Cont’d: Why anti-PAP types now really quiet about Malaysian switch from GST to SST

An update to Why anti-PAP types now really quiet about M’sian switch from GST to SST.


Malaysia’s new government will cut public spending sharply despite foreseeing the economy growing more slowly than had been expected earlier

No money leh. Those anti-PAP types that want to abolish GST (think rational people like P[olitician] Ravi prepared for reduced govt expenditures? Need I say more?

Yes I can

Malaysia’s deficit target is set to expand this year to 3.7 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) from a 2.8 per cent target under the previous Barisan Nasional government. The median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of nine economists was 3.2 per cent.

The shortfall is set to ease to 3.4 per cent next year.

Sounds like GST is needed in KL especially as

To fund the gap, the government will more than double the amount of dividends it expects to receive next year from state oil company Petroliam Nasional Bhd to RM54 billion.

This assumes oil price will not tank. Remember M’sia introduced GST because oil prices fell to US$30.



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5 Responses to “Cont’d: Why anti-PAP types now really quiet about Malaysian switch from GST to SST”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    CI what are you driving at??? GST in Singapore is raising the falling coffers of BAD INVESTMENT by GIC&Temasek…for every GST point increase retail increase by 30% be it home neccessities or hawker food…that is The Point Singaporeans are DRIVING at BUT what the F… are you driving at??? how smart you are or just attention SEEKING since NOBODY goes visiting your Blog!!!

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  • Zero Sacrifice + Top Failures:

    The point is, the “Good Government” in Malaysia is trying to patch up the big holes and the enormous debts now in their Country left behind by the “suspected” “Corrupt Government”.

    Particularly Malaysians Government didn’t paid themselves millions and millions of tax payers money or proclaimed themselves as comparable market Top Best.

    This is one of the sacrifice and dedication of the Malaysians to serve their Citizens and not reap them of tax payers money.

    The contend is, they have an “Honest Government” solving the problems with the Peoples’ support.

    We wish them well.


    We must cut GST. Why pay to be reap by the millions and millions and obtain no results but instead all the bad news and tax hikes?

    Zero Sacrifice + Top Failures.

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  • heartless S$m thieves, pap:

    median wage of working population is below S$3,500 pm GROSS.

    this means of the working folks, half makes below S$3,500 pm gross. this number of mouths, plus the number not working, unable to work, cannot work, work out to be a very large number, some 70% of population.

    only 30% of the working folks make S$3,500 pm or more gross.

    so to tax via GST is to harm the large majority of the population, especially those not working, unable to work, cannot work.

    if there is no work, there is no income. taxing those with no income is as good as squeezing blood out of stone.

    if everyone makes S$m like clown pap folks, GST is not a problem. but only the few connected folks in pap clan make S$m. so the large majority is hurt by GST, especially the 70% sheep who voted pap.

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  • rukidding:

    From the “grape vine” !…..many “concessions” will be “accorded” to Foreign investors if they setup factory in JB.

    Go see how Ecoworld Industrial Park is coming up fast at Datuk Onn /Mount Austin area with all the modern facilities…..even better than Jurong and Tuas Industrial Park !

    Btw, Pokka is moving out of Singapore,…so has Panasonic

    Looks like many BIG factories in ingapore are “considering hard” to “relocate” !

    Go luck….Sinkapore !

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  • fake news:

    patriot of Temesak:
    …since NOBODY goes visiting your Blog!!!…

    this guy has a blog?

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