SDP Warned about EIP and PAP’s Racial Politics Years Ago

It was reported yesterday that minorities are having a hard time selling their flats because, under the Ethnic Integration Policy or EIP, they cannot sell them to Singaporean Chinese families under certain conditions.

This means that they are only able to sell the flats to people from minority races, a situation that significantly restricts the pool of potential buyers thus reducing their market value.

Their situation was raised by four MPs in Parliament last week.

The SDP had pointed out this discriminatory practice in 2015 in our alternative policy A Singapore For All Singaporeans (read the paper here).

In it, we stated that the EIP prevented minority families “from getting the best value for their apartments should they wish to sell their property, especially in cases of divorce, financial emergency or other unforeseen events.”

The EIP is misguided. It was introduced, ostensibly, to promote racial integration and harmony. But it fails to take into consideration that home is where families return after a long day at work and in school. Regardless of race, people are desirous of living where they are closer to their work places, children’s schools and parents’ homes.

Also, living and working conditions in today’s society means that contact and socialisation with one’s neighbours is minimal. The idea that racial harmony can be achieved by sharing an occasional elevator ride with a member of a different race is at variance with reality.

Integration and multi-racialism needs to be considered from a holistic viewpoint, not just by limiting the number of Malays or Indians in various housing estates.

Removing racially discriminatory practices and establishing social, economic and educational policies that bring Singaporeans together – policies spelt out in the SDP’s proposal – will go a long way to promoting racial integration in Singapore.

But, worryingly, instead of fostering genuine racial unity, the PAP stokes ethnic differences by making Singaporeans vote along racial lines. Using the GRC system and the changing the Presidential Elections rules to push Mdm Halimah Yacob as President is clear demonstration that the PAP is intent on playing the race card in electoral politics.

Its divide-and-conquer strategy will result in distrust among the citizenry and end in a fragmented Singapore.

If after more that 50 years of non-stop PAP rule results in the system continuing to emphasise on skin colour rather than our shared experiences and pride of being Singaporeans, then the approach has failed. We must change course.

Singaporeans should be free to live wherever they choose; the government should not dictate where citizens live. The EIP is racial manipulation at its ugliest and must be abolished.


Singapore Democrats



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21 Responses to “SDP Warned about EIP and PAP’s Racial Politics Years Ago”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    Racial and FAKE news brought about the PAP’s stranglehold on the People of The Republic of Singapore…the master Racist and Fake Illusions created by a Bastard now dead is the Reality we are facing today…

    Fake… appreciation in affordable Inflated Homes…Fake… degree holders replacing Singaporeans and the LOST generation MURDERED in the [email protected] and LEEgal ABORTION…Fake… siege MENTALITY forcing our best to LEAVE or spend 2 years of their Prime preparing for an enemy that exists in the SICK mind of a Bastard now dead

    AND…FAKE…News & Newsreel daily churned out by Fake journalist

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  • Not Your Primary Job!:

    Account for our Nation Reserves first!

    Raising funds for charities should not be your priority!

    Singaporeans are getting fed up with you!

    Don’t pretend that Singaporeans are happy with you for drawing million$ and not achieving your basic KPIs!

    Do your job diligently, please!

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  • That'd not all pap did:

    Racial policy is not only their agenda for self gratification
    PAP leader also told NTUC members to be more greedy, more hungry n aggressive thieves to STEAL the jobs PAP plps have given to the foreigners they imported n the jobs they retrenched the citizens with the admission of the $10 chaitowkwei shit they have recruited as the 4th in his arrogant threat thst he has no problem to import foreign pmet. One could extrapolate from there that if even the top member of the constitution guaranteed judiciary did something incurring their displeasure, they would also have no problem to import a foreign judiciary member to replace him. Nevertheless the one thing that no citizen should take it handsdown is the insidious press info to foreign media is that Citizens r daft n choosy n they need to get foreigners to kick their butts. This is the sign of a deadly trait** whichall citizens have a duty to protect the nation against them. To spend $25 millions to stage a NK US wayang with the increase in taxes bringing the cost of living beyond tolerable limitd is the most unforgiving traitorous acts.

    It is really a shame n misfortune of SIN to have so many professionals instead of payback to the society that feed them succumb to the prevailing power to polanpa bootlick n brownose to be credited for wealth n promotion. It is time that the voting citizens should think for once the dignity n integrity of their future generation to rid of pap n its harem of plps who have surrendered their soul for gains once n for all n to see inside what have they be hiding from the citizens. A cleaning operation like Mahathir Najib avts is timely.

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  • LIONS:

    Stoopid rules that ruin sgs’ lives n break down families.

    Sick n tired of monkeys.

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  • Bapak:

    Hope these minority groups wake up to VTO. They only use minority races issues to their advantage, like the Indian-made-Malay President.

    When have PAP leaders trusted Singaporeans? They only use gurkhas to guard their residences instead of Singaporean policemen.

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  • PAP 50 y ,strategy:

    Isn’t this is PooAndPoo’s 50 years strategy to self gratify n self glorify themselves with the help of its well succumbed herd of Plp, bootlickers, brownosers or lately bolanpas so polanpa eunuch as the once royal prince n princess came to realization when the shits began to pile up at their own door steps?
    But this isn’t all. Today the fake news examplary mainstream media ST reported the prossecution of NS evader resulting nobly with jail n fine. Ironically, a 10 years deferment never has been given except to a son of the Minister of Defence n no reservist training but a cushy job replacement while his father was riding high but not really set a good example for those with power. Why is this evade the eyes, ears n nose of our public prosecutor in AGC. Yes, the deferment was legally permitted but doesn’t the exceptinal raises the suspicion n duty bounded justice enforcers of a possibility of public trust or commonly known as abuse of power? Legal academics have lectured this is considered n chargeable as corruption.
    The PSC in charge of scholarship bond has been seen to be quite strigent on its demand of scholars on state funds support to return immediately upon graduation to serve their bond. A classic case was the request of a Singapore scholar to continue with his postgrauate studies under n funded by a Nobel Laureate Professor was rejected n demand payment of half a million $ in pace of servicing the bond which his other did with her saving n cpf she has withdrawn on age 55. But the great plp, who once boasted he has the prince waiting for him at the hotel lobby every morning while he has his breakfast on a govt mission has humiliated him publicly though the scholar has legally fulfilling the bond contract agreement. But why r these great defenders of legal obligation slipped noticing a scholar, son of a prominent lp has not return on graduation but staying on to work in US until hewasexposed by law abiding n justice conscious Singaporean netizens n went virial in SIN sociopolitical website that he returned on completig one y of evasion of servicing his bond Whether he return to serve his bond like any ordinary Singaporean scholar, no one is wiser. Perhaps like his rebellious uncle, who knows. Why these freat law defenders remain like the three b, d n d monkeys.
    Yes SIN has differential sets of procedure for treating the citizens at large n the nepotic network of lmail n little nepotic offshoots witheach their herds of plps to feed n to place strategically to faciitate ongoing plps to further climb the ladder. One thing to note is that they have the power which they perceive to include such activities of gratification n glorification (SGSG clearly the Mission of the Absoute Power which means do as u like to them.

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  • "Carte Blanche":

    If they can dictate when to pay your CPF and how much you should receive of your own money each month upon reaching qualifying age (which has moved a few times), why can they not decide where you live? They can decide and do whatever they like. The 69.9% voted for them to dictate our lives! Anymore complaints?

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  • clown pap chicken and feathers:

    we were born before sgp independence. we grew up with sgp.

    true, under 1st gen pap leaders Dr Goh KS, Dr Toh CC, et al, sgp did go from 3rd world to 1st. there was hope in those days. there was pride too.

    then came seat warmer goh chock tong. the pap Lj all lies and no truth. world cup football? nothing. swiss standard of living? heck no, but swiss cost of living.

    the ultimate came when pap clown took over. sgp started to rot fast. very quickly, in a short 15 years, from 1st world back to 3rd world.

    the once great nation now filled with 3rd world cheap cheaper cheaperer labourers. and also the monied crooks.

    much worse, under pap clown, he rewrote the nation’s pledge. formerly, every citizen lives under the understanding of regardless of race, language, religion. but pap clown instituted race based policy. yet, pap clown lied in this. because although he said malay, he truly meant INDIAN. the much harder to swallow is the selected is actually a fake. look at the selected fake. she wears religion on her head. yet, if her religious practice is true, then, he wouldn’t have agreed to lie about her race.

    after all, her papa is INDIAN, her ic says INDIAN, her ownself has lamented about her INDIANness, yet when pap clown said she was malay, she didn’t practise her religion by telling the truth but participated in the lie.

    so sad that our pledge is rewritten. why go down that way? perhaps it is because pap clown is such a fake he had no choice but to fake race too. WTF.

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  • Read the OXFAM REPORT:

    Shocking or expected.
    Naturally our gov is disputing the claims..

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  • jim jim:

    minorities hard to sell complaint, minorities easier to get flat allocation due to the quota system no complaint !

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  • The Reality:

    This is a well-written piece.

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  • LIONS:

    i think SDP sgs are truly concerned with nation interests for the COMMON GOOD of ALL sgs and it’s such a great waste to see sgs shunning away from voting these socially-minded and public-spirited sgs into ParLEEment to kick out some of the white-ar$ed monkeys who are more concerned with their own INCOME$ than with commoners’ welfare n well-being?

    sgs,do wake up.
    young sgs,you are educated and shud be more discerning when it comes to VOTING.




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  • Asd:

    Ha Ha … Milo … so happy to alway see on tv n in here… makes my day… Ha Ha. Totally fully worthy to pay for making everyone laugh…

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  • Asd:

    They own the country la… all just work and pay tax… peasants….

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  • Bobo:

    “Are you Singaporean?” will the next question to ask. Heard that one of the lady MPs can’t even differentiate locals from FTs in her own constituency. We can name what is in a Rojak is important because we picked according to our liking.

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  • Wave of death of greedy govt:

    The wave od death swept US, Phillippine,Greece, Britain, Malaysia and now Brazil soon to return picking up more dead self gratifying n self gloritying political regimes along the way.Singaporeans r increasingly conscious of having a better control over the mandate to govern n that trust should not be blind n easily bought by unscrupulous political leader n his party members who owes their loyalty to the party n not the nation which feed s them with their own money. PAP has been so arrogant, highhanded n has no respect worse throwing insults at their level of education, wealth n social standing. The so called potential next PM, perhaps the next seat warming rotten idiot has openly threatening citizens that he has no problem to import foreign Pmets to fill up their position they have vacated by retrenchment. His insults on the citizens eating at the food centres next to wet markets is fouler than the British scumbag Casey n his unfortunate badly bht up infant son insulting the public transport commuters. Just as scumy is the defender of British shit who derogatorily called the netizens who only expressed their contempt on Casey for belittling our public transport users perhaps because she was so well paid by Singapore to think that she belonged to the sportcar Casey Club n the self gratified minister millionaires.
    Netizens have more to add

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  • Wave of death of greedy govt 2:

    But the important thing to note is how the wave of death of self gratifying govt n political leaders have cause unpresedented panic in SIN self gratifying, self glorifying billionaires pokiticians in the ruling party that they go on an early round of using citizens state fund to giving away money, amting to what Mrs Seat Warmer would dismiss as nano dust to each Sinkie hoping that would buy their votes to return again to screw n eliminate by enslaving them to their foreign trash. They have done this in many previous pre GE during their 50 years of humiliating citizens who their former ashened leader hasuncontrollably blared out to the media that eans r daft n lithurgic. Citizens must becreally daft as in other nation, the d will be booted out instead of staying to threaten to come back like Christian savour butvinstead it is his blood that do him in.
    Najib within a few years have done so much n with so few plps. It is scary to think what 50 y of dark operation n with a hugh herd of plps would do to the country. When the blood n physiological body fluid r sucked away. what wwouldbe left behind of a man? what will happen to a Nation of men under such scenario? Why the wave of death instill so much panic n fear to self gratifying n self glorifying political llea n ruling regime? Fear of losing power n cconsqueces of laying bare what have been going on in the dark or just plain greed? The point to learn is the citizens must exploit this weakness to ensure a govt to work in the n benefits of the citizens n not its own. To put on their toes will be a constant fear of loosing power n there r sufficient opposition to remind them or what is called checks n balances which demand sufficient transparency. Voices of Citizens aren’t noises of the environment as the ashened roti prata has humiliated.
    Singaporeans should ridevon the wave sweeping thru Malaysia n now Brazil. Learn from Bhutan, change the ruling party at every GE to restrain their arrogance n their self gratifying greed n maximise their duty und concern for the wealth of the citizenry.

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  • a PG:

    EIP applies to all HDB flats. What about the private condos, private housing estates ? Do they have racial quotas as well? Are the G not concerned about private estates with only one race there ?

    Someone says we are NOT owners of HDB flats, but only tenants. That is why we have no say to whom we want to sell our HDB flats.

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  • Sing Indian Song?:

    No need to sing lah!

    Just tell Singaporeans that our Nation Reserves have been Audited and Certified
    Correct on dd/mm/2018 and we shall call in and donate this Sunday.

    It is as simple as that, can you “do good and do it altogether?”

    Talk is Cheap! Action please!

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  • Singaporean:

    If we want to talk of equality, then we should talk of all kinds of equality.
    Minority rights are not equality…. how much longer do we need to give these minority rights.

    Go thru the list and you will find that even buying a HDB flat, the minority receives minority rights at a discounted price. If given that then there should be restrictions to the selling of such units.

    It is well known that their birth rates are so much higher than the others Singaporeans….Consequently, in buying HDB flats, each child buying a flat, in itself gives them so much largesse.

    There are so much more largesse in-terms of hospital bills. Their relationship connections makes a mockery of our welfare system and at most times they hardly pay anything in the end.

    SDP….go do a thorough investigation on this question on Minority Rights matter before you Spout your opinion on this Racial Manipulation thing to suit your image.



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  • Singaporean:

    OHHH another thing….. we have “Minister for Muslim Affairs”

    Why no Minister for Christian, Hindu, Bhudist, Taoist affairs.

    Is this not discrimination……


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