Is ‘fair comment, in the public interest’ sometimes called out as ‘fake news’?

I refer to

Did the PTC change the fare formula to raise public transport fares?
No, the fare formula is reviewed every 5 years to ensure that public transport fares remain relevant even as the public transport landscape evolves. How the fares change will depend on macro-economic trends and the extent to which capacity is added beyond demand.
18 May 2018.

In this connection, according to the article “Bus, train fares set to rise by as much as 4.3%, with lower rates for those willing to walk more” (Straits Times, Sep 3) – “Bus and train fares are set to rise by as much as 4.3 per cent next year, going by a new component in the review formula.

In a statement on Monday (Sept 3), the Public Transport Council said the 2018 review will include the network capacity factor (NCF), which tracks how much bus and rail capacity has changed in relation to actual usage.The NCF, indicating that ridership had not kept up with capacity growth, will lead to a 3 per cent hike as part of the review.Together with increases in the wage index, energy index and core consumer price index, the formula would give rise to a fare increase of as high as 7.5 per cent.”

As to “But because of a 3.2 per cent fare cut which was carried over from last year, the cap would be 4.3 per cent” – don’t you find it somewhat disturbing that when the old (existing) formula resulted in a decrease last year – 3.2% of the decrease was carried over to this year?

Why are we helping the transport operators?

Then, by changing the formula now – it magically results in a net increase of as much as 4.3%.

Isn’t this akin to changing the rules to arguably help the transport operators?

Why not also tell us what would have been the result, under the existing rules, so that we can compare the difference?


Leong Sze Hian



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7 Responses to “Is ‘fair comment, in the public interest’ sometimes called out as ‘fake news’?”

  • LIONS:

    SOUNDS GOOD,FEELS GOOD’ news are embraced as REAL NEWS.
    CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS are brushed away as FAKE NEWS,so whats NEW???

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    “Devil is always in the details”. To get around it do not provide the latter. Suggested response from Singaporeans: VOTE FOR REGIME CHANGE.

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  • Bobo:

    70% have pain in their ass instead of their heart, so they don’t feel anything wrong at all. There were already many cases of management staff and accounting staff committed crimes involving thousands to millions of dollars with a stroke of a pen or keyboard. The greed for money for self/gang interest is not acceptable even there’s cover-up.

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  • opposition dude:

    You want the transport fare to go down then please ensure that there aren’t so many PAP monkeys in parliament.

    Fewer monkeys equals decrease in transport fares and all other charges.

    So how, 70%? Enough of fare increases or not? Or still want even more? Do remember that the fare review is a yearly thing hor so every year will keep going up since new MRT lines are being built currently.

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  • HarderTruths:


    The 70% kenna f**k again. Great!

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  • mike:

    Network capacity factor….

    In Singapore, when there are credits, e.g. improved service and infrastructures, the praises goes to tge establishment or providers.

    When you have bad debts, people gets the blame… e.g. too much people causing overcrowding, too frequent operations speed up wear and tear. Isn’t that obvious? =.=”

    Now, to calculate fair based on Network capacity factor is to say commuters shall pay for improvements. That’s a very straight foward message. Just like changi airport charging higher passenger tax for future development of airport and new runways.

    It is a new concept for singapore going forward. We pay in advance for improvements that is yet to materialise. Whether you get to enjoy it in future or not.

    Just like the singapore stadium, instead of G footing the bill, and also unable to make people pay in advance to use it, it was tendered out to private entity in exchange for them to manage and profit a certain amount of years. At the end result, national stadium seldom use for national event. And the country need to pay for use once it hits the agreed quotas.

    The bloody whole world is doing it this way. Not new. But said to say, our G is no different from other G except we people are dumber, poorer (in intelligence) and selfish for our moment.

    We Singaporean, majority, do not have the moral courage to do the right things to fix the situation even it means a short-term discomfort for a greater better future. Ironically, it is the same thing our G is asking us to take bitter medicine for a better future that we buy that and got cheated/screwed.

    We are a funny lot as Singaporean, we look like we are resilient but really jelly inside. We are smart but no intelligence. We complains but no courage to effect changes. We are a sick nation of SE-asia.

    Some of us may not like it the way i put it. Prove me wrong then.

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  • sibei chim:

    //How the fares change will depend on macro-economic trends and the extent to which capacity is added beyond demand.
    18 May 2018.//

    sibei chim. capacity ? 6.9m or 10m ? or breakdowns (contributing to reduced capacity) ? head you win tail you still win ?

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