Conserve water: Xeros washing machines should be compulsory

In view of the PAP govt’s attempt to reduce water consumption, Xeros washing machines seem to juz the thing for S’pore.

After you put in your laundry, the drum adds about 23,000 small polymer spheres – which the company calls XOrbs – with a total weight around 6kg, plus a cup of water and detergent.

The spheres absorb the stains, then get collected through the drum, and afterwards are stored behind it to be reused next time.

The household machine uses 50% less water than a conventional washing machine, while the commercial version, which uses 70,000 spheres weighing 20kg, uses 80% less.

Other interesting ”save” water products.


has produced a spray called Day2 that works like dry shampoo, designed to refresh those clothes that lie around on the floor on on the back of a chair but aren’t really that dirty at all.


Swiss start-up Dolfi has come up with a device that cleans delicate fabrics using ultrasound to agitate a small amount of water and detergent.

And there’s this

Despite its misleading name, the dry cleaning industry also uses a lot of water – used in the form of steam – not to mention potential carcinogens like the solvent perchloroethylene, or perc for short.

But in the last five years, technological improvements have meant water and biodegradable detergents and conditioners can clean “dry clean only” garments made from wool, silk, or suede, says Nick Harris, managing director of VClean Life.

VClean recently launched a “wet cleaning” factory in Watford, Hertfordshire, that “weighs clothes and works out exactly how much water is necessary”, says Mr Harris.

And the boiler water used to make steam is recycled.


Cynical Investor

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14 Responses to “Conserve water: Xeros washing machines should be compulsory”

  • LIONS:

    So,Garden$ by the Bay need how much water per day?

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    The best way to spend less on water is to vote for REGIME CHANGE at the next GE.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    The Level of Intellectual Competence is telling for both CI as well as for the PAP. Water isn’t scarce in S’pore as S’pore get an inordinate amount of rainfall annually but much of it is flowed out to sea. And for 2 reasons, it’s become an expensive commodity.
    PAP’s population growth policies & their land (asset enhancement) policy were responsible towards water becoming scarce. Simply said, the high pressures for land use for (profitable) housing purposes & for Brick ‘N Mortar structures makes creating water bodies ie. reservoirs & lakes a lesser priority than reserving land for commercial use or for land sales to developers. Also. S’pore land catchment areas for husbanding rainfall isn’t conducive in supporting such a high population number. S’pore needs a smaller population in order to support the water catchment potential factor (per head consumption calculations/captured water per litre).
    The PAP had adopted high energy cost Reverse Osmosis (RO) to process seawater & waste water (NeWater) into drinking water. PAP’s focus on GDP growth had push investment decisions onto high Capitalization projects like Desalination Plants.
    S’pore should have created a broad drainage network to capture more rainwater which could flow into water bodies to hold as reserves. But land pressures for housing & higher yielding commercial developments stand in the way of such logical plans. Instead rainwater was allowed to flow out to sea & then spending high level of energy drawing back seawater for desalination or reprocessing waste water into drinking water. This is the type of Booksmart Intelligence you get in S’pore.
    Same logic applies for renewable energy. S’pore gets lots of sunshine but much of it is waste because the PAP had configured S’pore into using fossil fuels ie. natural gas. Land policy also gets in the way of solar farms which requires a horizontal approach to lay out the solar panels.
    Even in waste management, S’pore doesn’t look into recycling (enclosed loop of recycling waste into compost fertilizer for growing food) & natural ways of processing wastes (using insect larvae & earth worms to process organic waste). Instead, S’pore waste energy incinerating waste or putting into landfills.
    When they controlled the Political Narrative & Suppressed the Dialogue – in effect erecting a Monopoly over Wisdom & Knowledge – you’ll see the futility of PAP’s future for S’pore! NO FUTURE!

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  • Meana:

    Next, they’ll tell you don’t drink water.

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    You may save some water but you have to spend more on electricity. Also, there will be long-term effect on the clothes wear and tear. And you will be prone to get skin cancer.

    So, in the end the savings on water is penny wise, pound foolish.

    It’s a no brainer, as usual coming from an idiot who branded himself negatively as a CYNICAL!

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  • rukidding:

    For once, I appreciate this kind of article from Cynical Investor !

    But please be “Bolder” and “whack” your “darling Party” ….time for you to “wake up” and question yourself if those group of politicians you are currently supporting are “really that sincere” ????

    Looks to me ,….more like $$$$ is more important to them !

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  • Bobo:

    Save the pains levied on everyone of us. Vote for comfortable future. Vote for alliance party.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Use Masago Brand

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  • lying pap a bunch of liars:

    Next, they’ll tell you don’t drink water.

    So,Garden$ by the Bay need how much water per day?

    Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:
    The best way to spend less on water is to vote for REGIME CHANGE at the next GE.

    the clown pap and S$m gang have overpaid themselves. because they are fools not worth even 10% of what they are paying each other.

    for example. clown pap and S$m gang say SGP short of water. but these fools admit 3m aliens FTs PRs to a nation of 3m local born. with an additional 50% more mouths of course water use goes up. NO. clown pap and S$m gang such water use is not sustainable. 70% sheep must pay 30% more for increased water use. see. clown pap and brainless clan members don’t admit increased water use is due to more mouths admitted into small island. rather they say the fault lies with 70% sheep.

    more examples. to be used during GE2019 hustings.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    The best is all wear grass skirts and coconut shell, wear and throw away. Why need to wash waste electricity and water.

    We can go back to stone age. Cavemen could survive by not SG led by PAP.

    70%, please open your eyes!!

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  • Let me Educate Yew:

    Because I am wiser,
    I shall generously share my wisdom with you at no cost :

    1. Where does money come from I your garment wants to give you money?
    Ans : You lah.

    2. For saving LED lights : electric tariffs have hiked. So, where did the savings go? You see where I am heading?

    3. Water saving gadgets. Water tariff hikes. Where did the savings go?

    4. Without collecting money from you thru tariffs and taxes, the garment eat grass .
    It’s the biggest cost center in sg.

    It’s a zero sum game.

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  • Sacred Cows of revenue:

    These are the few sacred Cows where revenue comes from:

    1. Estate duties
    2. Electric tariff
    3. Water tariff
    4. Tobacco tax

    These are huge sources of revenue that if removed or reduced the garment bankrupt.

    So, use your little brains and think, will tariffs go up if tariff collections reduced thanks to electric and water saving devices or methods?

    You Singaporeans claims to study so well. Then use your fat brains and think lah.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Ah..the smell of communism…everything is compulsory.

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  • Kangroo:

    Money collected by garment has to be more than the amount given to you.

    And the money collected cums from who?

    You lah, bodoh!

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