AHTC versus Gardens By The Bay

The similarities are striking: GBTB was found to have acted similar to what AHTC is accused of: awarding projects through waiver of tender without compelling reasons, and prematurely communicating to the contractor that it would be awarded the contract even before a tender was called.

GBTB even cited, like AHTC, a tight timeline as its reason for the waiver. The AGO, however, found that “there was no evidence that the tight timeline was caused by unforeseen events.”

Here is what the ST reported:

“Checks by the AGO also found that managers of the $1 billion Gardens by the Bay project had awarded over $20 million of contracts through a waiver of competition, without compelling reasons.

“NParks cited a tight timeline as the main reason for the waiver, but there was no evidence that the tight timeline was caused by unforeseen events, said the AGO.

“Among other things, NParks had breached the government procurement principle of open and fair competition for consultancy services contracts and there was no assurance that value for money was achieved for the services procured,” the AGO concluded.

“NParks has acknowledged that it should have called for an open tender instead.”

In the AGO report itself, the AGO said “there was no assurance that Nparks had not spent more funds than necessary.”

And, similar to Davinder Singh’s accusations of WP MPs, the AGO said “Nparks allowed a consultant to commence services before approval was obtained to call a limited tender for the consultancy services inviting only the consultant to bid (contract value of $2.37 million).

By doing so, Nparks had prematurely communicated to the consultant that it had intended to award the contract to the consultant. There was no assurance that Nparks had obtained a competitive bid for the tender.”

As I said, the similarities are striking. The failures found at NParks by the AGO are quite serious indeed. Read for yourself here.


Andrew Loh



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18 Responses to “AHTC versus Gardens By The Bay”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    The People of The Republic of Singapore should create a People’s Garden Council to overseer the National Park & Garden by the Bay and sue them for whatever WRONGS done similar to Aljuneid Town Council

    If the PAP can create a People’s Association and Town Council why NOT the People, after all, it is The People’s Money they are F…..g around with!!!

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  • Bapak:

    Did the government call for tender before engaging the two accounting firms & the lawyer?

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  • There is a term for this....:

    Used extensively in Singapore by the ‘priviledge’, it is called Double Standard!

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  • LIONS:

    One country,2 $ystems.
    If non-PAPpy,get punished n *executed*?
    If KAKI-NANG,never mind,JUST MOVE ON???

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  • HarderTruths:

    Which MP’s uncle were awarded the tenders?

    Not the one who looks after Joo Chiat or Geylang since we know his aunti runs the red-light areas..

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  • oxygen:

    DO ALL CIRCUS SHOW needs a public tender if the circus master walks around in white purity of moral spruiking?

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  • 1 Nation, Double edge Laws:

    SIN is indeed unique. It has a set of Laws but its application depends on whom was involved. It has a democracy based Constitution but so twisted that the foreign media were confused with SIN democracy n democracy they learn in political science n see elsewhere BUT were made to understand by LKY that SIN is modified democracy. What he didn’t elaborate is it is nepotically modified to suit the absolute power they have just as veteran Chiam ST in his desperation to impressed Sporeans the importance of the presence of a substantial number of oppostion party MP for effective checks n balances in executing the citizens mandate to govern a democratic nation persistently reminded Sporeans (whom LKY said during his senile twilight days when he helplessly dropped his political acumen n blared out what has been in his mind that Sporeans r daft or in Singlish, in contrast to LKY Queen English, “bloody stupid lah”) that all power corrupt n absolutely power corrupts absolutely didn’t elabporate further why it is so particularly absolute) but didn’t go any further why n how it is so.

    Singapore is unique. A Cabinet minister,真蠢性, with his mind bloated with his big lp leaking out that he is one of his possible successor, openly threatens the citizenry that he has no problem to import foreign Pmets to replace them n despise the wet market food centre to be dirty n food not worth the price the charge (eg chaitowkwei)
    while PM the abovesaid lp, advised Singaporeans that if they want job, they must STEAL from the foreigners the PeeAPee 屁嘿屁 has imported in millions to replace them but they have to be hungrier, greedier n more aggressive than the foreigners in their own country. PooAPoo subsequently added that the youngs even if they r dropouts or join the gang they can be successful n wealthy with plp mainstream media immediately featuring successful dropout n gangster. Once again they left out the hows n the whats only glorying the ends.

    What is sinister is that Sporeans ends up as maids n labourers in their own country? Is this why LKY threatened that without his PeeAPoo Sporeans will end up as maids n labourers in other nations that he has left a secret legacy to his nfi successor n his avid plps, whom his other children exposed recently n LHY has to run like hell n his son rooted himself in Harward, that foreigners imported n keep the daft Sinkies in SIN as maids n labourers but first must con them to give up hope to work hard in schools n dropout to give all the university places to the millions of foreign students they have supported from primary to university with moneys from the daft Sinkies.

    Sinkies, as PM advised, be greedier n more aggressive not only get the jobs back but also university places from the foreigners n get rid the papists as…

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  • SGP is 1 country 2 systems:

    anyone with a brain knows clown pap is source of fake news, a den of liars, who abuse parleeement to pay each other S$m.

    with a pliant parleeement, they turn the illegal anywhere else in the world into the legal. if anyone dares to question an outcome, such as asking how come like that, they slap you with a contempt of court law.

    S$2 AIM company. malay is INDIAN. cannot sue own brother and own sister but can sue Mr Roy Ngerng even though what Mr Roy Ngerng has said is far less eventful than what own brother and own sister have said.

    when the top is crooked, so ffffing crooked, NIL chance for the bottom to even have any resemblance of being straight. NOT one clown pap clan member in parleeement today is honest. NOT one. by omission or by commission, by not speaking the truth, all of them are complicit in the lies of pap clown.

    when najib was in power, he had agc cpib police bank negara under his thumb. according to Dr Mahatir, the way najib gave out money is via commission.

    look at pap clown who happens to be in power at the moment. resembles najib when najib was in power. agc cpib police gic pap PA all under his thumb. of course pap clown says everything is fine as approved by constitution change, but has not stated the obvious which is a pliant parleeement changing the illegal anywhere else in the world into legal.

    all political parties need S$m to function. clown pap is no exception. where does pap the political party get its funds? via pap PA chaired by pap clown himself. how does pap clown give the so called commission as done by najib? via lucrative portfolios in gic temasick NTUC and such.

    remember. gic temasick do not belong to lky. they belong to citizens. also NTUC does not belong to pap. it is a cooperative and cannot run as the legal employment firm for clown pap fallen candidates.

    how to right all these wrongs under clown pap? New Government by a better group of Singaporeans. looking at Dr Mahatir example, as it was done in Msia so also it can be done here in Singapore. after all, Singaporeans are of better mettle any time anywhere.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah I can do, but you cannot

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  • Cremora:

    no link to the gardens by the bay story.

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  • PAPi is all the BAD news.:

    I have totally lost my trust on the PAPi.
    It’s a total disgrace to a democratic nation we have sworn constitution to be.

    No difference from hooligans or gangsters.
    It’s a disgrace to my education and my manhood if I cannot or refuse to see the problem, done nothing or not vote for change quickly.

    Singaland cannot be allowed to be run by empire state.

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  • 4Gpaps ahuge disappointment:

    Nothing surprises me these days .

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  • opposition dude:

    NParks or whoever it is have more to answer for in the $1 billion Bishan Park makeover all those years ago. $1 billion dear Singaporeans, for what is essentially just a park. Costs need to be broken down for why the hell it cost $1 billion as the amount is simply unbelieveable.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    So now, who is scandalizing the judiciary?

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  • Add:

    Want to know… need go courts… got $ boh… no $ no right to know ar…

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  • Worldview of the Narcissist:

    One day Pharaoh, surrounded by his family and advisors, tells everyone that he can jump in the river and not get wet at all. They say that they would love to see his godly powers, and encourage him to do it.

    So he jumps into the river and, as you would expect, gets soaked …
    Despite this, he stands up and shouts “Look everyone! I am completely dry!”

    It was clear to everyone around that Pharaoh was in denial! So they didn’t think when he eventually would became “mummy” that his afterlife was a foregone conclusion.

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  • rukidding:

    Everybody knows that PINKY practices “Double standards”..and there are Two “different” sets of Laws and Rules !

    If you are an HONEST person,…you would feel “disgusted” with his practice !

    However,…if you are “Crooked”( even just a little bit crooked)…you would “admire” and “support” his practices !

    Period !

    Its either we “SINK” ….or we “DO SOMETHING DRASTiC” to “kick ” him out and “rescue” this place again.

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  • AHTC is Residents' Monies!:

    Garden By the Bay is managed using ‘Ah Kong’s’ monies!

    There are no Residents at Garden By the Bay to chip in and pay for the lawyers’ fees!

    Ask the trees and the flowers to pay?

    Were the Residents of AHTC and PRPTC consulted and told in advance that they they are suing the AHTC Town Councillors and the TCs need to cough out lawyers’ fees?

    If no, then who is the actual one suing the AHTC Councillors, many Singaporeans are wondering!

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