The incredible world of ownself check ownself, ownself clear ownself and now ownself sue ownself

The current court case involving the Workers’ Party borders between the curious and the ludicrous.

The WP Members of Parliament and town councillors are being sued by its very own Aljunied-Hougang Town Council over improper payments.

There are those who say it can be easily explained but to ordinary simple-minded folks, it simply defies logic.

But we should not be too surprised about the anomaly of ownself sue ownself because there have been precedents.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said it was not necessary to vote in more opposition members into Parliament to check on the People’s Action Party because “we (the PAP) are our own checks.”

ESM Goh clearly meant what he said because subsequent photos which circulated online showed that a Marine Parade Town Council employee was listed as both cleaner and cleaning supervisor for the constituency’s blocks. A clear case of ownself check ownself being put into practice.

From ownself check ownself, we then progressed to ownself clear ownself – the result after a two-day session in Parliament over abuse of power allegations made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings.

PM Lee himself declared that Singaporeans’ confidence in him and the ruling party had been “restored” because “people can see that there has been no abuse of power, by me or the Government. I hope that this two-day debate has cleared the air and will calm things down.”

Whichever way you look at it, you just can’t help but dub it as a case of ownself calling for Parliament debate, then ownself clearing ownself.

So now, we have the reached yet another milestone – ownself sue ownself. What they will come up with next is anybody’s guess.


Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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22 Responses to “The incredible world of ownself check ownself, ownself clear ownself and now ownself sue ownself”

  • lying pap a bunch of S$m liars:

    everyone in Msia knew najib was stealing money. but when najib was Prime Minister najib implemented ownself check ownself, with agc cpib bank negara and police all reporting to najib.

    also because of S$m najib was dishing out to “loyal” parleementarians, not a squeal in parleement about najib stealing money.

    only the kind, able, and honest Dr Mahatir did the right thing. Dr Mahatir truly rose from the grave, so to speak, and started to tell Msians about najib ownself check ownself BS.

    Msians did the right thing May 9, 2018. they gave Dr Mahatir the mandate to topple najib UMNO and thereafter come hard after najib and najib wife about abusing power for ownself steal ownself S$m.

    across the causeway from Msia is our once great nation Singapore. the first prime minister, a little below Dr Mahatir in all measurements, lied that he lky would rise from the grave, so to speak, to right all wrongs in Singapore.

    but, like all things lky clan, all lies and BS. after all, even his other son Mr Lee Hsien Yang and his other daughter Dr Lee Wei Ling, although not rising from grave, are of far better mettle by exposing publicly lky other son abuse of power which this other son never cleared his name in court of law which lky mandated but via pliant parleementarians to declare ownself, and ownself wife, no this and no that. WTF.

    Singaporeans today are made of lesser mettle than Msians today?

    not the 30% OPPOSITION who see through the ownself whatever ownself BS.

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  • Deadly stupidity:

    Anything connected to PAP absolute power is a mrss n deadlt stupidity. Snyone can claim that one can self checks n balances is stupidity extreme defying all rationality n sensibility. It is simply bullshiy n con. The rationale that appointing a person who has intimate relationship in family, business n personal services carry a universally accepted conflict of interest when the appointee has to act n decide on matter relating to the person who appoint him esp when he is under his control. The appt of AG to AGC raised incurred such an objection. The rebuttal by a pruely blue plp legal professional that he is successful in his career there he poses no threat of conflict of interest
    This os clearly plain bullshit n having such a minister at multimillion dollars is really the greatest joke in SIN Absolute Power regime. For one minister blaring out he only paid $8 for his heart surgery plus first class ward n medicines while another telling a netizen extrapolating info to another minister also down with a heart problem that he paid what a private patient will pay that is more that 100000 tomes different. Who is lying? Pap said the extrapolating citizen is lying when two sets of information r as real as the son rises. It seems that anything boosts the self esteem of these biws are real n anything real but adverse to pap n its plps are fake regsrdless whether the info come from the biws” big mouth in their heat of arrogance bathed in stupidity. A strange but understandable is when the siblings retaliated n claimed having soild document evidence, fear of inability to refute in the midst that perhaps a sizeable plps still have remnant loyalty to Nepotist 1 has forced thr accused to swalowed its arrogance by breaking his own words not to dare a legal challenge nor resignation.Honour is not in the blood. To dobly convince daft Singaporeans,, one with family ran like ther is no tomorrow to ssek safety in other . The extradiction is also faking and fear of rrpercussion leading to the best fake act of wayanginv nepotist n plps

    WP should expect some reaction from the loyal plps following the panic striken epotic regime

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  • Deadly stupidity 2:

    that it may faced with the same fate as Najib who,very familiar to Singaporeans,remained arrogant trusting his daft supporters will standby him even until Mahathir presented him to the Court. Since 92 yo Mahathir went on to fulfil really fulfil his election promises to his citizens, the nepotist n the herd of plps rushed to wayang at financial expence of daft Singaporeans to hopefully can grip the daft to believe n yrust their wayang for the next round of demeanong, threatening n fleecing them again

    WP TC woes r expected n real fake became the battlefield of convincong the daft Singaporeans just ss how many Singaporeans truly believe that pap n oys plps can self checks n balances themselves. Constitutionally guaranteed public institutions are the last fortress to provide checks n balances on an absolue power but if they r infiltrated by plps n me
    persons particularly professional with conflicts of interests besides plp, there is no end what the absolute power can do
    Chaim persistent reminding words ring loud n clear again All Power corrupt, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Is this happening at our shore still remain unknown till Singapore does a Mahathir in the next GE.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Residents satisfaction not counted, FT is not happy that is important

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  • Asd:

    Resident sue town council la… sure there is lots of things wrong 1 ma…

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  • Adf:

    Old goose was useless n say swiss standard burger… now even older… leave him alone la… let him collect monthly $$ from state n hope the state no need spend more on his burial.. he should foot this bill himself…

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  • Bapak:

    One thing they will never do, ownself use ownself money. Instead is using taxpayers’ money most. KNN.

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  • ownself vote ownself!:

    What about ownself enrich ownself? Maybe soon …. ownself vote ownself!

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  • LIONS:

    Yep,OWN$elf *cheque* own$elf is NO CHECK AT ALL?!

    Simple case.
    No politics,PAP or WP town councillor$$$.
    Just take SINGAPORE POOLS.
    It was formed to *check* illegal pools operators.
    But HOW CAN REGULATOR N OPERATOR BE ONE AND THE SAME,more or less,as is the ca$e in $in City?

    Many more meaningful examples but this one every sg understands?

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  • Lye Khuen Way:

    It is just Uniquely $inkapoor, lah!
    Cannot be rationalize.

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  • Gullible you:

    I am completely objective in my self assessment.

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  • LIONS:


    just yesterday,LEE AH LONG praise himself by quoting WORLD BANK SURVEY stating SG TOPS HUMAN CAPITAL INDEX?




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  • No wonder oxfam 147plc:

    Someone quickly get in touch with GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS..
    they might be interested in our many gov oddities…
    Uniquely SG!

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  • Asia is Authortarianism:

    Authoritarianism is similar to dictatorship. It’s not but its similar.
    Every Asian country operates under authoritarianism : from CCCP to PAP, from Junta to Bumiputra.
    They have a common DNA : if the leader corrupts , tehy won’t know until much wealth is Lost.
    The reason is the state secrets are all kept from the people. A system based solely on blind trust, perception and make believe.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Hopefully after GE it will be “ownself shit on ownself”

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  • consensus by manipulation:

    the clown son did not clear his name. the stain on his name remains…

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  • Another0:

    I see rats running about in AMK HUB in lee ah long’s town?

    So,not *dirty*?

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  • Totem Power Structures:

    For sure they’ll make use of you when their chips are down; they’ll fix you when they’ve gained parity; only to abuse you when they have the upper hand.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Asia is Authoritarianism

    IN SUBSTANCE, AUTHORITARIANISM AND DICTATORSHIP is the SAME THING – they oppress you and when you SCREAM in protest of OPPRESSION, they imprison you and maybe tortured you to death in unlawful detention – with or without trial. You have no right to scream of oppression – that is dictatorship behavior!

    Asia is Authortarianism: Authoritarianism is similar to dictatorship. It’s not but its similar.

    In free societies, the incumbency can be openly challenged or deposed. Notice how many PM in Down Under got the sack not just from voters but by their own party caucus on performance or disagreed policy agenda?

    Trump has sacked a huge proportions of his inner circle from Defence Secretary to TWO Communication Directors, to Ambassador to UN and now waiting to be sacked is his own Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions. But he can’t fiacking sack Jerome Powell after refusing to reappoint Janet Yellen to the Fed Chair. Now Jerome Powell shows Trump WHO IS THE BOSS OF ECONOMIC POLICY LEVER – Trump the stupid boy is send to a stupidity corner of his Oval Office to suck his thumb.

    No Australian PM dares to comment on the independence of judgement and decision from the Reserve Bank Governor unless he/she wants his party caucus to give this PM the fiacking sack instead.

    This is what separates democracy from authoritarian dictatorship.

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  • Wont be surprised:

    Next…Ownself Rank Ownself.

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  • rukidding:

    Ya,…worst of all….70% Singaporeans,…ownself vote to screw ownself !

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  • AGO Must Audit All TCs!:

    Why only AHTC?

    If GM at AMKTC dared to ‘play punk’, then what can we expect of other TCs?

    Conflict of Interests are aplenty out there as many Chairmans of CCCs and RCs are involved in TCs business dealings.

    Singaporeans have great confidence in our AGO (must specify, we are talking about our Auditor General and not otherwise).

    Let’s be fair and transparent please!

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