MRT reliability: Disappearing statistics?

I refer to the article “Rail network has achieved new level of reliability: Khaw” (Straits Times, Nov 3).

It states that “Singapore’s rail network has reached a new level of reliability, said Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

At the seventh Joint Forum on Infrastructure Maintenance yesterday, he disclosed that the overall system has clocked 660,000 train-km between delays in the first three-quarters of the year.

The figure was 574,000 train-km in the first half, and 180,000 train-km for the whole of last year.

Mr Khaw noted that 660,000 train-km was “two-thirds” of his target of 1,000,000 train-km between delays by 2020.”

As to “He added that the North-East and Downtown lines operated by SBS Transit – have already crossed the 1,000,000 train-km mark.

The Circle, North-South and East-West lines – operated by SMRT – have yet to reach the target, although he was confident that these lines will reach the mark “in due course”” – isn’t this akin to selective disclosure of the statistics ‘to look good’?

Why only give the average and the best, but not the worse, such as that for the Circle, North-South and East-West lines?

Since the average for the whole system was 660,000 and the North-East and Downtown lines were more than 1,000,000 – does it mean that the breakdown of the statistics further into the Circle, North-South and East-West lines, may be much lower?

With regard to “According to Land Transport Authority figures, the LRT network also showed a marginal improvement, chalking up 80,000 car-km between delays in the first nine months – up from 77,000 car-km last year” – does it mean that the LRT is about 8 times (660,000 divided 80,000) worse than the MRT?

Also, which country in the world does not (like Singapore) give the overall statistics of the whole rail network, instead of separately into the MRT and LRT?

Come on – please tell us the average statistics for the whole rail system (MRT and LRT) too!

In respect of “The number of major delays – those lasting more than 30 minutes – has also fallen. There were six on the MRT network in the first three-quarters of the year, compared with 16 for the whole of last year.

The improvement in the LRT system was less obvious, with nine major delays versus 11 last year” – whatever happened to the statistics on delays of more than 5 minutes – disappeared?

By the way, I understand that the ‘List of MRT Breakdowns’ page on Wikipedia has also disappeared too.


Leong Sze Hian



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18 Responses to “MRT reliability: Disappearing statistics?”

  • HarderTruths:

    Rail network has achieved new level of reliability
    We are the best of the best of the best


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  • LIONS:

    ….till the *KHAW* comes HOME?

    Meanwhile,play HIDE N SEEK.

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  • SGP is 1 country 2 systems:

    every time this ffff face appears, this Msia liar who not a day NSF NSR, blood boil. so also clown face. so also pinnochio face.

    come to think of it, almost all their ffffing faces blood boil. used to think tharman was the exception. but by being complicit, due to principle of omission or commission, no longer hold him in much regard.

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  • Painting A Bed of Roses...:

    GE coming (probably after awarding 2 months’ bonuses for Civil Servants in Dec).

    Need to conduct GE early to disrupt the formation of an Opposition Alliance and the expected backlash from the verdict of WP’s Court Case.

    In addition, Voters are getting more fed up with the Gahment for the many tax increases.

    It will also be timely to announce who is the next PM. However, it would be embarassing if the chosen one is voted out after the GE!

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  • Bapak:

    Received the best joke of the day from a friend.

    1st son: Degree in Economics.
    2nd son: MBA.
    3rd son: PhD.
    4th son: Thief.

    Neighbour: Why can’t you throw the 4th son out of your house?

    Father: He is the only one earning money. the rest are unemployed.

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  • Concerned!:

    This constant omission/refusal to give the Whole
    picture with ALL the facts is why it is Essential
    that the fake news laws cover the govt. That it
    won’t be doing so is Disastrous for this country.
    Is the pride of our ministers more imp than Spore?

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    Ya, this liar only lies that the train services have improved so that the fare can increase.

    He did not take the train. Every now and then you can hear the announcement “This train has stopped here for a while because the other train is still at the other station”

    Rubbish. I phone my friend who was at the other station and he told me that he was there about 4 mins ago.

    FAKE NEWS. Only they are given the privilege to announce FAKE NEWS

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  • Hello, Cannot Hide Anymore!:

    If there is nothing to hide, then why act as if there is plenty to hide?

    Worse still, none of the 4G Leaders ‘got the iron in them’ to ask and the rest of the White MPs are merely followers?

    Are we in debt like our neighbour up

    Sometimes, Singaporeans wonder who is the real PM!

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  • KeepYourMouthShut:

    Dont hold our breaths.
    Everytime this khaw came out to boast something about the system, a major breakdown happened.
    From the 6th nov onwards-look out for it..
    After tha he will disappear when it picture no sound for few months.

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  • opposition dude:

    Doesn’t matter on the statistics lah, all it matters is the damn train does not break down while you are on it leading you to be late for work.

    Focus on the upcoming fare increase instead and make PAP pay and pay in the next election!

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  • The Fake Buddhist:

    These statistics are as good as the $8 by-pass, dishing out half truths to lie and hookwink dafts.

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  • Perspective:

    Time for another performance bonus! Ownself evaluate ownself, is it? LOL!

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  • Add:

    Pay more… to go into nothing… train fault… track fault… pump fault… i no fault…

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  • Ownself Praise Ownself:

    What Do You Expect from this Penang LIAR.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Selective use of statistics is often used to tell lies and mislead.

    Another good reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    The Cow is a liar from Health to Transport…PM needs Idiots like the cow for support lah!!! after all he too is a DAMN Liar leh!!! 2 peas in a pod

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  • PAP has only nfi biws left:

    During the first decade of PAP, such shits including arrogant shits like 真蠢行,印泥婪, 高八槐 等等, would have been sent off long ago but with the imbercile leading these shits have to be recycled at the expence of what the nfi biws believing their dead big lp has said abt daft or stupid sinkies. This suggest that all the imbercile chained to the lead held by the dead big lp trained gorilla can do becos he can only recruit greeds n aggressive arrogants resulting more sinkies coming out of the dead big lp propagandistc stupor.

    Under such degenerating environment, the plps with their dollar heads overstuffed with SIN $ aggravate the degenaeration process. Each day the court drama continues, mor Sinkies r wakened from their stupor. The ground stinks with 屁黑屁 bullshits. as the plp infiltator spewed out more garbage. As long as PAPTC n PAPAIM r not prosecuted, the more fake is the WP legal drama. LHL/LWL desperate call echo loudly with the exile hoping against hope for the old man to return as he has so arrogantly promised to the plp mainstream media which has like all rewaed hungry plps chalking desperately more credits for better rewards.

    PeeAPee or if u prefer PeeAPoo PooAPoo sympathizers still in big lp stupor r yelling to put i into nfi nepotists n plps to ease off befor it is too late for hell of a lot of senior professionals r eagerly waiting to volunteer their professional skill unstained with farts to man any section of Operation Search n Clean. The number n intense patroitism increase with each day they read on the WP drama. The million adds testimony to the intensity. The fear of a BE in TPGRC with the passing of the leader of the team really opens the eyes of the citizenry of the fake news Biws n plps r talking about.

    Do go on with the increase in transport fees, persecution, arrogance in having no problem importing foreigners, lynchers n insidious mocking by mixing up with the races n traditions. Advocate further greed, hunger n agressive behaviour. Insult the foreigners more as greey, hungry n agressive scumbags from all the nations. Good for biws n sure pap will be in for another 5 years but wherela is impt!

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  • Pakatan Singapura:

    PAP has only nfi biws left:
    During the first decade of PAP, such shits including arrogant shits like 真蠢行,印泥婪, 高八槐 等等, would have been sent off long ago but with the …

    bro, what is nfi biws?

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