HOW MANY NON-sgs from the retrenching excerci$e?

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  • oxygen:

    STARHUB IS IN TELECOMMUNICATION BUSINESS – essential service in heavy demand – yet the retrenchment comes in such a HUGE WHACKING of one single hit. Me thinks this is only the beginning of economy unraveling – other more volatile sectors are ready to offload and unload/retrench expense accounts, particularly disposable labor.

    Trump trade tariff war has disrupted global supply chain and economic functioning. More deterioration of global economic conditions lie ahead.

    Xiao (mad) ones still chasing private property living in fantasy land of utopia of pumping money into liability (mortgage) when business is shedding assets ( marginal business and skilled highly-experienced labor included) WITHOUT WARNING of BIG SURPRISE.

    If assets are bad, how can liability accumulation be good? It is simply mind-boggling to me. Jovell in Pasir Ris sold less than 10% of its entire project at launch, other developers must be facing sleepless nights now.

    Buyers of property can only think of “property”. To them “economy” either a fiction or don’t exist. They will soon find out what is REAL.

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  • problem maker:

    If I am not wrong over various speeches as I perceived, PAP is for PAP first and not individuals.

    Most companies go for Profits rather than care about nationality. That’s not their responsibility in the first place. The cheaper the better. Ask those retrenched and jobs seeker, they will tell you. I am sure they will retain one or 2 for shitty times care fake news.

    If they cared, they wouldn’t have created the problems in the first place. Their policies failed from A to Z. What upgrade nonsense?

    Foreigners create Jobs……. Steal their lunch boxes….. guess who?
    We don’t pay millions for these kinds of shits. The highest paid but the worse, if you will to ask me. He is the problem maker, don’t you think?

    More broken families…. and more to come…..soon it’ll hit you…..and soon even the FTs will be eaten up.

    VTO to save your children footings in Singaland, otherwise its gone.

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  • oxygen:

    UM CHAI SEE (don’t know what death is like until seeing coffin), read this piece of factual reality news below, it is ominous of what could come soon.

    Trump’s economic miracle of tax cut and big spending deficit is near expiry date.

    IF ECONOMY GLOBAL ECONOMY IS GOOD, US included, how come transportation stocks in US is reporting slowing business and gloomy outlook? No doubt, oil price have risen 26% since year beginning but fuel is only ONE COMPONENT and the costs can be pass on to consumers. But how come they couldn’t do it?

    The divergence between DJ Transportation Index (heading south) even as DJ Industrial Index, S & P 500 stock index, Nasdaq heading record level is time for sober reflection. Stocks in US is BUBBLY. Global property market is popping its bubble too – from Sydney, to HK, to Vancouver/Toronto to London, Dublin, Munich etc etc



    A grim sign that economy is turning the corner into adversity. Bulls are slaughtered and surging bears roaming everywhere. And bigger and more bitter trade wars are ahead.

    PROPERTY-LADEN ARTIFICIAL BEAUTIES IN LEE-jiapore are entombed in debt obsession will not find an escape route IF THE CARNAGE ERUPTS.

    STUPID ECONOMIC resting on property/infrastructure augmented by foreign influx and funded out of domestic savings including trapped CPF money.

    I am completely pissed off.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Telephony, Internet, cable TV & mobile/data communications services were essential or everyday services which people once take for granted. I believe that the market had become oversaturated & the competition grew too complacent & too comfortable because of a price cartel between the previous 3 players. The entry of a 4th player, TPG has shaken the foundations of a once-comfortable marketplace where the players were contented with retaining the status quo. M1, the smallest & weakest are being taken over by the bigger fishes from the GLC stables. And Starhub have just woken up, the management starts to shake the organisation tree because it’s either the staff or them! In a post-secondary institutions, the incumbent management of the acquired company are the first to go. Even Singtel, the biggest player, is deeply affected by the maturing market & the entrant of a 4th player. Their biggest Investment in Optus Australia were plummeted by the decline of the AU$ & the even stiffer competition in Australian marketplace. Optus is a very weak number 2 in Australia as number 3 Vodafone are snapping at their heels. Telstra invests heavily in the telecommunications sector to keep their market leadership & their premium business customers while Vodafone, offer very competitive consumer packages to win consumers over. Optus? Neither here nor there. Typical of the PAP & their Meritocratic Scholars. Singtel should have sold Optus during the Private Equity buying frenzy around 2010 to 2013. The valuations then were very high while the AU$ ex-rate was SIN$1.30:AU$1.00. A missed opportunity!
    Like I say in my previous comments, how can PAP continue to connect high pay with poor performance? Their failure culture is unsustainable because the monies will run out at some point! Look at the delays they’ve put to stop retirees from accessing their CPF balances.

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  • Easy To Retrench:

    Government linked companies took lead in hiring more foreign workers and firing locals as more ruthless transient foreign mercenaries are put to helm these companies. Having little or no stake in this country, these bosses took the short term approach in making business decisions.
    They will pack and go once their contract is up and continue to build their career hype around unaware nascent companies in developing world.

    In any case, telcos such as starhub and singtel depend on government instituted protection of reduced competition to survive.
    None of them has make any notable inroads to markets out of Singapore. All depended on outsourcing at the expense of customer support, if there is any to speak of.
    Many of their business practices are questionable.

    Starhub will continue to shed core functions until a state where the dilapidated company is sold.

    If sinkies are unconvinced, just name a few foreign led thriving GLCs to debunk what is said.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    300 staff to be retrenched BUT one single person’s PAY and Perks “P a P” who sits on the board of Starhub better KNOWN as “The Jinx” can employ 3,000 staff

    How loong can this looney carry on???

    With a Looney & a Jinx NOTHING can go RIGHT…RIGHT???

    Exercise your RIGHT and Vote out the WRONG lah!!!

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  • rukidding:

    Thank you Simon for “speaking up” on behalf of those affected Singaporeans !

    I am very “ashamed” of my Indian/Malay President.

    She seems to be so “quiet” about this kind of issues happening ?

    Not sure f she is “waiting for instructions from somebody” before she can say something “so kindful and thoughtful” for those “affected Singaporeans !

    Sometimes, I wonder what she really mean by “Do Good, Do together” ???

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  • Mark Lee Mo Bank:

    Terms of employment

    Either party (employer or employee) can terminate the contract without giving any reason.

    They can just fire anyone. The employee can just resign and go work elsewhere,

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  • Sperm Diablo:

    GLC staff get retrenched?

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  • True facts:

    True situation very bad now alot of people jobless in the market.

    That’s why COE also drop badly.

    Alot of gimmicks on property sales in the market.

    Many people crying to the banks now on mortgage payment.

    You look around you will see alot of young graduates and PMETs all jobless now.

    Don’t think its good.

    GIC also need fund now that’s why all taxes up to the nose.

    Be watchful.

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  • True facts:

    Indian president busy counting her million dollars salary rather than looking after you.

    Understood la.


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  • Next Will Be KopiTiam Staff?:

    ‘Kaki Lang’ will be deployed to take over!

    Let’s watch and see…..

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  • Thunderstorm coming:

    Starhub retrench 300 staff. Giant closing stores, but quiet about retrenchments. Go round the shopping centres and you’ll see many many shops closed, premised vacated. Notice more PHV vehicles on the road ? …dark clouds looming….

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