Is a legislated bonus PAP’s hypocrisy at the highest level?

I share the sentiments of Cheng Shoong Tat whose letter was published in the in the Straits Times forum page of 5 October 2018, namely, “Not way for government to act in a market economy”.

The PAP government has legislated that from 2020, cleaning companies must pay cleaners annual bonus. This has not only interfered with the healthy functioning of a free market economy, it totally disregards the performance of the workers and the financial situations of the respective companies as well and they were all mentioned by Cheng.

I want to add one other observation. When Professor Lim Chong Yah was the Chairman of the National Wages Council (NWC), he proposed a mere $50/ increase in the salary for our low income workers.

This was promptly shot down by the then Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say, who argued that workers’ salaries should not rise ahead of workers’ productivity.

And a few years later, the PAP government themselves have the gall to legislate cleaning firms to pay bonus to their cleaners as a matter of legal requirement. That is so laughable and to me and I consider it another one of the PAP government’s hypocrisy at the highest national level.

Today, Josephine Teo is the Manpower Minister. Hasn’t she got anything to say about “dangerous to allow wages get ahead of workers’ productivity” that her predecessor, Lim Swee Say so eloquently espoused?


Simon Lim



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11 Responses to “Is a legislated bonus PAP’s hypocrisy at the highest level?”

  • N.Jungne:

    Now even your maids belong to the Seow one.

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  • LIONS:

    i dont want to haggle over paying our low wage workers fairly especially jobs like cleaners which are now shunned by PAP’s foreigners who come here?

    our older sgs are doing such jobs and they are from poor families.
    if not,why they need the ‘EXCERCISE’ to sweep and clean after others’ LITTERRING!!!!

    GOOD TO PAY THESE WORKERS WELL especially the ‘field staff’ of the CLEANING COMPANIES,WHO CAN ARGUE,ECONOMICS OR NOT?????????????????????????????????

    SHAME TO CEOs who pay themselves top $$$ for bonuses after getting HIGH BASIC PAYCHECKS like THAT DBS BANK CEO whose performance i question as there is no segregation between the PORTION AWARDED FOR CONTRIBUTIIONS FROM OVERSEAS BRANCHES AND INVESTMENTS AGAINST LOCAL FRANCHISED BUSINESS???



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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Should the price of HDB flat MORE THAN DOUBLE while wages were STAGNANT? It happened over the last 14 years. Isn’t this another good reason for REGIME CHANGE?

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  • Legislated self gratification:

    Since Barisan Socialis staged a mass walkout of Parliament, the ashened LKY seized the opportunity to place irresponsibility to the citizenry won the election n gained absolute power. From then he used the absolute power to amend the Constitution for the advantage of his party n started his campaign to wipe out all political opposition by suppressing freedom of speech, expression n assembly of political dissention. He began nurturing a harem of bootlickers, brownnosers, polanpa which r essentially bolampa no difference from the eunuch. The evil of eunuch is well documented. When a professional builds his career upon polanpa, it starts an eroding process of humam values – dignity, integrity, honesty n shamelss. The greatest contribution to its host is compromising its duty n responsibility. A plp in Judicialry compromises justice. A plp in security compromises public security by focussing on the security of the hosts. In politic, it means compromising political justice towards benefits of the prevailing power n deliberate suppression of opposition. In public appointment conflict of interest become a non issue with a ludicrous n distinctively fraudulent excuse of career success. In engineering plp could mean loss of life n resources where risk factor can be compromised at the wishes of the lps. Many engineering disasters r brought abt by the plp compromising the safety factor for financial, time set by the lps. A govt nurturing plps at the expence of capability, state fund n more dangerous to spread to other profession by the upward appt of plps as rewards for the bgood plp done. Plps at the top would general appoint incapable subordinates n suppress promotion of capable ones for fear of exposing their stupidlity n inadequacy but they would not hesitate to pllagiarise the good ideas n credit of good performance due to the subordinates. In the long run, the services from such public institution is effectively fake n r really the source of fake news. Any professional with high respect for human dignity, integrity n honesty will rather resign or retire rather succumb to polanpa the nfi superior from the very top to his immediate superior. Those in public institutions will undoubtedly share such sentiments with their own experience. Citizens would have felt such prevalence of polanpaism. Extensive polanpa culture signals a decline of the public administration n a eroding political integrity.
    Citizens must be wondering why MPs n Ministers could become so arrogant, so derogative n so bestial. The reason lies in their comfort zone created by the harem of polanpas n absolute power. All power corrupt n absolute power corrupts absolutely becomes a political cliche not without reasons. No where in the world with reasonabble checks n balances provided by…

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  • HarderTruths:

    Simon Simon Simon Simon

    You still believe $G still functions to the basic laws of economics? Wrong. $G is an artificially constructed Ponzi scheme.

    Our IB’s have taken this apart – the bonus just means the wages or costs will be cut elsewhere. However this bonus can be TAXED.

    This will not be the only ‘bonus’. Christmas is coming and there is going to be less cheer that usual when Grinch Pinky steals the gifts.

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  • Legislated self gratification2:

    a substantial political opposition would have pulled the govt to task for public deprivation of citizenry. Husband n wife control of the national asset n investment will be stopped. Conflit of interests in public appointment will solely based on the relationship unaffected by career success or wealth. Any nepotic appt will be blocked n legally charged for corruption thru abuse of power. Many of the things happening beyond comprehension will be dealt with by the political opposition. The recent political shock reverberating thru the world from Malaysia has put fear of similar fates n citizens sees the many changes which many are sceptical for these r vote buying at the citizens allow absolute power own expence. Nevertheless the citizens should ask themselves, if Najib has won would these things happen in Singapore. Never never allow absolute power to prevail. In fact regular change of ruling party has many good return. This will provide the nurturing of alternate govt, put the prevailing power on their toes for fear of losing in the next election, eliminate arrogance n insidiousnrss, minimise polanpaism, better n efficient public service, moreattentive to public voices, freedom of speech, expression n assembly, true journalism n fair reporting, justice n respectability. No politician would have the guts to insult the poor n threaten the citizens with the import of foreigners to replace them. The children will be encouraged to reach as high as their ability takes them n the humble workers r respected n honoured.. rather than to con that degree is unnecessary to be successful. This would be true if wualified with the difficult n torturous path comparedwith those more highly educated. Party will be more disciplined n think twice over formulating a policy or propaganda. Citizens should take time to think how pap has come to such arrogance n doo as they desire including threats n insults. Voting is not just personal. It holds duty towards fellow citizens n should not be traded with small gains which r anyway be paid back many folds later depending on how much power thry command!

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  • Adam Smith says:

    “No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable… To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature.”

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  • clown pap toothpick thief:

    up the downturn. the ffffing clown pap toothpick thief can say.

    no need much space to ffff. the clown pap Cb can say.

    with such in charge, can 70% sheep life improve?

    ffffing stupid is 70% sheep.

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  • SG coalition Tak Harapan:

    This is in essence how authoritarian model works. Everything is artificial. It relies on brute force to get things done.


    It does not know any other way.

    North Korea is different. It’s ways are lower class. It creates fake towns and make it’s people appear to love the leader so much they are ecstatic to see him.

    Some countries do it with more class.

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  • Throwing crumbs at peasants:

    The crumbs being thrown to the starving peasants , only when the aristocrats had stuffed themselves full.
    Stay awake you silly peasants , or else suffer more of the same or worse!

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  • rukidding:

    I have always have the “impression and opinion” that the “select committee” for the salary review is “slanted”

    Only a few people were “selected” and it “happens so fast…as fast as lightning”.

    Why didn’t the PAPpy Government “went a step further” and call for a Public like referendum to “put a vote” on whether how much each citizen “thinks” should be the “right pay scale” ( ie after the select committee recomendations )????

    Why did it take it that because there is “No need to do this Public referensum because 70% already “chose them” to lead ???

    Gheez…..imagine,…something so “sensitive and big” and so “costly” to the tax payers …..and “they” chose to “avoid” using the public to “vote”???

    And now,…what happens???….the people are “not happay” but can only “kpkb” ?/???

    Sillyporeas indeed !

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