Transport-fare hike: PAP breaking election promise yet again

The announcement of transport fare increase lays bare the empty rhetoric of the PAP’s election promises.

At the lunchtime rally during the 2015 GE, Mr Lee Hsien Loong boldly proclaimed: “The promise is: We will work with you to make Singapore better for you and your children.”

Three years later, he performs yet another about-face by raising public transport fares. The increase is only the latest round of price hikes his administration has piled on Singaporeans since his election pledge.

The other increases include water price by an astounding 30%, carpark fees by 27%, town council S&CC, ERP rates, electricity and gas tariffs, university fees, and kindergarten and childcare centre rates.

Soon to follow will be the introduction of a sugar tax and carbon tax. Not satisfied, the PAP will increase the GST from the current 7% to 9%.

The bus and MRT fares increase defies logic. While the SMRT was unjustifiably generous with its elite employees like Mr Desmond Kuek – it paid the former CEO $1.87 million in 2016 and $2.31 million the year before despite a disastrous tenure – the company sees it fit to stick it to the average commuter with another fare hike.

This is against the backdrop of the government collecting a $10-billion budget surplus in 2017.

Making the hike even more indefensible is DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s pre-election promise in February 2015 that “the revenue measures the Government had already undertaken would provide sufficiently for the increased spending planned for till the end of the decade.” (emphasis added)

On top of all this is the fact that the PAP government continues to rack up billions of dollars in its coffers by taking the CPF savings of Singaporeans through the charge of the “cost” of land in HDB sales. Experts have estimated that our reserves may amount to as much as $1 trillion.

All this comes at a time when retrenchments have increased and the unemployment rate is going up and when the economic outlook is anything but bright. Mr Chan Chun Sing admits that going forward, our economy has reached a plateau of 2-3% GDP growth. This, he says, is “rather depressing”.

With the younger set of PAP ministers lacking courage and know-how in tackling the foreboding challenges that our country faces – including opening up society to fully tap into Singaporeans’ creative potential – this country’s future is, indeed, bleak.

The only thing that the PAP is competent in is to continue to extract more taxes and fees from the people. This cannot be the way forward as it is a doomed strategy that brings only diminishing returns.

The SDP will continue to protect Singaporeans from being exploited as well as to push for the alternative ideas in our economic plan that will help Singapore graduate successfully into the next phase of development. (Read our policy A New Economic Vision: Towards Innovation, Equal Opportunity and Compassion here ).

In the meantime, Singaporeans would do well to remember what Mr Lee said when he wanted your votes versus what he did after he got them.

Singapore Democrats

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14 Responses to “Transport-fare hike: PAP breaking election promise yet again”

  • LIONS:

    Whats *LOONG* (wrong) with collecting more money?

    Its not the first time he lies.
    He is a repeat LUAR,only fools are taken in.

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  • Lost Total Trust!:

    In August 2018, Singaporeans were told that Gahment will manage the high cost of living.

    In Sep, raised electricity tariifs, today raise gas tariffs (refer smaller than obituary ad in today ST – Page B5) and Dec raises transport fares.

    KNN, you expect Singaporeans to trust you further?

    They will likely VOTE YOU OUT at the next GE!

    P.S. Fernandez, really no space to cover the Raise in Gas Tariffs or ?

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • Pointless to complaints.:

    No point to complain against the Ruling PAP regime. In every G.E. election, more than 50-60% Support the caring PAP Government. This has been going for donkey of years. Today, 70% of the Sinkies and new citizens are the happy and content lots who don’t feel the pain of it.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Anyone who believes the pappies deserves to be hoodwinked.

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  • rukidding:

    Cannot touch my medisave and cpf…yet all the evr increases ….

    Such a “sinking feeling” !

    Is Singapore actually “sinking” ????

    Surely feels so !!!

    Perhaps a case of “mismanagement” like what WP is going thru now ?

    Maybe we should start “investigating” and “find” some “excuses” to SUE them also ????

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  • Aiyah, Stop Making Noise!:

    Even if I raise GST to 10%, the grateful 69.9% will still vote for me.

    If they don’t die die vote for me, they know they are ‘finished’!

    All the new citizens will also vote for me!

    Like mao-san durians, pao jiat!

    What is there to worry?

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  • StopTheTorture:

    Our country is bankrupt.
    Knee high in debt..
    Thats why ‘robbing from us peasants ‘ right left and center, plus showing no signs of stopping or slowing down.
    Next tear after CNY, like clockwork,watch out for another slew of increases.
    Im not holding my breath!

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  • We want & need a new gov:

    Talk somemore, grumble some more , he gonna punish us and raise the cpf withdrawal age to 90!
    This idiot clown of a PM treats citizenry like kids.
    Get punished for every little wrong…but they committing huge leegalised wrongs and no one can touch them.
    SG is no better than some if those corrupted 3rd world govs.

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  • TRE nuts when loose.:

    Green eyes over the recent mass donations to the 3 WPs, TRE Nuts when loose with desperation as some pages cannot be read until you pay subscription, defeating the purpose of the motion all together. Its a disgrace to alternative media.

    TRE got it all wrong. The more you force into it, the more you won’t get it.


    The one that championed such move could be the mole of PAP.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    What to do? 70% voted for PAP in GE 2015! They need to be caned really hard (in their pockets) in order to wise up. Yet I doubt that they would wise up eventually given the state of stupidity present in the system.
    And the global turmoil is just bubbling! Global Asset values had been tumbling in October 2018 like falling domino tiles tipping into a cascade. And the worst isn’t even over yet! Remember the 2014 oil price collapse! It took over 2 years to see the eventual demise of the offshore & marine sector as companies listed on SGX either imploded or exploded one-by-one to diminish values or to zero!
    As PAP govt sucks the liquidity out of the S’pore Economy with cost-push inflation re: water price by an astounding 30%, carpark fees by 27%, town council S&CC, ERP rates, electricity and gas tariffs, university fees, and kindergarten and childcare centre rates. Plus Cash calls (2 big Temasek related bond issues as Mom-&-Pop retail offerings), it will reduced money (M1-or-near money) velocity to near zero! Why? People will scrambled to withhold indiscretionary spending; scrimp on discretionary spending items like food but many (especially low-income & elderly) will be in arrears on essential services such as electricity, gas & water bills. Consumption & spending in S’pore will come to a full-stop! S’pore’s Economy is very cash-&-credit dependent on consumption & spending activities. With cash balances very low & cost of credit high, look for sudden death in businesses dependent on cash flows to sustain. Methinks a lot of retail businesses & service providers are marginal at best, operating on the edge because of high costs & equally high rent eco-system. A lack of demand, a liquidity crunch will send many to the bankruptcy courts & shuttered their businesses permanently. I reckon a reverse flow of sorts ie. foreigners leaving S’pore for good as operations relocate to lower operating cost centres; businesses retrenchment for cost savings & downsizing, more job losses vs little job creation (which typically goes to foreigners), etc.
    It will be a wake-up call for S’poreans & for the PAP! Both are going for a swim in the deep end with weighted life-vests (high debts, liabilities with low cash balances to keep the wolves at bay). Good luck to those who voted PAP. You get what you deserved!

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  • Singaporeans are indeed daft:

    This reminds me of the Mutt and Jeff comic. Mutt asked Jeff why he was hitting his head with a hammer. Jeff replied because it feels so good when I stop.

    Likewise, the prices of everything is raised which makes voters unhappy. Then money raised is used to “buy votes”. This makes voters happy and grateful. Votes are, in effect, “bought” using the voters’ own money. Daft Singaporeans always fall for it.

    Singaporeans are hopeless. They deserve to be screwed.

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  • GCT in but J said out 1:

    If the judicial system can innovate geometic principle of in become out of a circle. Science teachers n university science n engineering professors all keep dumb while teacing the truth of spatial orientation, anthing can happens as good old Chiam has never forgotten to remind All power corrupts n absolutely power corrupts absolutely. But he overlooked to explain how absolute power corrupts absolutely n democracy cannot becomes a dynasty if not for absolute power to change the Constitution, the Real Power of the country except at the mercy of absolut power to change it whatever it likes even to legalize the illegals including abuse of the mandate to govern in the interest n benefits of the nation.

    PAP has no problem to spend $20 millions of public funds just to self glorify themselves to host what they stipidly thought would be a historic meeting ehich has turned out to be the greatest joke of the century within weeks after the meeting.

    PAP has no problem to spend billions of public fund to educate millions of foreign students from primary to university with very generously sufficient to support their family n/or to indulge in share market while increasing ever so often the fees for citizens. The number of foreign students they rampantly inported n supported was so large that citizens r deprived of sending their children to the schools of their choice. They even go to the extent to psycho the young that they will n cab be equally successful n wealthy without a degree n with its herds of self gratifying polanpas, rare success cases were propaganda with cases of no degree wealthy business man including gangsters. Singaporeans should ask their MPs why r they importing foreigners with degrees, why r they paying billions to MIT, Yales and Duke to have co campus with NTU n NUS. A minister goes to the extent of promising there will be ministers without university education. It is most disgusting n pathetic that the teching profession n university professors all keeping dumb indirectly sending message that they endorse it. Yale n MIT academics have forfeited their right to excellence claim with their silence. PAP has no problem to finacially silenced these shameless academics using the public funds of the citizens to edge them out of the pir own country.

    PAP has no problem to import foreigners as Chan Chun Sing has arrogently said so to Citizen Pmets. PAP has no problems to use public fund to buy votes at every general elections n due to the fallout effects of Mahathir win over UMNO n has successfully expose Najib n his depity of gross corruption n taking all measures to lower the cost of living while PAP increases whatever taxes n fees including new ones just to over compensate their lavish spending to self glorify themselves, to sweet the…

    GD Star Rating
  • GCT in but J said out 2:

    dissatisfaction of the citizens n the message from the wave of poltical awareness n peple power sweeping thru the world including Malaysia n now Brazil. Yhe increase in transport fares more than compensate the freebies they give out recently n filthily humongous bonus ppayout to themselves n avid polanpas to drown out their dignitu n honour to provide more services n loyalty.

    Tommy Koh outburst against ST n expectedly dwindled to complete silence r good example of the evils as relentlessly advocated by Mr Chiam See Tong. PAP has been helping themselves n as LKY start off career slogan. No one owes u a living. So Singaporeans should start helping themselves. U do not owe PAP n its hugh herd of plps their living. It is a damn lie that the country can b only be govern by them but it is true that they r importing foreigners to boot out n now enslave Singaporeans as the nepotic regime has often threatened n put into action. To raise your own living u now have no choice but to clean up the nepotic evil regime with their plps which no doubt will turn around n drown the regime if they r confidence that their source of lps are eradicated. that is the nature of plps. Government needs no arrogant bastards but people sharing the honour n dignity of being human n citizens of the countries. Ministers always get professional help by setting up committees with experts from the citizenry at no costs or engaging particularly foreign experts at extremely high cost sll borned by the citizenry. So that only PAP has the governing expertide is a damn lie n as citizens now see their standard of living has been dropping, their hdb going, their jobs gone n they r asked to be greedier, hungrier n more aggressive than the foreigners thry import to uproot you to STEAL the jobs from them IN YOUR oWN COUNTRY. What a load of shits r these biws talking n doing. Wake up n use your right to better your life including your children n grandchildren Vote out the nepotic regime PAP in the coming GE. Let them panic n not yourself worrying sick when you r going to lose your job, your hdb, your children education to the highese they can not to give up to the foreigners. Not slaves but bosses in your own nation Singaporeans!

    GD Star Rating
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