NEA: Never Ever Action?

I refer to the article “Social enterprise operators to get views of hawkers” (Straits Times, Oct 25).

It states that “In yet another move to address hawkers’ concerns on the way not-for-profit hawker centres are run, Dr Amy Khor said she has asked all social enterprise operators to form feedback groups in the centres they manage.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) will also actively engage these feedback groups to better understand ground issues, and facilitate timely responses. I am glad to share that the operators have welcomed this idea.””

Even as at least one MP has confirmed that he has been getting feedback from the hawkers – why are we still not answering the important questions, instead of just simply delaying for more time – until when?

And the important questions, arguably are:

How much have the average total costs of these affected hawkers increased since the NEA started their new Dept of Cleaning in 2012? About 2.5 times?

What are the profits or losses of NTUC Foodfare (its web site says ‘coming soon’ for many months already, for its annual report)?


Leong Sze Hian



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12 Responses to “NEA: Never Ever Action?”

  • Bapak:

    The National Environment Agency (NEA) will also actively engage these feedback groups to better understand ground issues, and facilitate timely responses. I am glad to share that the operators have welcomed this idea.
    Standard textbook statement. And after so many years later then form feedback groups? It shows that NEA has been sleeping on the job and out of touch.

    Furthermore, being a regulator, you should not hear from operators instead should hear from stall owners. The operator is not the ground, the stall owner is the real ground, scholars! If NEA wants real ground information, hear from this group.

    How are you going to regular should these feedback groups gang up to give you wayang information? No operator will self-criticize their model is no good.

    Totally, waste of time.

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  • Don't Sub-let and Wash Hands!:

    You think the ‘Social Enterprise’ will ‘slap’ themselves?

    NEA must be there to listen and ensure fairness!

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  • RDB:

    NEA has become a “Not Eager Agency” liao lor!

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  • HarderTruths:

    NEA runs the hawker centers like the local mafia.

    Pay up – or else they have ways to deal with you.

    Your personal situation is irrelevant.

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  • Another feedback group:

    You know lah,
    preselected participants
    report only good feedback
    people with bad feedback will have their credentials insulted
    6-hour questioning (which real hawker is so free)

    In the end, those “social enterprises” will be praised to high heavens.

    Don't Sub-let and Wash Hands!:
    You think the ‘Social Enterprise’ will ‘slap’ themselves?

    NEA must be there to listen and ensure fairness!

    NEA and social enterprises report to the same big boss! What fairness?

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  • LIONS:

    Another ownself check ownself govt agency,thats all.
    Straying away from core duties n objectives.
    Always *AIMing* to collect more money,whats new?

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP is really slacking on the wayang part. Last time when wayang still can at least fool people. Now this wayang of setting up feedback groups is fooling no one.

    Why NEA simply can’t meet these social enterprise operators one on one is beyond me. Waste time forming feedback groups to gather feedback, analyse and then waste more time saying they will look into it and come out with some silly measures to “resolve” the issue.

    How efficient!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Truth be told that the NEA behaves like an Authoritarian govt body “lording” over the helpless common hawkers using petty regulations & rigid enforcement to elicit compliance & absolute obedience. Where do you think PAP got the kind of voters “support” during GEs when hawker licences were at risk & their only source of living would be compromised if they didn’t vote “correctly”.
    Even NEA regulatory staff on field trips to hawker centres & food courts behave like the Mandarins (of Ancient Imperial China) being feted & treated like Royalty (kow-tow) because hawkers knew that their fate & livelihood depended on them. The fear within hawkers were pulpable whenever NEA staff comes around. Why?
    Remember that Roy Ngerng’s father whose a Fried Chai Tow Kway hawker in AMK. Previous TRE contributor REDBEAN had this to say “I must caution all readers and listeners to such rumours to be guarded and not to take them as truth until they are verified. Just received a post that is posted in This is definitely a rumour with half truths. Here it is.
    ‘CPF blogger Roy Ngerng’s potted plant outside his HDB flat along the corridor has been investigated for the suspected breeding of dengue mosquitoes.
    This after a barrage of sanctions have supposedly been levied on Ngerng, where he was sacked from Tan Tock Seng Hospital yesterday for using Facebook when he should be nursing and speaking on a grass patch over the weekend at Hong Lim Park.
    And there are murmurings online that his hawker father has been called out for cleanliness issues at his stall.
    Singaporeans from all walks of life, who do the mozzie wipeout steps, said they feel the shit this time has really hit the fan.
    Hong Gan Leow, a local, said: “First, he got fired. Then his dad kenna arrow for cleanliness. Then now his potted plant suspected of spreading dengue.”
    “When they’re out to get you, they’re out to get you. Wonder what would happen next? Roy Ngerng’s puppy investigated for suspected rabies and quarantined?”
    The PAP after too many years of absolute Authoritarian rule is now governing “in a vacuum” of their own creation. They have truncated too many feedback routes (using repression & fear methods) & implemented self-censorship behaviours which people kept silent (for fear & survival) whenever their one-sided policies were enacted.
    If any feedback filters upwards due to true hardship & legitimate concerns, they were invariably throttled by Sycopants & vested parties who want to keep the real situation & true conditions from ever reaching the ears of the powers-to-be!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    - Cont’d -
    PAP’s mechanism of Authoritarian govt has fallen apart at the seams. IT IS FAILING BADLY!
    Remember the high Baby Milk Formula prices in S’pore? It happened in 2008 from China’s Adulterated Milk Scandal where a number of babies died or were badly hurt drinking local baby milk formula made from adulterated cow’s milk. From then on, Chinese parents sought out imported tins of baby formula from countries like Australia & New Zealand. It lead to a Parallel Importing syndicate & created a world-wide shortage of baby milk formula from 2010 onwards. How did affect S’pore then, you might ask?
    Well in S’pore, baby milk formula went on a relentless upward price momentum (profiteering & price-gouging). It took a PAP MP Tin Pei Ling who had a baby boy in 2015 & brought up the issue of high Baby milk formula in 2017 in Parliament.
    Yet I saw the situation regarding expensive baby milk formula as early as in 2010s while window shopping & doing price comparison in NTUC Fairprice, Giant Hypermarts, etc & wondered why no one is doing anything about it? Then it was already 3x the price of a similar tin of baby milk formula from a Aussie supermarket like Woolies or Coles. DUH!
    What concerns S’poreans is the time lapse between the event happening & the response/actions taken. For the PAP, it is far too long between the event & their reaction time. What is happening?
    The same is happening with the hawkers trade! The ugly head of profiteering & price-gouging is happening between the (greedy) operators & the hawkers with consumers paying the ultimate price of expensive & lousy hawker food. And NEA as an arbitrator & regulator were sitting on their hands letting the situation fester! Again, it was KF Seetoh of Makansutra fame who exposed the unfair practices & high fees of food court operators in 2018. Again, it was already too late!
    But I saw it as early as the early 2010s as the food courts I patronized had good hawkers dropping off like flies & being replaced with worse ones. It was already a MERRY-GO-ROUND with some food courts half empty with many vacant stalls & a number of hawker stalls not well-patronized probably due to poor food quality.
    Am I the only one who sees issues far ahead of time?

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  • Bobo:

    So our MP is really out-of-touch or just wayang wayang then close case and proceed as though hawkers just like to KPKB only. The extra cost are eventually bear by consumers. When consumers KPKBs, they will then tell us not to eat at hawker center lor.

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  • Disgusted!:

    Dear god, these pple r totally stupid! STUPID!!!
    it is They who should be forming the feedback groups
    and be speaking to the hawkers Themselves. NOT asking
    the social enterprses to do so. Of cos the social enterprises
    are going to come back and blame whatever on the hawkers.
    do they really think the hawkers will tell the SEs what the
    probs are? That they will risk being punished by the SEs
    for criticising them?

    What r these pple trying to do??? Kill the hawker culture?!?

    They’re going to build more hawker centres: Another rubbish
    idea!! build for what? will there be enough hawkers to occupy
    them? otherwise whatever hawkers r there will have to pay
    more to cover for the empty stalls.

    Why is this govt trying so Hard to bring this country down????

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  • Question For NEA....:

    Is NTUC Foodfare taking over the school canteens too?

    NEA should not allow NTUC Foodfare to monopolise hawker/canteen food in Singapore!

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