Hawkers: ST not worth the paper its printed on?

I refer to the article “Hawker debate: Figuring out a way forward” (Sunday Times, Nov 4).

It states that “But such low rents also mean that some hawkers can operate for just a few hours a day, or not at all. Some centres have stalls that close in the evening, with some hawkers citing a shortage of workers. The result is that patrons have fewer options for food after work, which reflects the balance of interests that need to be served by such social amenities.

As a labour shortage and tighter foreign labour quotas hit in the last decade, hawkers began complaining about a lack of stall helpers and dishwashers. Stacks of unwashed plates became a sight that was not uncommon at some centres.”

Such a long article on a historical and current assessment of hawker centres and their social enterprises – but not a single word on what is arguably the biggest problem now and from a historical perspective too – the increased costs charged to the hawkers.

Looking at the total fees of $2,509 now (total $4,117 – rental $1,608)– does it mean that the percentage increase from the average fees in 2012/2013, is about 2.5 times ($2,509 now divided by $1,000 in 2012/2013), before the Budget debate in 2012′s announcement that public cleaning will be under the new Department of Cleanliness (DPC) under the NEA?

So, how can the NEA now say that “It is still at its early stage, and we should give it time to evolve”, when this has arguably, been going on since 2012 (when the NEA started its DPC), at the expense of hawkers (and passed on to consumers)?


Leong Sze Hian




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9 Responses to “Hawkers: ST not worth the paper its printed on?”

  • HarderTruths:

    Hawkers have been part of $G since before colonial days. They are part of the blood and bone of our social life and heritage. And heritage cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

    Everything the mafia government touches must extract maximum profit for their own. This cancer of profit taking at all costs is a destruction of our way of life. There is very little left as it is.

    This is not about serving the economy, the hawkers or the patrons by allowing freedom of choice. The money goes into their pocket and if you die – that is your business.

    Do you dare to vote them out?

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  • PAP Agenda Increase Rental:

    All PAP is interested is fleece the citizens for more money to pay themselves n their plps.so on any excuse of upgrading meaning higher rental n hence higher prices rniding up with poorer citizens but richer n more affrogant papists n their plps so cllearly identified by LHY n LWL so real that LHL has to run like hell with his entire family while his son refused to be drag back by his uncle Indiani defended as having no conflict of interests becos he is a successful lawyer (so brilliantly trained law graduate by nus n so well groomed plp by lky that conflict of interest is carrer success n not relationship dependent, no wonder the entire faculty knows only how to plp to agree to appointing a SIL of PAPshit who granted his son 10 y defement from NS n practically no Reservist training ie how a President viewed his respect for the Constitution n the Laws of the Land!

    PAP now has no human element only Pee, Poo n Pay. It is time that Singaporeans regain back their dignity n national pride to have no problem to boot the pap n plps out n to give themselves a positive chance to see whether the squeak is mouse squeak in the dark for fear of being caught doing anti human thelf or is squealy clean like their version of truth n fake.

    Plp has eroded the professional obligations n codes of educationists, journalists, legal advocates, medics, engineers n made movkery of national security. LHY n LWL timely echoed veteran Chain See Tong persistent n desperate reminder that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, a political cliche proven beyond doubts. The silence of the President Council of Advisers of late President Ong over the insidious tremarks n rage beside disrespect for the President n the persecuting attitude towards tjhe First Lady evidenced by the restoration of the position in subsequent Presidents TTKY, RPN n Indian Malay Reserved President showed beyond any shred of doubt how polanpa has eroded the integrity n dignity of Men vested with responsiblities but treated as disposable garbage.

    Is this the Singapore Nation the citizens old n in particular the newwantn cherish?If it is then LKY is not wrong in hos arrogance to condemn Singaporeans are daft or better in Singlist bloody stupid lah!k

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    I find the whole issue about hawker trade & the Social Enterprise model imposed on them a ludicrous matter.
    The reason why hawker trade is still exists today is the repressed wage mechanism imposed by the PAP re: foreigner influx repressing wages, & the high inflationary & high cost of living eco-system ie. cost-push inflation price rises, the high rents & PAP’s “Who doesn’t want to collect more money? philosophy” ie. Govt budget surpluses due to govt revenue collection schemes. People still need to eat after working long hours & need a budget meal because their wages were not high.
    But hawkers themselves operated in a highly competitive environment where their foodfare compete on the basis of taste, food portions, cleanliness & customer experience against countless market competitors.
    As a highly educated daughter (Dr Lee Siew Peng) of a hawkers puts it, “They knew exactly how long to trade to maximise profits. They ensured good value, service and quality because they knew customers voted every day — not once in five years like our General Election — with their feet and wallets. “Quality control” by some office-bound executive was unnecessary.
    “They were fully capable of organising themselves to resolve pressing issues such as dish collection and dishwashing.”
    Link: http://theindependent.sg/hawkers-daughter-and-makansutra-founder-tell-authorities-to-stop-treating-hawkers-as-though-they-are-unintelligent/
    Methinks that the hawker trade will be the last cash-based sector left to be bled dry by PAP’s famous “Blood, Sweat & Years” extraction methods.
    The Social Enterprise model imposed by the PAP govt nothing new but a disguised rent-seeking mechanism to extract more monies from the hawker trades using their tried & tested PAP extraction methods.
    Read Seetoh’s analysis of SEHC on link below.

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  • rukidding:

    Cheng Hu “boh Luiew” liow lah !

    Must “Orh here, orhh there ” ( dig here , dig there” to “top up” the losses cause by Holy Jinx and those obscene salaries !

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  • Bapak:

    Hawkers who voted PAP deserved it. They will only visit your stalls with press photos from the ShitTimes to make you happy for a moment to diverse your attentions to your past problems & to canvas for your votes during GE times. Many hawkers (including the 70% Sinkies) fall for such similar tricks. The Old Hack don’t call us DAFT for nothing.

    After that you tell them your problems at MPS you see a taichi master who look like your MP at work. Your PAP MP whom you have voted promised to look into your problems is no where to be found. Only the body shell was there. He’s probably spending his time using TC funds to invest in stocks or running many directorships or fixing someone for his clown, making a lot of money for himself. Your problems, you die your business.

    Wake up, learn from this lesson, PAP is ALWAYS OUR PROBLEM. Get rid of it.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    if they don’t allow sale of beer , why bother opening after 2200 hrs?

    bunch of shitheads doing things only for their own and their friends selfish obscene gains.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    As I mentioned before, there is a strong possibility that there will be a snap election or early election. The objective is to catch the parties and people unaware and ill-prepared.

    So, all opposition parties should be on election footing right now. Also be alert to any shenanigans on methods of voting, eligibility and the counting of votes. I would not count out the PAP being deceitful in the voting process.

    Until the PAP is out of office, there is a mountain of secrets that cannot be told. There are too many things to keep secret from the citizens who they are supposed to be serving. So they cannot afford to lose.

    So it has got to be: block by block and floor by floor. This is necessary to avoid more fleecing of citizens under various acronyms and schemes.

    When the PAP says they are there for you, Be Afraid, be very afraid. See how the hawkers are suffering now.

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  • Is it possible?:

    Hey, if any hawker willing to pay me that $2.k each month, i will work 12hrs a day as their dishwasher..one rest day.
    But i guess its just a pipe dream.:(

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  • Con you:

    Is it not obvious you will die a slow death of starvation? You think this white wolf pack care for you?

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