Self-employed below 45: Workfare maximum $8 cash monthly?

I refer to Josephine Teo’s article “Workfare and the Singapore approach to tackling wage inequality” (Straits Times, Nov 6).

It states that “Over the past decade, about 830,000 Singaporeans have benefited from the $5.5 billion disbursed. It is a permanent feature of our social security system, topping up salaries of low-wage workers and helping them save for retirement.

According to the Workfare web site – Singaporeans age 35 to 44, can receive up to $1,000 a year – 10% cash/ 90% Medisave (self-employed), and up to $1,500 – 40% cash/ 60% CPF (employees).

So, for say a self-employed person age 44 – the maximum Workfare in cash is $100 a year ($8.33 monthly).

Since the above example is ‘the maximum’ – I wonder what are the minimum, median and average payouts?

What’s the point of topping up, up to 90% of the Workfare payout to the Medisave account, which may likely be consumed by ever-rising healthcare costs in the future, in one’s lifetime?


Leong Sze Hian



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13 Responses to “Self-employed below 45: Workfare maximum $8 cash monthly?”


    $8.33 per month enough for 2 plates (chicken rice with extra rice). Ya big help. LOL.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Wah!!! Cheng Hu gib money.

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  • RDB:

    they give as distant future cash help for more and more new poor they had created. But pay self and their cronies exorbitantly! So, they lust for money got shame meh? Even when exposing themselves to the world to know of their in this internet age. Utterly SHAMELESS chaps with no souls pnly fit for Satan’s place.

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  • LIONS:

    This woman talks COCK!
    A complete wa$trel.

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  • Dishonest & Insincere:

    I don’t trust PAPi English nowadays.

    Disbursed is not received.

    Show breakdown of amount actually received otherwise be cursed.

    Dishonest and Insincere – Heavily marked up consultation fees way above private GP then give discount meant they lost a lot. That’s how they did their accounting.

    When they can make MiloIndianCumMalay, don’t expect me to trust them anymore.

    example eligible = 2m and above = only 1….. is shameful manipulation and outright dishonest, humiliating and challenging the educated.

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  • Only solution is VTO:

    The only solution is to get rid of the nepotic regime n eradicate its entire herd of moral degerating polanpas with no integrity n no respect of human dignity followed up with cleaning of the 5 decades of lawless criminal activities includong abuse of power and differential interpretation of laws against the basic tenets of democracy of freedom, equality n justice ss of race, religions, wealth, education and above all political association. The arrogant abuse of state fund for self gratification, party or individual should properly with regardless of time to begin once again a clean plate whereupon a new order of freedom, justice n equality can be firmly entrenched with a unstained democracy citizenry the power to dissent n to be critical with the ppowr therebe. Above all there should only be loyalty to the nation n not to any political party, leader or cult. It is only on such a stainless slate that the well remember harmonious multiracial society n mutual repect regardless of race, religion, wealth, education and status can be re established n flourish which is only with multipartied parliament with only mutual respect n not persecution among the political parties to attaonment of political maturity to the iintsts fits of the citizens n nation!

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  • Ppatriot:

    I think it’s time these useless ministers lose their jobs so they can sample workfare themselves…

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  • HarderTruths:

    This is a magic trick.
    Basically it is the left hand transferring the money to the right hand.
    What you get will be used up when they raise taxes or other charges.

    You die your business.

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  • Sell what with 1K per year:

    What can you sell with self employed help of $1000 per year, I know one trade of self employment that needs no need capital. Sell own body. LOL.

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  • Born With A Silver Spoon...:

    What can you expect?

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  • $2 co:

    Yes with $2, set up a company. Then plp n grt a political billionaire to be on the board. bravo, all set to be successful millionaire, just sit back. no need university degree. Surely even a gangster has $2 to pave the path to success. All u need is a polanpa n awell connected political billionaire. zwhen u r successful, all the nonsense of conflict of interest, htender procedure n regulation can be dumped imto the garbage can. Next as a political billionaire has said the next move is to be a minister without university degree.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Typical PAP scheme, “Give one chicken wing, take back whole chicken”

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  • rukidding:

    You will begin to notice that these “greedy rats” are always up to some “tricks” behind their back.

    “They” are so “smart” and “scheming” creatures that “they” managed to “pay” themselves “Obscene” salaries .

    But when it comes to “YOU, People”…..”they” will come up with “schemes” that will “sound and seems to be caring and nice”….but “behind the act”… will discover that it is nothing more than a “scam” !

    NO $$$$,..NO Cash $$$ or Present Usable funds they “gave” is “Usable for any commercial transactions”…..if you noticed…its either “all locked up into medisave”….or “it was designed to be difficult or wu liow to ensure maximum frustrations or minimum take up of their offer.

    It will always end up the usual way,….ie “putting the blame back to you”….”they” will “defend” themselves by saying that “they offered”…but you “ownself decline”.

    Talking about Medisave,…,those who are reading my post now, be aware that your cpff nominations DO NOT UTOMATICALLY “bequel” your $$$$ as CASH to your nominee , when you “kick the bucket”.

    It is “merely” a “Transfer” of your cppf $$$ into your nominee’s medisave account !

    This means that “your once lock up cpff $$$”….WILL AGAIN be “locked up” inside your Nominee’s Medisave account !!!!!

    Essentially speaking and put in simple explanations……it means that the $$$ you thought you “HAD” is again “Merry go around”….and “goes back” to the cpff to be “Locked up” again .

    What a BIG “SCAM” indeed !

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