A digital internet will allow us to spread the message of shared common destiny

Greetings to my Honorable Politicians from All countries in Asia and my blessings to His Excellency Jose.

First of all, let me thank our wonderful host, the United Russia Party for bringing us to this great city of Russia, Moscow.

1. This morning all of us Visited the Victory Park where the World War II Memorial stands. It is the greatest memorial display on World War II that I have visited so far, which demonstrated the pain and sorrow as well as the painful victory humanity had gained in the war.

2. 26 million Russians sacrificed with many more around the war. Will the world suffer another Devastating World War again, which could potentially wipe off all our civilizations?

3. While we pray that the next World War will never come, but the truth is, our planet has continued to suffer from wars after wars, big and small, in different continents.

4. Among the reflections I had this morning, one critical point come into mind it was and still is, the ambitions, greed and horrifying desires of power of politicians that cause the World Wars as well as the numerous wars we had in last and present centuries.

5. We have remind ourselves, we the politicians can choose to be responsible for war, conflicts, destruction and massive suffering, but we could also choose to be responsible for the prosperity, survival of humanity and existence of our great human civilization beyond our time.

6. We can choose to share the common destiny of self destruction or we could share the destiny of prosperity for all countries and humanity.

7. As a politician in this modern era, whether we are in the ruling party or opposition party in our own respective countries, we have a critical role and responsibility to ensure not only our own countries prosper but also to make sure humanity survive amidst various threats like climate change, nuclear threats and shortage of crucial resources.

8. With the internet social media, each and everyone of us is empowered to be an social influencer in our country and the world. We have the potential to influence how our countries and world develop by voicing our concerns responsibly to enhance peace and prosperity for humanity.

9. In my opinion, ICAAP has been doing a great job in bringing peace to conflicting countries and communications and opportunity of pushing for dialogues instead of war, is the major key.

10. I would like make my humble suggestion to ICAAP and His Excellency Mr Jose, that ICAAP should consider to build a digital internet platform as a closed forum or members to share their views, discussions or even debates so to facilitate more communication and understanding between countries to resolve conflicts before they blow out of proportion.

11. Ladies and gentlemen, we have only ONE EARTH, we share this earth as species of human beings. We have to spread the message of shared common destiny of survival and prosperity, instead of war.

12. And I believe, ICAAP will have a growing role and responsibility to maintain the survival of all our civilizations. Thank you.


*Speech by People’s Power Party Secretary General Goh Meng Seng at the ICAPP 10th General Assembly (International Conference of Asian Political Parties)




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3 Responses to “A digital internet will allow us to spread the message of shared common destiny”

  • LIONS:

    First,we must learn to share what we have,be it peace or properity,with oyr OWN COUNTRYMEN.
    If we cant even do that,and,instead,do otherwise,IT IS JUST PLAIN VANITY N HYPOCRISY TO EVEN SPONSOR FREE LODGING N FOOD N ENTERTAINMENT FOR A ROCKET-MAN even in the name of world peace?


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  • rubbish:

    KNN sounded like Phantom of the Paradise, starwars or what rubbish.

    Opportunity of the mass media broadcast in the hands to hit it back and you m*asturbated away.

    No meaning whatsoever. No need to act like President Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama, sounded so **FAKE**


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  • HarderTruths:

    Sounded like an advertisement. Not sure for what.
    Is this supposed to mean something?

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